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Missing Sandrine Jourdan Part III

Sandrine drum retreat

A beautiful photo of Sandrine at the drum retreat she loved so much.

Today marks the fifth year my friend Sandrine Jourdan disappeared without a trace, in Caboolture, Queensland. Five long and devastating years for her family and her friends.

In the last five years though, Sandrine’s family, friends and even kind-hearted and tenacious strangers have not waited only for information to come in from the police, (because that would be a looooooong wait)… we have been actively investigating Sandrine’s disappearance. And we have, collectively, a huge amount of information.

My focus in relation to Sandrine’s disappearance is Bradley Ainsworth, Sandrine’s ‘friend’ of 8 years.

Did Bradley Ainsworth kill Sandrine Jourdan?

Brad in hell

Bradley Ainsworth

On the day Sandrine went missing, Friday the 13th of July 2012, she had plans to attend a drum retreat with her ‘friend’, Bradley Ainsworth. Brad admitted that he and Sandrine were planning to attend a drum retreat on the day she went missing in this ‘A Current Affair’ video.. http://www.aonproductions.com.

In the previous days before Sandrine disappeared Bradley Ainsworth had told Sandrine that he was suicidal.  Brad being suicidal concerned Sandrine very much, prompting her to call me.

On that phone call between us, Sandrine said Brad was suicidal and not answering his phone, she asked me to contact him, out of concern. Did Brad have the same concern for Sandrine? No. In fact it has been reported that Brad tried to convince Sandrine to kill herself with him in a double suicide the night before she went missing.

The day Sandrine went missing was Bradley’s birthday, and he and Sandrine were set to attend his birthday bash at the ‘drum retreat’ in Kilcoy. The campers at the retreat waited patiently for him to turn up, ready with cake and candles. Although Sandrine had planned to go with him, she was not with him when he arrived hours late, at the retreat, at five minutes to midnight, nearly missing his own birthday party.

I knew Bradley Ainsworth personally, having met him at my first drum retreat, but Bradley did not tell me he was taking our mutual friend Sandrine to a “drum reatreat” that day, even though we were in contact via FaceBook message on the morning of Sandrine’s disappearance, and Sandrine was the topic of conversation between us.

I would like to share a few key lines in Brad’s messages (in bold font) to me on the morning of the day Sandrine went mising:

I am also starting to think that she [SANDRINE] had alot more to do with my break up than I previously thought.”

why did she [SANDRINE] continuously melt me down and help destroy my life. Why is she telling me all this stuff NOW?”

She [SANDRINE] had many little secret meetings with XXXXX [name withheld] over that last year. Fuck knows what they talked about.”

You dont know the stuff I know Piet. And the way she [SANDRINE] has spoken to me the last few times makes me believe that she [SANDRINE] is wracked with GUILT…. I know she [SANDRINE] is sick but who knows how she applied that sickness between XXXXX [name withheld] and I??????????”

I am gonna talk to Sandrine now and find out the WHOLE story once and for all.”

I appreciate your honesty but you are not fully informed about everything. Neither am I it seems. This might be JUST the time to ask her [SANDRINE] a few things. She s probably told you more than me.”

Sandrine had told at least two people that she was going with Brad to the drum retreat, but none of Sandrine and Bradley’s mutual drum retreat friends were aware of their plans together on the day Sandrine disappeared.  It was as if Brad didn’t want anyone to know of his plans with Sandrine that day.

My conversation with Bradley on FaceBook message the morning that Sandrine went missing, was essentially Brad telling me how angry he was with Sandrine. He was furious with her, and as you can see in the messages above, Brad told me that he was going to sort it out with Sandrine “once and for all”.

So why did Bradley not tell anyone he was taking Sandrine to a drum retreat? I didn’t know that he had planned to attend the retreat with Sandrine until Brad was questioned by A Current Affair and it was aired on tv nearly three years after Sandrine had disappeared.

Brad has attempted to convince anyone who will listen that Sandrine was suicidal, that she was a drug addict and that she was crazy. In truth however, Sandrine was scared of Brad and didn’t want to be alone with him.

Brad Ainsworth has no alibi on the day Sandrine went missing.

I spoke personally with the ‘officer’ assigned to Sandrine’s case, Steve Watts. Steve Watts told me, when he came to take a ‘statement’, 94 weeks after Sandrine went missing, that Brad had an alibi and was at his mother’s house the afternoon Sandrine went missing. But, according to Brad’s own words, this is simply not true.

I quote Bradley Ainsworth, and, as previously, have copied this message word for word:

And I was at Mums all morning the day she went missing, At Dazs place all arvo and at Kilcoy all weekend after.”

Brad is referring to a drum retreat attendee nicknamed ‘Daz’, who at the time lived in Kalangur, just half an hour away from Caboolture where Sandrine went missing, at 5:30pm, that same day.

So what time did Brad leave Daz’s house? Below is a direct quote from Daz himself:

i do know this… on the 13th of july 2012, the accused [Bradley Ainsworth] was at my house from between about midday until about 4:30-5pm…”

So, as Bradley Ainsworth himself says, he left Daz’s house in the afternoon, and Daz confirms that Brad left at between 4:30-5pm on the day Sandrine went missing.  Brad has stated however that after Daz’s house he was at Kilcoy.. but there seems to be a rather large time gap (of more than 6 hours) in Brad’s alibi, because Brad didn’t turn up to Kilcoy for the retreat until five minutes to midnight. The Kilcoy retreat is one hours drive away from where Sandrine went missing.

In short, Bradley Ainsworth was half an hour’s drive away from Sandrine on the day she went missing, had time to drive to meet Sandrine and had no alibi at the time Sandrine went missing at 5:30 pm, the 13th of July, 2012.


In 2013 Brad was asked not to attend the drum retreat. Nine long-standing members of the drum retreat came together to deal with many serious allegations (unrelated to Sandrine’s case) against Brad by many women in the group.

The women who came forward with the complaints did not want to be named for fear of “retribution” from Brad.

The administrators of the Drum Retreat FaceBook page posted this when Brad was removed from the group:

“Today we have removed a member from this FB group and advised that person that they are not welcome at future retreats. This was done in consultation with a number of the Elders of our group. The Retreat has always had a strong requirement for mutual respect and care for fellow community members. It is alleged that this person has breached that trust with a number of Retreat attendees. This person’s removal was for alleged repeated breaches of a foundational trust. We received a very serious complaint from a long standing member. We sought further input from other long standing members of the tribe. During that process half a dozen similar complaints came to light. Many of the complainants advised that they were deeply uncomfortable with this person to the extent that they did not feel that they could attend the Retreat at all. This decision was made after much discussion and consultation. Today’s event has no precedent in our group. I have never removed someone from the FB group before. I think all of the people involved in this decision hope never to have to do anything like this again. Any community is judged on how it treats its weakest members. Today we have firmly said that we will not allow any member of our tribe to feel vulnerable in our circle.”

When Brad was informed he could no longer attend the retreat he was furious. He demanded to know the names of the women who had accused him.  Here are a few quotes from Brad when he found out he was no longer invited to the drum retreat:

I want names…. of my accusers … If I cannot be given access to this information, I will not stop coming.”

If you give me names…I will know my accusers and can fix this bullshit.”

The rest wont identify themselves…not because they are afraid of me but because they don’t want to be identified as communists.”

I’m not a violent person. If I was, she would be in danger. Would you go around badmouthing a murderer to all his friends?”

I don’t know how I can discredit her because no one is asking me any questions…conveniently.”

I’m just so upset… I also have to discredit XXXXX [name withheld] and several others if they try to have me charged for anything.”

So what does discredit mean? I looked it up, and according to this website http://www.dictionary.com/browse/discredit , this is what Brad wanted to do to the women whom he had victimized:


  1. to injure the credit or reputation of; defame:
  2. to show to be undeserving of trust or belief; destroy confidence in:
  3. to give no credence to; disbelieve:

Bradley Ainsworth deals with accusations not by addressing or answering to them, but by discrediting, or injuring the reputation of the accuser, which is exactly what Bradley did to Sandrine before she disappeared.

Where do we go from here?

The question of whether or not Bradley Ainsworth killed Sandrine Jourdan or not, is clear to me. The above quotes and information are just a very small portion of what Sandrine’s family, friends and the previously mentioned kind-hearted, tenacious strangers have gathered.

The ‘Missing Sandrine Jourdan’ page on FaceBook have recently posted:

It is believed Sandrine Jourdan is a victim of foul play.If you have any information please contact CRIMESTOPPERS 1800333000 or contact admins on the Missing Sandrine Jourdan page please. OR BOTH

If you have any information regarding Sandrine’s disappearance, please contact Sandrine’s family on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MissingSandrineJourdan. Not only is the person responsible for the disappearance of Sandrine a danger to any woman, Sandrine’s family and Sandrine herself, deserve justice.

On this sad day I send lots of Love to Sandrine’s family and her other friends, whether or not they were able to meet her. Sandrine will always have a place in my heart. xx


Missing Sandrine Jourdan Part II


Part two of my perspective of the events and the people that surrounded Sandrine Jourdan at the time of her disappearance on the 13th of July, 2012.


Sandrine at my house in Mapleton Queensland, enjoying some party food on my birthday in May 2011

 (If you haven’t already, please read the first article to obtain a better context)


The Sandrine Jourdan ‘missing person’ case has recently been raised again, not by the police, but by some of Sandrine’s tenacious family members and friends, and with a lot help from the media.

It has been 4 years since Sandrine’s disappearance and there has been a lot of confusion about the circumstances, but more and more information that had been previously given to police as evidence, once ignored and forgotten, is coming out in public eye.  The trouble is, not all of it is correct.

Previously, in my article Missing Sandrine Jourdan I had decided not to disclose the name of a particular POI in Sandrine’s case.  Luckily, A Current Affair (ACA) journalists have already named such persons of interest in mainstream media, opening the door for more of my own testimony to be revealed.

Before I go any further, I would like it to be known that I did write an email to the alleged ‘officer in charge’ of Sandrine’s case, Steve Watts, advising him that if the police were not actively investigating Sandrine’s disappearance I planned to write a blog about the man that I believe is directly involved.  This is what I wrote in the email on the 5/26/15:

“If the police are sincerely investigating I will not write a blog about it, as I do not wish to hamper a real investigation, but if they are doing nothing, as I suspect, and continue to protect Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx I will write a blog about it.”

The reply from Steve Watts, ‘officer in charge’ of Sandrine’s case came on the 6/6/15:

“In relation to Sandrine’s case. I can assure you that the investigation has not been filed and won’t be until she is found. I can inform you that the investigation has been forwarded to the State Coroner with a recommendation that an inquest be held.”

Watch the interviews here:

The POIs


Left, Ian Cannard – Sandrine’s ex-partner. Centre, Bradley Ainsworth – the man who admits he had planned to go to a retreat with Sandrine on the day she went missing, HIS birthday.  Right, John Boegheim – Sandrine’s friend and co-worker, the man who raised the alarm about Sandrine’s disappearance, the last person to report a sighting of her.  (Screen-shot of ACA program)

The latest news/video story was this one, A Current Affair introduces the three men who, around the time of her disappearance were close to Sandrine and are considered by some of her friends and family to be Persons Of Interest in Sandrine’s disappearance.

Ian Cannard. Sandrine’s partner, ex-partner as of early to mid June 2012.  Sandrine and Ian had a very rocky relationship and Sandrine told me things about Ian that were a major concern for her.  He has not been honest about the approximate date of the end of their relationship, the time frame of the last contact he had with Sandrine or his relationship to Bradley Ainsworth.

News.com.au reports that Ian said: “we hadn’t had any contact for a number of months after that. I had nothing to do with it. If I did, don’t you think the police would have hunted me down?  Hmmm… more on that lie a little later.

Bradley Ainsworth.  On the day she went missing, Sandrine had planned to go to a Buddhist retreat with Bradley, although there was no explanation as to how, when or why those plans changed.  Bradley was very angry with Sandrine on the morning of her disappearance and in a FaceBook message to me, he wrote:

“7/13, 8:34am

Facebook User

I am gonna talk to Sandrine now and find out the WHOLE story once and for all.”

Bradley was described in the news.com.au article as “an amateur actor and musician … on whose birthday Sandrine vanished. According to friends and family, the pair were in contact that morning and planned to set off to a Buddhist retreat that day.”

John Boegheim.  Sandrine had arrived at John’s house around midday.  John was Sandrine’s friend and they worked together.  He was also the man who made the call to Sandrine’s brother (even though Sandrine didn’t want her brother to know where she was), to report that she was missing and express that he was worried about her.


What’s the truth?

As mentioned in my previous article, I knew Sandrine personally, as well as two of the POIs mentioned in these main-stream media releases, Ian Cannard who I knew as Sandrine’s partner up until at least early June 2012, and Bradley Ainsworth, at the time of Sandrine’s disappearance was a friend, although the friendship, from my perspective, was wearing extremely thin.

News.com.au states in this article:   “… three men, who were not previously known to each other…”. 

I know personally that this statement is incorrect; 2 of these men DO know and DID know each other at the time of Sandrine’s disappearance; Ian Cannard and Bradley Ainsworth were friends. 

Both Ian and Brad attended my birthday party in May 2011 with Sandrine and were friendly with each other at the seasonal drumming camps that we attended.  Please see photo below…

Brad and Ian

Although Bradley Ainsworth and Ian Cannard apparently claimed that they were “not previously known to each other”, here is a photo of Bradley on the left and Ian on the right, taken at my home in Mapleton in May 2011, more than a year previous to Sandrine’s disappearance.


Another statement in the news.com.au article that I found interesting was this one:

“News.com.au would like to make clear that while each of the three men, who were not previously known to each other, were interviewed by detectives in the course of their initial investigation, none of them has been declared a person of interest. All three men vigorously deny having anything to do with Sandrine’s disappearance.”

I find it interesting because in my mind surely police wouldn’t bother interviewing someone “4 times…5 actually.” if that person wasn’t a person of interest?  Why wouldn’t someone who was interviewed 5 times be “declared” a person of interest?

Here is copy of a facebook message exchange between Bradley Ainsworth and myself, 12 days after Sandrine’s disappearance…

7/25, 11:04am

Pieta Morgan

Hi Brad, if you know anything at all or can think of anything at all that may help us find Sandrine, please help. We are all really really concerned about her. The police are working on it, but haven’t found a trace.

7/25, 11:09am
Facebook User

I have talked to the police 4 times…5 actually….I know nothing. has anyone talked to Ian?


Well, Ian was nowhere to be found at that time.  I was expecting him to call or drop in or something, considering he knew where I lived and had visited my home a few times with Sandrine. 

The last time I saw Ian and Sandrine together was a Sunday evening in early June 2012, they were on their way home from the Winter Drum Retreat at Kenilworth, and it was only a little more than a month before Sandrine went missing, not “a number of months” or “three months” as Ian claimed.

In the video, Chris Allen, reporter for ACA, to Ian: “Obviously she was living with you for a few months before she disappeared?”

Ian Cannard: “Oh, oh, she was living with me yes, but then we hadn’t had any contact for a number of months after that….”

Such a strange thing to say, “a number of months after that”?  Ian and Sandrine broke up in early to mid June, 2012  and Sandrine was reported missing the next month, on July 13th 2012.


What does that mean; “She had been disappeared for months before I even knew about it.”?  For someone to have been “disappeared” sounds like they were met with foul play to me.  But I do know for a fact that the man is a liar, he DID know that Sandrine was missing not long after she was reported missing.

Apparently Ian also told news.com.au that he didn’t kill Sandrine, instead, he just painted a picture of mental illness being the issue behind her disappearance: “She was a beautiful soul with a troubled mind.”

John Boegheim, although I do not know him personally, I know that Sandrine considered him to be a friend.  This man was the first person to raise the alarm as he was the last person who had reported a sighting of Sandrine.  And, I believe, he is telling the truth. 

Sandrine considered John to be her friend, and he was telling the truth about Sandrine asking him not to contact her brother.  She had her reasons, reasons that I am not willing to disclose publicly, but she told me about a discussion she had with her brother at my house in Mapleton on the Saturday before she went missing, and the discussion topic, according to Sandrine, was not pleasant.


Has Sandrine’s case been referred to the Coroner’s office?

I had, at the time of receiving the email on the 6/6/15, believed Steve Watts to be genuine when he said that Sandrine’s case had been forwarded to the Coroner’s office.  But News.com.au tell a different story… 

“On Thursday, police told News.com.au that Sandrine’s case had been referred to the coroner for inquest but the Queensland State Coroner’s Office told us this was not the case and that they “had no record and no knowledge of the case.”Asked to clarify, a Queensland police spokesman insisted the matter had indeed been sent to the coroner.”

“The Queensland Police Service can confirm that a report for the State Coroner has been sent to the police unit attached to the State Coroner’s Office and is currently being processed to be lodge (sic) with the State Coroner’s Office,” the spokesman said in a statement sent late yesterday afternoon.”

Confusing?  I wonder why it’s so confusing…

I think it’s because the statement was a lie.

In my opinion, the police have continually done all they can to halt the investigation and are claiming that there are no further or fresh leads in Sandrine’s case, but this is simply not true.  The fact is that they have continually IGNORED information because they know it will lead them to one of their own.

More questions

Who is ‘officer’ Paul Foley?

The recent media investigations into Sandrine’s disappearance inspired me to again look at old messages and hand-written notes that I had not reviewed since the weeks after Sandrine was reported as missing, and some of those messages had a lot of important information in them that I had forgotten. 

One piece of information that I found in my emails was a message I wrote to a friend describing how a ‘police officer’ representing himself as “Paul Foley” had called me (a couple of weeks after Sandrine’s disappearance), and he told me he was “hacking into Bradley Ainsworth’s FaceBook account”, but also asked for copies of the original messages between Bradley Ainsworth and myself.  I described the call as “weird” to my friend.

The copies of the emails ‘officer’ Paul Foley was asking for were sent to him, as requested.  When I enquired as to what happened to the evidence it was reported that no other officer had seen or reviewed these emails, and they had to be re-sent to the ‘officer in charge’ of the investigation.

I have since asked the police to tell me who ‘officer’ Paul Foley is and how he is related to Sandrine’s case, but to date there has been no reply from the Queensland Police ‘Service’ regarding my question.  Sandrine’s family seem to be unfamiliar with the name of this police officer, and don’t know him in relation to Sandrine’s case.

If one of your family members goes missing, don’t expect much help from the police, you’re better off investigating yourself.  Unless you’re famous that is…

The frustration and sadness that surrounds Sandrine’s family is monumental.  Since the day Sandrine was declared a missing person most of the important evidence regarding her disappearance was ignored. 


Can you imagine how it would feel, as a family member or friend of a missing person struggling with police inaction, to see that Hazem El Mazri, a football player, have more than a dozen police working on an investigation to clear his name.?

“It is understood that more than a dozen police working on the case have not been able to substantiate the allegations.”

In Sandrine’s case even calls toCrimeStoppersrequesting to speak to an officer regarding new information are not returned!

This is not a new phenomenon.

After four years and no reported sightings of Sandrine, I agree with Kath Wholohan, Sandrine’s Aunt; I don’t believe Sandrine is alive either. I believe that Bradley Ainsworth is one of the people  responsible for the disappearance of Sandrine, and I believe the police are aware of this too. 

Bradley Ainsworth has told people he lied about his alibi on the day Sandrine went missing, and when I asked him where he was that day, his birthday, (in a very serious talk on my front lawn on the 1st of August 2012) he told me that he was at Kilcoy, (a second retreat location hidden in the pine forest).  When I told him that I knew he didn’t get there until five minutes to midnight, his reply was, “so, it was still my birthday.”

Oh yes, he’s cocky!

Ian Cannard has not spoken to me since that day he visited my home with Sandrine in June 2012, but why he is lying about such important details concerns me greatly.  Why are Brad and Ian denying that they are friends and have been friends since at least 2011?

Today marks the fourth year of the search for Sandrine Jourdan.  I hope that this is the year for answers for Sandrine’s family and friends, and that those responsible for her disappearance are exposed for what they are.   I also hope that the Queensland Police ‘Service’ will be exposed for what it is.

Sandrine drum retreat

If you have any information regarding Sandrine Jourdan’s location or information that you feel is important, my advice to you is to go to the FaceBook page “MISSING SANDRINE JOURDAN” and ask to speak directly to one of Sandrine’s family members.  In my opinion there’s simply no point in giving the police any evidence or statements, or ‘Crimestoppers’ for that matter, at this time.  If the family think the information should be shared with the police they can then do so.


Save the Planet, Smash the system!







Missing Sandrine Jourdan


Sandrine missing post

Missing Sandrine Jourdan

On Friday the 13th of July 2012 at approximately 5:30 in the afternoon, in Caboolture, Queensland, Australia, my friend, Sandrine Jourdan disappeared.  To this day she remains a missing person.  This is my personal perspective based on my experiences of the events that surround her disappearance.

Sandrine and I met at a drumming camp (one of those hippie gatherings) in 2010, and we quickly became friends.  Sandrine and I had many conversations on the phone and we caught up at nearly all the seasonal drumming camps except the last one, at Charlie Moreland Overflow camping grounds, in the winter of June 2012.

Sandrine pic2

Earlier in July 2012 Sandrine asked me to pick her up from a service station in Bli Bli, a little town on the Sunshine Coast,  Queensland.  Her grey dual cab utility had broken down, the radiator had been smashed as the alternator bolt was missing, creating havoc under the bonnet.   She told me that she thought her car had been deliberately sabotaged and that it wasn’t the first time this kind of thing had happened to her car.

She had been staying in a little cabin in a ‘caravan park’, with another lady, but decided she could not stay with her any longer as they had had a falling out over the other lady’s attempt to ‘rescue’ her children.  I later found out that the lady Sandrine was staying with was hit by a car soon after Sandrine and I left her cabin.

Sandrine pic

At the time Sandrine told me she was being pursued, and was running for her life.  She told me she had nowhere else to go, and asked me if she could stay until she had organized her life, of course, I said yes.  She was extremely security conscious and very concerned that my phone was tapped.  She made a lot of calls at nearby phone boxes because she didn’t trust that she was safe using my phone.  She was also very concerned about her laptop that had disappeared from her car.
She told me the people she was running from hacked computers and would plant images on her computer to frame her.

Over the days she spent with me she left me some clues as to what it was she was running from, and why she was so very scared.  She had apologized many times for bringing ‘trouble’ into my life, and at the time I didn’t know what she meant, I was certainly feeling that perhaps she could be exaggerating.  But I was wrong.

The Person Of Interest (POI)

Less than a week before Sandrine’s disappearance,  our mutual friend at the time and POI, had contacted Sandrine, and he was angry.   She had not done anything wrong, and what he was angry about had happened months previously, but apparently he felt as though she had betrayed him, and he made a very determined effort to make her squirm and worry about his feelings and his ‘suicidal’ tendencies.

Sandrine called the POI from my house on Sunday the 8th of July, 2012, and after the call she was in good spirits, happy, relieved, and truly believing they had sorted it out. She said she felt better ‘getting it all off her chest’ and she believed that the drama between her and the POI had been resolved.  On the Monday morning, the 9th of July, Sandrine left my house in hurry, telling me that she would be returning on Wednesday.  But I didn’t ever see her again.

On Tuesday the 10th Sandrine called me, she sounded happy because her laptop had suddenly materialized, she also asked me if I was going to call the police on her.. I didn’t understand what she meant about the police, everyone who knows me knows I cannot stomach the traitors, and it would have to be a very big deal for me to even talk to them, so I’m still a little confused about that part.

On the same phone call she asked if the POI could pick up his 3 drums (big 44 gallon plastic drums) from my house.  My reaction was not polite,  I had my own issues with Mr POI because he had asked me if I would like to watch an intimate video of he and his ex-girlfriend, (a video I later found out was made without the consent or knowledge of his girlfriend), which was highly offensive to not only his ex-partner, who was my friend, but to me.  I told Sandrine that I wouldn’t be home on the day in question, which was the truth at that time, but my firm belief then and now is that the POI was with Sandrine that day, I heard a familiar cough for one thing, the 2nd thing that convinced me is that he could have sent a message to me on FB at any time to ask me himself.. So obviously they had caught up.  That evening Mr POI contacted me,  and among other things asked how his drums were and if they missed him….

On the evening of Wednesday the 11th of July I had another phone call from Sandrine, she was concerned about the POI, as apparently he had threatened to kill himself. She told me that he wasn’t answering her calls and she asked me to call him, which I did, but there was no answer until the next day, the 12th of July. By the 13th of July, 2012, the day of Sandrine’s disappearance, which is also the day of the POI’s birthday,  the POI was very clearly still furious with her, and demanded to know what she had told me. I told him that Sandrine was concerned about him and he proceeded to blame Sandrine for his problems, the last message he wrote to me on the day of Sandrine’s disappearance is this, a direct copy and paste:  Facebook User 7/13, 8:34am Facebook User:  I am gonna talk to Sandrine now and find out the WHOLE story once and for all.

On the 17th of July 2012 I had a telephone call from the traitors in blue, asking about Sandrine and telling me she was missing.  Of course I was very concerned and messaged the only person I could think of that would know where she was; Mr POI, who had nothing to tell me at all.  I asked him for photos of her that I knew he had, for the media release about her disappearance, but he didn’t reply.

On the 30th of July, Mr POI wrote this to me when I asked him if he’d heard anything about Sandrine on FaceBook: Facebook User 7/30, 12:00pm Facebook User: I have heard nothing but if she turns up I’m gonna kick her ass! Worrying all these people..

At this point I was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mr POI was responsible for Sandrine’s disappearance, it was obvious at this stage that he didn’t care about her at all.. (the evidence I have to prove it I have not shared as I do not wish to damage a ‘genuine investigation‘ into Sandrine’s disappearance).

Out of the blue Mr POI wrote me a message on Facebook on the 1st of August, over two weeks after the day of Sandrine’s disappearance;  he finally wanted to help! He wanted us to go out to our usual camping ground, Charlie Moreland Overflow, to look for Sandrine.  When I asked him where he will be (considering they had closed the site for restoration), he replied;  Facebook User 8/1, 9:27am Facebook User:

The overflow, I have no idea if she will be out there but I just feel like I want to do something…still feeling bad that I didnt want to help her in that last phone call with her but she melted me down. Gonna camp out there too….leaving caboolture at 11

Mr POI turned up at my house to pick up his beloved drums.  And I couldn’t help myself, I had to tell him that I thought he was the prime suspect in Sandrine’s disappearance, and everything he told me on that day confirmed it for me.  Lying about his alibi for one.

It is known that the POI was going to collect Sandrine the day she went missing to go to a Buddhist retreat together on the afternoon of her disappearance. It is known that the POI had tried to convince Sandrine to kill herself with him the night before Sandrine went missing and it is known that other women in the drumming camp made upward of 25 complaints about Mr POI, including stalking and blackmailing women, to the point that it was decided by some that he not be allowed to continue attending the camp.  It is known also that Mr POI carried a replica pistol in his car. And it is known that he lied to the police about his alibi, two complaints having been made.

The incompetency of the policy enforcers..

There’s more than enough evidence on Mr POI to move forward with a full blown investigation or to charge him, but I’m told they cannot charge anyone because Sandrine has not been found yet.  If that is true, then why is it that another case, in the same State, Queensland, where a woman had gone missing and not yet found,  a man was charged?  I think we all know that the policy enforcers do their ‘best work’ policy enforcing, but too many times evidence was not passed on, including a sexual assault by the POI.  I passed some evidence to the original ‘investigating officer’ myself, but it went astray.  I know Sandrine made a complaint against the POI too, but that complaint was never found either, and there was a witness to that!  Incompetence or corruption?  I know that there have been phone calls to ‘Crime Stoppers’ that were not returned or even acknowledged.

The 2nd investigating officer was moved up to Cooktown in far north Queensland, days after I made my statement to the policy enforcers; and a false promise of a ‘coroners investigation’ has proven to be just another let down.

What I’ve learned

Through all of this I’ve learned that there are people among us that are truly pretenders, liars, dangerous people who live a double life. I’ve learned to listen to people when they say they are “evil” or “have a fascination with death”, I’ve learned to watch people more closely and listen with discernment.  I’ve learned to ask more questions, and I’ve learned through experience that police cannot be trusted.  I’ve learned this existence has more traps in it than I had previously thought.

It’s been too long to be without answers, for Sandrine’s family and her friends.  It’s been a heartbreaking few years for her family, and especially her children.  My personal journey is just one of many when it comes to those that know and love Sandrine, but my hope is that the truth will soon be revealed.

Sandrine determined

I light my candle for Sandrine today, the candle holder a gift from Sandrine on my birthday, remembering that fateful day three years ago with sadness and regret.  I wish I had seen the predator in the man sooner.


{Please note: I would like to make it clear that I have never personally seen Sandrine taking dangerous drugs,  and do not believe there was any behavioural indicators of addiction, (I do NOT consider that cannabis is a dangerous drug by any stretch of the imagination; but even then she would barely have a puff of a joint only very rarely)  I have heard that she was prescribed medication for anxiety, I did not see her take any.

Mr POI is NOT Sandrine’s ex-partner, but they were friends.

Sandrine filed a rape report (the rape allegedly occurred 2 weeks before her disappearance) with the police regarding Mr POI, that oddly went missing from the police station, even though there was a witness to her filing it; the details of the rape were in her diary. Mr POI has a friend who is a police officer.  Mr POI has had one other claim of rape against him since Sandrine’s disappearance that I am aware of.

For those that assume that Sandrine was paranoid, perhaps they should understand that she has now been missing for over 3 years, no contact with her children, family or friends, and her bank account has not been touched.  It is more likely that those who say Sandrine was paranoid do not grasp the whole situation.  Sandrine was NOT suicidal, she was planning to settle with her children, I know this personally.}

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