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Missing Sandrine Jourdan Part V



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After seven years of grief and turmoil, we still don’t know what  happened to Sandrine.
Every year I hope that some forward action will be taken, but as yet the results of the ‘investigation’ into Sandrine’s disappearance have been extremely disappointing.   There are many leads, and yet, we still haven’t found her.



Bradley Ainsworth early July 2012

This man, Bradley Ainsworth, also known as Majic Mirra on Facebook, had plans to take Sandrine Jourdan, a 37 year old mother of 3, to a remote camp ground on his birthday.  But Sandrine didn’t make it to Bradley’s birthday celebration, sadly, Sandrine was never seen again.


That planned camping trip with Bradley Ainsworth was seven years ago.

Sandrine disappeared on the ominous date of Friday the 13th of July 2012, at between 5 to 5:30 pm.  Bradley Ainsworth turned 44 on that day.

If Sandrine had willingly decided to go with Bradley, I cannot understand for the life of me why.  Sandrine knew that Bradley was a liar, she had told me that herself, and Bradley’s nasty games had stressed her out immensely.  Whether or not he forced Sandrine into his van that day has not been established, but it is clear, Sandrine had changed her mind about camping with Bradley and in fact was running from him on the day she disappeared.

I had an email exchange with Bradley about Sandrine on the morning of that fateful day, and as you’ll see, he was furious with her and basically blamed her for the state of his life.

FaceBook messages exchanged between Bradley Ainsworth AKA ‘Majic Mirra’ and I on the morning of the day Sandrine disappeared.


7/13, 7:25am
Pieta Morgan
She said you were suicidal, we both tried calling you…
Aren’t you meant to be at Kilcoy? Say hi to everyone for me

7/13, 7:43am
Majic Mirra
She helped me feel that way the other night by telling me all these things about
***** and *****. She went to visit them and lied about what she knew for ages,
then bought it all up again when I had just about gotten over it. New information
really hurt me Piet.
Not goin to Kilcoy. Goin to get professional help.

7/13, 7:46am
Pieta Morgan
Well she was worried about you on wednesday and called me, I called you… no
Hope you’re a little better today
Good idea, you’ve been suffering for a while now.. * hugs *

7/13, 7:48am
Majic Mirra
She was WORRIED about me???? Did she happen to tell you that I was feeling ok
BEFORE she called then layed all that stuff on me????
I kept telling her that I was in no condition to help her any more but she kept on
asking me to help her sort hert stupid Shit with Ian. Ive put too many hours into
helping her with that. I told her to leave him so many times but she WONT listen.

7/13, 7:52am
Majic Mirra
She turned up and had a melt down Twice when I was on my last legs with ***** and I helped her to the detriment of that. I am also starting to think that she had alot more to do with my break up than I previously thought.

7/13, 7:54am
Pieta Morgan
Sandrine loves you.. she sees you as one of her closest friends

7/13, 7:55am
Majic Mirra
Then why did she continuously melt me down and help destroy my life. Why is she
telling me all this stuff NOW?  She had many little secret meetings with ***** over that last year. Fuck knows what they talked about.

7/13, 8:03am
Majic Mirra
You dont know the stuff I know Piet. And the way she has spoken to me the last few
times makes me believe that she is wracked with GUILT. You have been witness to
the many times she has told us about all these things about ian that just didnt happen and then she tells us three weeks later that they actually DIDNT happen. I know she is sick but who knows how she applied that sickness between ***** and

7/13, 8:20am
Majic Mirra

And if Sandrine had not called me to tell me horrible facts…

As I said, you dont know ALL the facts.

Anyway…I dont want to talk about this anymore…its my Birthday

7/13, 8:26am
Pieta Morgan
…I just realised it’s your birthday… Happy Birthday

7/13, 8:28am
Majic Mirra
Its not happy…and probably my last…see ya

7/13, 8:29am
Pieta Morgan
It won’t be your last, and it will get better if you allow it to. Hugs man x

7/13, 8:34am
Majic Mirra
Not when I see evidence that there are opinions to be shared only when I press
people for them. I will always suffer from not knowing what people think and feel.
You have just proved it again. Why cant people just lay it on the line…
I am gonna talk to Sandrine now and find out the WHOLE story once and for all.

7/13, 8:41am
Majic Mirra      
I appreciate your honesty but you are not fully informed about everything. Neither am I it seems.
This might be JUST the time to ask her a few things. She s probably told you more than me.           

After Sandrine disappeared, Bradley set out on a smear campaign against her, he told people she was a drug addict, suicidal, crazy and, as you can see in the above message exchange, “wracked with GUILT“.  It was however, Bradley that was threatening to suicide, (as per the above email; “Its not happy…and probably my last…see ya“), it was Bradley who was taking drugs and regularly bragged about it, and it was Bradley that admitted he needed “professional help”.

Sandrine and I met at a drum retreat in 2010 and in all the time that I’d known her I hadn’t seen or heard of Sandrine being a drug addict, or crazy or suicidal.   The Sandrine I knew loved her children, adored them, and she worried about them.  She was sweet and thoughtful and had a wicked sense of humour.

I’m sure she went through her ups and downs, and she certainly was stressed when she was staying with me, but it would seem, with good reason; as they say, you’re not paranoid if there is actually someone after you.
She certainly had relationship issues though; with her ex-partner Ian, with Brad, and with certain members of her family, which is why she was homeless when she came to stay with me.  In many ways Sandrine was taken advantage of, and many people failed to help her, and it breaks my heart that still, after 7 years, we don’t know what happened to her.

In the few days that Sandrine had been staying with me (in the week before she disappeared), she was afraid for her life.  She told me someone was out to hurt her and that they had the capability to find her, and could even plant images on her computer to frame her.
She was not using her mobile phone at the time because she was afraid she would be tracked with it so she used the public phone box to make calls.  (Of course, now we all know that it is fact that you can be tracked with your phone.)   She was very tense, and all I could do was reassure her that she was safe at my house.  I told her she could stay with me until she found permanent accommodation.  At the time Sandrine was happy about the offer, but she left my house for an appointment on the morning of Monday the 9th of July 2012 and I didn’t see her again.   She did, however, shortly after leaving my house, have direct contact with Bradley Ainsworth.


Bradley was found, by police, soon after the day that Sandrine disappeared, to have a replica pistol in his van.  I have personally seen the pistol that the police found in his van, and I can tell you, it was very realistic.
Bradley told me he obtained the replica pistol from a family member that lived in Northern NSW who had a shed full of guns and offered for Bradley to choose one.  He told me that he chose the replica pistol so he could just scare people, if he needed to.   Bradley is proven a liar, so there is no proof of course that he has a relative with a shed full of guns, however, he did have a very realistic replica, and I wouldn’t have known it was a replica unless he’d told me.

It is quite conceivable that Sandrine wouldn’t have known that the gun was fake and it could be why she felt she had no choice but to go with Bradley that day.  Sandrine was a physically fit and strong woman, and I believe it would be a difficult task for someone to simply take her away, so it is certainly possible that she was threatened with a weapon.

Bradley Ainsworth admitted to having plans to take Sandrine to a drum retreat on the day she disappeared, but he hasn’t yet explained how or under which circumstances the plan to take Sandrine to the drum retreat, at a remote bushland location, had changed.

After Sandrine had disappeared I asked Bradley, in a FaceBook personal message, when he last spoke to Sandrine and he wrote back that he hadn’t spoken to Sandrine since Tuesday the 10th or Wednesday the 11th of July 2012, but in the following video he admits that he spoke to Sandrine on the day she disappeared.

Please take the time to watch this brief A Current Affair video; ‘Missing Mum’:



Bradley has told many lies concerning his whereabouts on the day Sandrine went missing, but essentially, according to police, his alibi hangs entirely on a photo at a birthday party at his parents house, but that photo has not been produced and his witness, his mother, has since passed away.

I have obtained a photo of Bradley at his birthday party in 2012, but it wasn’t taken at his parent’s house, it was taken at the camp ground, the same camp ground that Sandrine didn’t make it to.
The photo of Bradley blowing out his birthday cake candles was taken around midnight.  Yes, Bradley nearly missed his own birthday; he arrived at the camp ground at 5 minutes to midnight.

(For more information please see “Missing Sandrine Jourdan Part IPart IIPart III, Part IV)

In November 2013 Bradley Ainsworth changed his mind about his alibi once again, telling a friend, in writing:

“And i was at Mums all morning the day she wentmissing, At Dazs place all
arvo and at Kilcoy all weekend after.”

The person Bradley has referred to as ‘DAZ’ in the message above has confirmed that Bradley Ainsworth visited his house in Kallangur the afternoon that Sandrine disappeared.  When questioned as to Bradley’s claims, Daz explained in a Facebook message:

“i do know this… on the 13th of july 2012, the accused [Bradley Ainsworth] was at my house from between about midday until about 4:30-5pm…”

Daz’s house at the time was half an hour from where Sandrine was last seen, Caboolture Queensland, Australia, leaving Bradley still having to explain where he had been travelling to between  “4:30-5pm…”  (as Daz stated), and 5 -5:30 pm, the official time that Sandrine disappeared.    It is clear that Bradley could easily have made it to Sandrine in that time frame.

Bradley told me that he was at Kilcoy on his birthday.  When I told him that I knew that he didn’t arrive at the camp ground until five minutes to midnight, on the 13th of July, 2012, he said it was “still his birthday”.  Still, Bradley has no alibi.

All in all Bradley has no alibi for 6 hours and 25 minutes from the time that Sandrine went missing at 5 -5:30 PM on the 13th of July 2012.

Only a few days after Sandrine was reported missing I noticed that Bradley had deleted all of the photos he had of her from his FaceBook albums.  Such a strange thing to do considering his good friend of many years had disappeared.  When I asked him via FaceBook message for photos of Sandrine, for the purpose of creating ‘missing person’ posters, he simply did not reply.

Bradley had a van at the time of Sandrine’s disappearance, but now he no longer uses it, which is strange considering that his life at the time centred around ‘stealth’ camping in his van.  I don’t know where Bradley’s van is now, but I for one would like to see it examined.

Bradley Ainsworth, around 17 months after Sandrine disappeared, was banned from the drumming camp, and apparently, according to organizers of the retreat, such an expulsion had never occurred previously.  He was asked to never return after many serious allegations against him were made, such as:

Using sex tapes to blackmail women
Abusing women
Threatening women
etc etc.

I’m sure any reasonable person can understand how it bothers me that Bradley Ainsworth is free to hurt others, the only thing I can do about that situation is to WARN others.  He is a dangerous and unstable man and although he can act like a free-loving hippie, he is actually far from it, and many of his ex-girlfriends can attest to this fact.

Sandrine has now been declared deceased by a coroner.
The coroner’s report was full of errors, misrepresentations and at least one outright lie.  I am not necessarily accusing the coroner of failing her duty, but I can say for my part that I was quoted as saying something that I simply did not say.  Luckily, when it comes time for the truth to come out, I have a recording of my statement to the police.
In another instance, the report mentions a woman who apparently represented herself as some kind of ‘counsellor’ to Sandrine, however, Sandrine had actually written about having a personal relationship with this woman, which certainly disqualifies her from representing herself in such a way.  The question is, why has she been represented in the coroner’s report that way?   I find it astonishing and certainly worthy of further investigation.

If there is someone out there reading this that has information on the disappearance of  Sandrine Jourdan, please come forward, because seven years is too long to be without closure, for her family and her friends.


Brad in hell

Bradley Ainsworth, no doubt feeling right at home.