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An open letter to Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro


Post American worldA friend sent me a link to a video of the man who calls himself ‘president’ Obama, he was speaking to European ‘leaders’ about Russia and the Ukraine.  While I was watching the gut-wrenching hypocrisy in the video several profanities came to mind and I felt like I wanted to vomit. I was surprised however to see that in the video Barack stated: “we welcome criticism”; so after hearing Barack publicly stating that he and his corporation consents to being criticized, I thought I might take this opportunity to flex my natural born, inalienable right to free speech, and express my criticisms of the corporation that is the United States Government, and it’s criminal allies; while attempting to remain as polite as possible.  🙂

(I have downloaded this video, just in case 🙂 )

I will present my criticisms in the form of questions so that Barack has an opportunity to address these questions, if he so chooses.. Of course, in the past it is alleged that Barack chooses to exterminate those who criticize him and his role in a criminal slavery ring rather than answering questions, but considering he is WELCOMING criticism now, I’m sure I won’t end up like Beverly Eckert, the woman, relentless in seeking justice for the victims of the attacks on the Twin Towers, who died just days after a personal visit with Barack…

Not an easy task, but here I go 🙂

Barry, Barack, here are my questions:

Did you enjoy reading the book “The Post American World”?

Isn’t it true that yourself, the corporation you claim to represent as ‘president’, it’s agents and agencies are guilty of many very serious crimes against the People of the United States, including, but not limited to the following:

torture   slavery   genocide   treason   murder   environmental terrorism   human trafficking   fraud   conspiracy to commit war crimes  ?

Isn’t it true that this dishonourable corporation has taken ‘money for promises’ from large corporations that you know will destroy the land and rights of every one of the American People that you claim to obtain your authority from?

Isn’t it true that you are attempting to completely decimate the US economy to destroy the United States from the ‘inside’, resulting in untold damage to the People of the United States?

Isn’t it true that any perceived ‘power’ by means of unethical, unlawful and immoral use of perceived ‘title’ and imagined/fictitious ‘authority’ to commit crimes, being threats of violence and war, planning and implementing acts of financial terrorism, false imprisonment, biological warfare, hi-tech weaponry, purposeful deceptions, unlawful legislations, slavery, theft, manipulations, spying, aiding and abetting paedophiles in ‘public office’, genocide and general horrendous evil, against not only the innocent People of the world, but the People of the United States whom you claim to represent, is by means of your monopoly on weapons, not hesitating to use them on the People of the United States?

Why have you not told the truth to the People that the United States of America is still a British Colony, under alleged ‘crown’ domination?

Can you rebut the claim that you are personally liable for your part in a world-wide slavery ring controlled by the person/corporation claiming to be ‘queen’ whom you have sworn to “remain now and always” a faithful servant to; considering the actual definition of slavery?;

1:  drudgery, toil
2:  submission to a dominating influence
3a :  the state of a person who is a chattel of another   b :  the practice of slaveholding

Did you know that SLAVERY IS A CRIME?

How does your conscience not eat away at you when you consider the crimes against humanity you, personally, have endorsed?

Isn’t it true that every individual of the collective People are free to choose to be governed or not? And if that is true, why do you legislate, fund and promote acts of torture and human rights abuses on those that will not bend to the will of the corporation you claim to represent, in the US and abroad?

Why, considering you claim to have the People’s best interests at heart,  do you not disclose to the people their natural inalienable right to self determination without government?

Isn’t it true that you have misled the People of the United States of America in your oath of office, protecting only the document commonly known as the constitution, but the principles within are not afforded to the People?

Isn’t it true that you have deceived the People into believing that you hold the principles in the ‘Constitution’ for their benefit, when your ‘oath of office’ was only to “preserve, protect and defend the ‘Constitution’ “?

Did you really believe that the people would be content to see the Constitution safely preserved, protected and literally defended in the National Archives while the police and military ignore the ‘Constitution’, breaching human rights treaties and the inalienable rights of Peoples across the world, disarming your own (?) (genuine birth certificate still outstanding) country men and women, in direct violation of the same ‘Constitution’, intentionally and unlawfully criminalizing their every move?

How long do you think it will be before you are arrested and tried for treason? (If you were born in the US)

Isn’t it true that you literally bribed voters to vote for you by giving away to lower income People mobile phones before the election? And then used said phones for the purpose of your corporation’s agencies spying on the people you gave them to?

Why has the corporation of which you claim ‘presidency’, created a ‘provision’ in the “Balanced Budget Amendment” to make an exception for the constitutional rule that “the the state cannot spend more than its income”?   

Were you aware that this amendment was (in good faith) created only for times of war (genuine attack from other nations on ‘home soil),  national emergency, or recession?  Did you realize it was not created for the purpose of cold blooded murder or to hide the criminal incompetency of the corporation?

Isn’t it true that the corporation commonly known as the United States of America uses this provision, spending money that DOES NOT EXIST, to the point where if the people knew of the exact  deficit of the Unites States economy, knowing that they could never, ever pay back what you and your corporation have spent,  you would lose the job they think you have;  if not for your corporation’s created wars?

Can you explain how this provision benefits the living, flesh and blood People who are beneficiaries of the land?  How does this provision offer security to the People when, after years of the corporation failing to not only to balance a budget the corporation claims the People are liable for,  but  also being responsible for the American people losing so many of their loved ones for your fictitious wars?

Isn’t it true that the corporation you work for and it’s franchises invade other countries, by means of lies, deceit and false flags to perpetuate the financial raping of the country; and uses this provision to the greatest extent to do so?

Isn’t it true that the Corporation of the United State’s largest sources of income are nothing more than ‘proceeds of crime’;  stolen assets and energy of the good People of the United States,  and many other vulnerable nations?

Is the above provision the excuse your corporation uses for endless warmongering and genocide and is it the excuse your corporation uses to incur unimaginable debt that can never be repaid,  lift the debt ceiling and use the People of the United States as debt slaves?  (“There is no balanced budget provision in the U.S. Constitution. Thus, the U.S. federal government is not required to have a balanced budget”).

How does it feel to know that literally millions of People worldwide believe that you are so evil that you must be the ‘antichrist’ as described in bible ‘prophecy’? (If you’re not aware of this belief you could google ‘OBAMA THE ANTICHRIST’).  Or does this accusation not bother you because you are a practising Muslim?

How can you possibly excuse the position you and your criminal predecessors, your fellow political degenerate allies such as David Cameron, Tony Abbott, and the people who call themselves ‘royals’ (but have proven to be nothing more than a band of thieves and pirates), and a large portion of your congress justify committing acts of terror on other nations while making the American, Australian and British People a target for retaliation because of your warmongering?

How did you feel when your allegiance to ISIS was revealed,  supplying of weapons and funding to ‘ISIS’ was revealed in mainstream media, and as such are you aware of the penalty for Treason in the United States? “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”  And are you and your agents such as Hilary Clinton prepared for this action against you or will you just change the law so anyone who complains about your TREASON will be killed by your black-ops, off the books and covert assassins?

How on earth can you reason the fact that you have given yourself, your agents and your agencies more rights than the people that you claim gave you authority?

How can conspiracy to murder be an indictable offence for everyone, except you? Why is terrorism wrong when other groups allegedly do it, but your corporation, under your direction order it, conspire to fund it and and then cover it up?

Why have agents of the corporation you represent filed espionage charges against the NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, when he was attempting to  reveal the crimes of your corporation against the People of the United States and other nations, to the People of the world? Is your corporation conspiring to pervert the course of justice?

Have you ever considered for one moment that ‘drone’ warfare and depleted uranium used on small countries is the most cowardly, filthy, disgusting, low act, and most of the world think you and those who obey your orders are absolute pieces of shit for allowing and promoting this evil??

Isn’t it true that you believe that ‘fighting for peace’, is a viable argument, no matter how much evidence there is to prove you wrong?

How much longer do you think you’ll be able to pull the wool over the eyes of the People of the United States and the world?

How are you not so very deeply ashamed?

When, Barry, are you going to do the right thing?

Remember now, Barry, you did say you “welcome criticism”, so play nicely, a lot of people would miss me…

You’re welcome

Save the Planet! Smash the system!