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Happy Birthday Levi



In 2012 my world, as I knew it came to a devastating turn.  Due to the corruption that they might as well now call policy of the ‘magi-straits’ and family courts in Queensland Australia I lost full time custody my 2 children to their part-time father who had to employ the services of many people to look after them.  My children’s father at the time had plenty of money to fight, employing a member of the BAR, and wrote a bullshit affidavit that I didn’t even finish reading..   As far as I was concerned the Maxim ‘in law’ “False in one thing, (or many, many things) false in everything” was  reasonable and as such let the alleged ‘judge’ know, via an email.

At that time I had pissed off a lot of people in the judiciary and the police, due to me fighting for mine and everyone’s natural born right to grow a herb. I refused to sign any of their documents, refused to consent to their demands, and told them exactly what I thought about their treason and their criminal extortion/terrorist cell.  I was locked up for a month, beaten, raped, kidnapped and drugged, the mental health system in Queensland being a party to these crimes as is the ‘government’, courts and individually liable politicians.  I received confirmation of my sanity and now I guess they think that’s the end of that.. well.. then there’s the matter of the charges against those that perpetrated these crimes against me and therefore, my children.

So they took my children from me and me from them.  Without cause. That’s how the legal system works, if you do not bend, if you know too much, if you ask them to supply authority that they just don’t have, they destroy your life. That is what they are paid to do.  Someone (identity yet to be determined), forged my signature on an ‘official’ document saying that I gave my children to their father. I can prove this is fraud.

In my fight to get my children back I felt I had no choice but to employ the services of a ‘legal aid’ solicitor.. This government appointed family court solicitor told me that he “knows this judge and unless you plead guilty to the cannabis charges (I was fighting at the time) you will never get your children back”.  At this point I knew this government agent was not ‘working’ to help me.  In fact, when it hit me what this man was saying I realized, at that moment what a fraudulent den of snakes and scum (thanks for that one ‘chief justice’ Tim Caromody 🙂 )and of inequities the injustice system actually was.  I cried my eyes out at first, but very quickly became more determined than ever to do everything it took to get my children back without negotiating with these terrorists.  Negotiating with terrorists only gives them more power to terrorize, and it wasn’t just my children and myself that were suffering. Everyone’s heard the horror stories that are the injustice system, it’s world-wide.  I decided to do it my way, without being extorted or forced to do anything against my will.

Stephen Coats the alleged ‘judge’ in the Queensland family court did not supply proof of authority when requested, of this star chamber they call the family court, or over me, the natural born woman, living flesh, blood and spirit, or my estate, being my children.  Rather, he ran out of the court room mumbling something under his breath.  I announced that since he has not supplied any proof of authority I am the highest authority of the court, being, not a corporation, but the living woman, mother to the children, and demanded my children be returned.  I waited outside the court room in a private booth and watched the court security swarm as my name was called… a trap! I could not present myself as the name they call because I am not the name! And I do not submit to those that have no authority over me, and no one, not one person can prove they have!  So they tried some intimidation outside the booth I was in.  I ignored them. I will not be intimidated. Thugs.

On my way home I climbed a mountain. The mountain was Mount Ngungun. Mount Ngungun is one of the Glasshouse Mountains, the Woman’s mountain, the mountain of the Original Tribal Peoples.  As I sat on the rock on the top, which is shaped like a seat, I really contemplated the landscape and what it was like before the ‘crown’ invasion.  I thought of how many women who visited this mounted yearly as a throng, lost their children at the hand of the same ‘crown terrorists’.  The stolen children of the Tribal people that were given away to strangers and used as slaves.  I cannot imagine the pain they must have endured.

I lost my children again that day.  My devastation is still very raw.  It has been 2 years since I’ve seen my children. And today it is my beautiful son’s birthday.  I think of them every day, they inspire me. They inspire me to destroy this system with the truth, to expose it, to create a world of peace, love, reasonableness and honour.  While ever these terrorists have people who obey and finance them they will be in control. I will never obey them or finance them in any way. I want a better world for my children. I want a better world for all of us.

I will not stop in my process.  I guess when a government decides they want to destroy someone they have no idea how much a woman or a man with nothing to lose can actually achieve.

I hope you like the picture of the grasshopper in the Amaranth, I just couldn’t resist this little guy, with those gorgeous blue eyes, and Levi loves grasshoppers, he says they remind you to listen to your conscience, like on Pinocchio. He is such a gorgeous young man. Wise beyond his years.

Happy Birthday Levi, I love you both so much.   I will keep at it, for a better world.  ❤

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