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Covid-19 the most deadly crisis in modern history

I am not a doctor, I have no formal medical training.  I research.  I will not and do not believe the government’s narrative on any subject or scenario without doing my own investigation.  It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that government representatives lie and do not give a crap about the people they claim to serve.  It is simply not wise to ever trust a government, or their mainstream media. I have included some links to what is published in this particular blog, but not all.  You are always better off doing your own research.

How dangerous is Covid-19?

The headline today said it all;

“Italy’s death toll nears 400 as number of infected rises to 7,375 (the most outside China) and PM puts 16 MILLION citizens on lock down and threatens them with a fine or JAIL if they leave quarantine zones”

This headline must have been quite a shock to those that believed the WHO and their governments; that washing your hands and not touching your face will prevent you from falling ill.


  • This virus is DEADLY.  Although the true death toll is hidden by many governments, especially China, we can be certain that the death toll now, only a few months since the virus’ release, is, at the very least, many tens of thousands of people.
  • Doctors and nurses in China have been infected and some have died.
  • The WHO have been attempting to conceal the deadly nature of this virus and as such have been widely criticized.
  • Covid-19 or Coronavirus novel is AIRBORNE, it is floating around in the air, unseen and undetected.
  • The virus can remain on surfaces, dormant for more than 5 days.
  • Carriers of the virus are asymptomatic for long periods of time, which means that any one of your associates could be infecting any number of people without even knowing that they’re sick, in fact, they may feel and appear to be perfectly healthy.
  • It is a man-made virus, it has HIV ‘inserts’.  We are told by governments that the virus originated from wild animals in a ‘wet-market’, but papers published by scientists and doctors are pointing to deliberate genetic manipulation of the corona virus.
  • Governments around the world have been expecting this, Bill Gates has been implicated, not as a hero to the cause, rather, the villain… again.
  • Your country’s hospital system will not cope with the outbreak.  There is no country in the world that will or could cope with the influx of patients that will be effected by this virus.  And hospitals will be the most dangerous places to be in terms of infectivity.
  • The virus can infiltrate your body via all mucous membranes; eyes, nose, mouth, anus, genitalia.  Wash your hands before and after using the bathroom.  There have been no reports that you can contract the virus through the ears but it would be sensible to protect your ears too.
  • Many people who have been declared ‘cured’ or ‘recovered’ relapse.
  • Contracting the virus and ‘recovering’ doesn’t mean that you are then immune to it.
  • This virus is not only fatal to the elderly, but the elderly seem to be succumbing to the virus more quickly than younger people.  Young people are still dying, but the media don’t report it.
  • Patients are testing ‘negative’ multiple times before dying.
  • The covid-19 test kits are very few and they are unreliable.  In the US the CDC is only testing people that are in serious medical distress and decline.
  • The Australian government’s advice to avoid Covid-19 is criminally negligent, washing your hands doesn’t help you if you’ve breathed in the airborne virus or you have infected clothing and go home and hug your family!
  • A 14 day quarantine period has been proven, time and again, to be utterly ineffective leaving us with  a false sense of security.
  • The financial system, our supply chain and our fresh food industries will be decimated.
  • They made a movie about it!  Yes, ‘Contagion’.  You must see it to believe it! (
    In the movie you will see a ‘doctor’ called Sanjay Gupta, he played himself… After I watched the movie, I then saw the very same Dr Gupta being interviewed by CNN, in the same scenario but in real life!

Although the Chinese Communist Party have been committing all manner of human rights abuses, the extreme measures they have used in combatting the Covid-19 virus certainly should have shown the rest of the world that this virus is no joke.

Crematoriums in China are overworked, burners working 24/7.  China is not willing or able to test every death, firstly because they don’t want the world to think they don’t have control over this virus, after all, that could lead to lack of confidence in the economy…  but secondly, their hospital systems are overwhelmed and the test kits for the virus are too few. They’re sending people in hazmat suits to collect dead people from their homes and off the streets and classifying their deaths as ‘pneumonia’.

Besides this virus, a large percentage of the worlds products are imported from China and we very quickly will not be able to access those products because China is all but completely shut down.  The supply chain is broken and it is only a matter of time before the world’s economic health takes a drastic turn for the worse. Food shortages in the near future are inevitable.  Country after country will be essentially shutting down production of goods and services.

In my opinion, based on everything I’ve read, unless the entire world strictly quarantines for sixty days, at exactly the same time, the death toll from this virus will be much, much worse than the Spanish flu. People must stay at home, flights grounded, everyone quarantined.

Fourteen day quarantines simply will not work, but especially, ‘staggered’ quarantines, they are literally a waste of time.  Why?

  • Because the virus is airborne; it is in air conditioning units in residential buildings, planes and offices and generally the outdoor air in the streets,

  • because we cannot be sure at this stage exactly how long the virus remains dormant on surfaces therefore anything we have in our home that we quarantined with may be infected and

  • because the asymptomatic infectious period has been proven to be, in some cases over 24 days, meaning that you could leave your house after the two week quarantine, sure that you are in good health, go to work and infect your entire building before you have any symptoms!

How we could attain a world-wide 60 day quarantine without resorting to the criminal way the Chinese government have dealt with their own people is another matter to consider.  It is not acceptable to weld people’s doors and gates shut and starve them to death.  It is not acceptable to build hospitals and forcibly intern people in them without supplying care.  It is not acceptable to beat and kidnap people for not wearing or having a face mask or for simply being outside.  The Chinese government has behaved terribly toward it’s own people, however, no government is innocent of crimes against their own people.  I hate to say it, but I think much worse is yet to come, world-wide.

Be prepared

If you do feel ill, the worst thing you can do for yourself and your community is go to a hospital or a GP’s clinic/surgery.  CALL a GP or CALL the hospital, but please don’t spread the infection by leaving home.  If in doubt, don’t!

Wash hands when you touch anything at all that may have been touched by others, and yes, avoid touching your face.  Methylated spirits or alcohol, LYSOL (US) are effective for spraying money and food packages, door knobs, anything at all that you touch that other people may have touched also.  Bleach should be diluted to 1/4 cup of bleach to 4 litres of water for shoes and gear that have possibly been tainted, leave shoes outside at all times.   And it would be a good idea to make sure you have fuel in the car, just in case you need to leave or have a bug-out location ready.

Governments around the world have been asking their citizens to be prepared for a two week quarantine.  The quarantine certainly may be and definitely should be longer than just two weeks, however, having food and supplies ready if you need them is ALWAYS a good idea.

If you are not yet prepared for quarantine, and the subsequent economic hardship, here is a basic list of suggestions.

The most critical, straight up is


A water distiller is also highly recommended in case of water source contamination, which is a distinct possibility at some point.

MEDICATIONS/prescriptions, as large a supply as you can afford or are able to stock up on, ask your doctor.


Buy your usual groceries but include extra food that has a long shelf life.

baby foods and formula if needed





tinned or dried beans, chick peas and soy beans

TVP (textured vegetable protein)

dry noodles

tinned food; vegetables, beans, soups etc

sauces (soy, tomato..)

vinegar for pickling or sauces

nuts and seeds for eating

spices and herbs



coffee, tea etc

UHT milks and powdered milks

cooking oil

food for your animal friends



Bi-carbonate of soda (bi-carb)

Methylated spirits for disinfecting

vinegar for cleaning




personal products

seeds for growing

seed starter soil and potting mix for propagating and sprouting seeds

radios and torches/candles in the event of power outages

lighters, matches

alternative cooking methods such as portable gas stoves or make your own rocket stove or wood stove

rubber gloves

fully enclosed eye protection, swimming goggles will do

toilet paper (if you can get it, it’s as rare as hen’s teeth in Australia right now!)  Of course the alternative is tissues or a washable, disposable cloth.

If it is possible to have groceries delivered to your home, that would be good, but remember to disinfect them and let them sit for a week or so away from you and your family, in case the packages are infected with the virus.


How much is a life worth?

The CDC made test kits that they sent around the world, only to be forced to admit that there was a faulty component in them, which means everyone tested using those test kits have not had the proper diagnosis.  The people who do need to be tested are unable to obtain a test kit, no matter if the test was recommended by a doctor or not.

It’s clear to me that according to governments some lives are worth more than others.  In Australia and many other countries, we are told that particulate masks will do “more harm than good” and that the public doesn’t need to wear them, but public servants do… this statement, without a doubt, is a blatant lie. How do I know this?  Besides common sense, there are little clues; public servants are people too.  Doctors and medical staff around the world have been vigilantly using them in this outbreak for starters.  In China you are arrested and locked up if you don’t wear a mask.  If you have the virus and don’t know it you could be spreading it, and if you’re perfectly healthy you could breathe the virus in.
In telling these lies it is clear the government is afraid that there will not be enough masks for government agents and medical people and therefore they lie to the general population and tell us we don’t need masks.  There will be shortages of masks and personal protective equipment (PPE), there already is!  If you don’t have or can’t buy masks and other PPE you will have to come up with a way to make your own.  Or, IDEALLY, stay at home.  You are just as important as anyone else.  Protect yourself.

You are probably required by means of threats by a government to send you children to school, but it is not wise to do so any longer.  The government have said that children are less susceptible to the virus, but I have seen three little children put into one body bag on a video that was smuggled out of China.
The virus does kill children, and, of course, even if the children survive the virus they will bring the virus home from school to their parents and family.  It’s not a risk I would take.  I’m sure you don’t want your children to be orphans.

When you’re forced to endure governments it’s essential to use your ‘common sense’, IE NEVER trust a government, it simply doesn’t care about you.

Despite the information that has been smuggled out of China with regards to this deadly virus most governments have been suspiciously complacent.  The Chinese government are lying about the death toll there, the WHO are lying about the severity of the virus, and it’s clear that only the people at the top of the pyramid really know what’s going on behind the world’s mainstream media coverage.   We need to be sensible and take responsibility for our own lives.

We found a video of a gentleman who claims to be able to destroy viruses, and he believes his plasma water will destroy the Covid-19 virus.  Of course YouTube have taken down the video, but not before we were able to download it.   To make the device you will need old zinc batteries, (make sure they’re zinc!), a discarded electrical cord with three copper wires, salt and a small blowtorch or constant flame.  Here is that link.
We will be making this plasma water and using it as soon as possible.  We don’t know if it will work, but it’s certainly the best hope we have at this point in keeping ourselves and our communities safe, because the government certainly haven’t offered us advice of any value!

Valuable YouTube channels:





(These channels are some of the few that are reporting the truth about the virus.)

Further research;

Educate yourself on:

  • the R nought factor (R0) with regard to viruses and their spread
  • the Pirbright institute, Bill Gates and virus patents
  • Who funds the WHO/ China and the WHO connection
  • Watch the movie ‘Contagion’!

@People who read this and cry “fear mongering!” or “fear porn!”, I ask you to look at the facts and pull your heads out of your arses.  If you continue to consider the truth as a ‘fear tactic’ then you will not live long. 

Save the Planet!  Smash the system!



If you trust Trump and Pompeo on the Iran attack you are a fool.


Iran’s parliament passed a bill on Tuesday designating all US forces ‘terrorists’ over the killing.

Under the newly adopted bill, all US forces and employees of the Pentagon and affiliated organisations, agents and commanders and those who ordered the ‘martyrdom’ of Soleimani were designated as terrorists.

‘Any aid to these forces, including military, intelligence, financial, technical, service or logistical, will be considered as co-operation in a terrorist act,’ the Iranian parliament said.


Finally, Iran have declared the US and it’s allies TERRORISTS.   But is it fair to describe a gang of militants that attack country after country, destroying infrastructure and killing civilians, TERRORISTS?   Of course it’s fair!  In fact, the crimes that the US and it’s allies have committed all over the world have been absolutely inexcusable, and the epitome of terrorism.   And somehow the world watches and ‘supports the troops’ in all the crimes they commit.

It’s time to wake up.

If you live in the ‘west’, particularly the US, you have been misled by your ‘bought and paid for’ mainstream media.  If you haven’t woken up to the fact already, your governments LIE!

(4 videos)




The same admitted liar, cheater and thief wants you to believe that Iran wants war…


You’d have to be stupid to believe the US government’s story.


Mike Pompeo, the stinking sack of excrement wants you to believe that Iran sabotaged two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman.

When I first heard this story I knew immediately that it was a lie as the ‘official story’ was so very obviously impossible and utterly ridiculous.  Well here it is; apparently I’m just one of many who can see right through the lies and propaganda of the ‘lying, cheating, thieving’ US government, (please see previous blog ‘Pompeo: ‘I was the CIA director. We lied we cheated, we stole’)  sponsored by and colluding with the STATE of Israel.



Save the Planet!  Smash the system!

The Chinese government and it’s agents are guilty of genocide, it is undeniable!


Listening to the following documentary broke my heart, but I would prefer to know the truth than live in a delusion.
Most of us know of the slaughter of Falun Gong practitioners but the details of this Chinese government sanctioned torture and eventual murder of literally thousands of innocent people for the purpose of harvesting their organs through the ‘Red Cross’ and other government hospitals, ordered by courts and Chinese government ministers, must make us all reconsider our support of communist China in every way.

In the documentary you will hear the most callous, evil bastards speak of butchering these innocent people, and one of them proudly calls himself a “butcher” while threatening the caller, saying he would have her organs harvested if she’d been in front of him.
Phone calls to hospitals and Chinese government ministers have been recorded in the documentary, as well as the testimony of a police officer  who personally witnessed the torture and murder of a woman who had her organs harvested, without anaesthetic.

I hope that the people of China stand up against their masters, this evil must end.

Please, take the time to watch the documentary and spread the word to as many people as you can.

Save the Planet!  Smash the system!

Why is the Israeli government attempting to control the world’s opinion of them?


I’m not sure exactly what the Israeli government’s end goal is, but when I watched the following footage, it sounded to me like the plans were total world domination.

Now, before you start pulling out your hair and screaming ‘anti-semitism!’, know this, the Israeli government is a government like any other, brutal, evil and desperate for control.  You see, I am opposed to ALL  governments for that reason, just as I am opposed to ALL religions, all of them.  I have discerned that governments and religions are all that plagues this world with pure, unabated evil, under the thinly veiled guise of peace and morality.

While the Israeli government controls GOOGLE in eliminating hate speech, they are actively destroying people’s lives through murder, stalking, blackmail and many other methods which you will see when you watch the video below.

Don’t fall for the Israeli government’s “poor us” propaganda, they are just another corrupt organization that seem to be able to evade justice by pulling the ‘anti-Semitism’ card.


But wait, there’s more…


Please note; any accusations of anti-Semitism will not be entered into.

Save the Planet! Smash the system!

Oprah wants you to vote for your own slavery?


Does Oprah really want to abolish slavery?

If you have the opinion that Oprah, (or Orpah as is her birth name),  is against slavery you are simply incorrect.

Oprah asserts that if you don’t vote “you are dishonouring your family.  You are disrespecting and disregarding their legacy”.

The problem with Oprah’s emotional manipulation rant is that she either doesn’t realize or doesn’t care, that Voting, in fact, equals slavery.

I would prefer to believe that the woman who made her money on feel good gossip sessions and sycophancy to be ignorant of the truth rather than deliberately misleading people to vote for their own demise.  But I doubt she is entirely innocent considering the company she keeps.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the following video you will see Oprah attempting to emotionally blackmail people to vote for their own slavery.  She is clearly addressing the African Americans whose blood, she says ‘has seeped into her DNA.’.

At the 2 minute and 34 second mark of the following video, Oprah attempts to guilt trip the ancestors of the ‘lynched, the humiliated, discriminated against, suppressed, repressed and oppressed’; to go and vote for a new master; only she doesn’t use the word ‘master’, she likes to imply that the person you vote for is your “representative”.



If you are truly opposed to slavery, just don’t vote, don’t register to vote, and don’t take advice from friends of politicians on voting.

It is fact that Africans were taken from their homeland and sent around the world as slaves enduring all manner of evil and cruelty.  It is also fact that the ‘crown’ regime did the same to the Irish and to the English, and enslaved and murdered and oppressed and stole the land of natives of many nations, in fact every nation that they could possibly enslave, they did. And the so called ‘royal’ families are still profiting from that slavery today, in modern times.

The problem with giving your power over to another, such as a politician, is that politicians and the party you voted for believes that they have authority over you, so they commit crimes on your behalf and there’s nothing you can do about it, because you gave away your power by ‘legal’ contract.
These politicians and the rich and powerful they work for  bribe mercenaries, military and police to do their bidding.  And that’s what Oprah wants you to vote for, whether she’ll admit it or not.

While Oprah hangs out with the Soetoros, or the ‘Obamas’, I wonder if she ponders the terrorist attacks Barack has personally sanctioned, the fact that Barry has personally ordered the deaths of countless children and families in other countries.

“I have two words for you, predator drones.”… Barry Soetoro AKA Obama sin laden.

Predator drone bombing of civilians

Obama’s predator drone missile is clearly seen here moments before impact over innocent civilians.  Imagine if that was where you lived, and these were your children!  Voting gives politicians the power to commit terrorism in your name!


I doubt Oprah would even consider the crimes of Barry Soetoro; it simply wouldn’t be convenient for her, believing a black man could be as vicious and evil as any white man (or woman, for that matter).

Please, please!  If you truly want to know the truth, watch the following video on slavery and voting.


Save the Planet!  Smash the system!

The inherent criminality of police


“The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him (or her) that resist it”  John Hay


Today I learned that someone I know, his name is Brenden, has been kidnapped by the traitors in blue.  Although I don’t have all the details I do know that he was assaulted, and various other crimes were committed against him by these traitors.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The traitors have also attempted to ‘pervert the course of justice’ (their term), by demanding access to the proof of their crimes for the purpose of deleting the footage.

I know what it feels like to be manhandled by these scum, to be locked in a cage and have my inalienable rights breached, so this news has hit me hard.  I respect this man, and he is worthy of it.

If you for some reason believe that the police are here to help the general population, you are, quite simply, wrong.   Having said that, I won’t attempt to sway your misguided and unfounded beliefs, the scum in blue will do that for me; because, it’s just a matter of time before you’re next, it’s just a matter of time before you are the one that is being assaulted, extorted, tazered, abused and tortured by the people you believed were there to help you.  You only realize the truth of the situation when you personally become the victim of their psychopathy, like I was.

The traitors in blue are only there to protect the system; the same system that has us enslaved.   They are not there to protect people.   (If you don’t realize you’re enslaved by now then you are ignorant of the truth of the system and you’ll need to do some research.)

Police actually prevent justice, and while they do that, they fleece us of our money and breach our inalienable rights!  They commit murder, extortion, coercion, and blackmail, which are all crimes by any decent standard, all the while they attempt to convince us that the crimes committed against us are for our own good; after all, your stolen wages are used to pay these criminals for being able to commit these crimes against you.

These people are predators who find excuses to take your money and give it to their political masters!  Love your work Larken Rose!  The following video is a must watch…

“They are parasites, they are thieves, they serve the ruling class to your detriment.”

My question is, when will the people stand up against these traitors?   When will we, as a population put an end to this criminal abuse against us?  They are a relatively small number compared to us. 
We have no choice but to ‘rebel’ against this outrageous tyranny.
How that rebellion would take place is anyone’s guess, but it needs to happen.

In Australia the largest group of criminals with guns are the traitors in blue, only a few other ‘rebels’ still have ‘undocumented’ guns, but to own a gun without paying a fee to the ‘mob’, otherwise known as government, is considered by these traitors as a ‘crime’ and they will hurt you physically for it.

Historically, taking a nation’s guns away was a prelude to slaughter, as you will see in this video ”

“CALIFORNIA POLITICIANS WANT YOUR GUNS – In the beginning Hitler was like an American politician”


Australians had their guns taken for the purpose of controlling us and fleecing our bank accounts, although it was presented to us under the premise of keeping us ‘safe’.

Since the traitors took our guns, Australians, it seems, have had very little chance of defending ourselves against a violent and criminal gang such as the traitors in blue, but even if we don’t have guns we are still able to take a stand.

In the following video, Ron Paul speaks to Luke Rudkowski of ‘We are Change’ regarding a town in Mexico who have rid themselves of these corrupt human beings.  It’s a very interesting conversation and well worth listening to if we wish to improve our own circumstances.


Personally, I think it is very important that we DO NOT agree to to the crimes committed against us by these criminals, and one of the ways we can do that is by refusing to sign ANYTHING!

We are not qualified, in terms of “legal knowledge” to sign anything unless we are a member of the ‘BAR’.  We cannot possibly hope to comprehend the documents they tell us to sign or the consequences of signing; and they know that!

When you are forced into court in Queensland Australia, the police, the prosecutor and the ‘magistrate’ are all oathed to your loathsome accuser, Betty Windsor, represented as ‘R’ or Regina on the paperwork labelled ‘brief of evidence’.  And they call that justice?  No, of course not!  They’re screwing you over and they simply don’t care what it looks like!

Your enemy will attempt to coerce you into signing documents that will sink you, they may beat you, threaten you, lock you up for 2 weeks in various watch-houses around the state, (like they did to a woman I know), solely for the purpose of threatening you to sign away your rights and your life.  We must resist these crimes against us.

Some in the ‘know’ may say that if you sign a document under duress you can indicate this by writing “V.C” or Vi coactus, (a Latin term meaning “having been forced” or “having been compelled”) and some believe that action will help you in court to prove that the crime of coercion was incurred against you.  But, I have used that method and the ‘magistrate’ John Hodgins, of Maroochydore court told me,  “So?  You still signed it…”.    Of course my inalienable rights were breached by John Hodgins that day, but it wasn’t the first time or the last time he committed crimes against me.  Coercion IS a crime, and John Hodgins knew exactly what he was doing when he ignored the fact that the document was signed under duress.

The ‘magistrate’s’ assertion that the document was lawful  because my signature appeared on it, even though I had clearly signed it under protest and duress with police officer ‘Gary Brayley’ from Nambour police station as a witness, was all the proof I needed to be sure that you simply cannot win with these evil and corrupt bastards.  That is why I personally would never sign one of their documents again, no matter what.

In my opinion, based on my experiences with the enemy, is that the best thing to do when faced with the scum in blue, is simply not to sign, EVER!  It also would be more helpful to ask the traitors questions before or IF you decide answer questions, (which I am not recommending because of my experiences).

I am not qualified to give legal advice, but I do know with absolute certainty, these traitors, the traitors in blue and the traitors in the courts wearing their black robes, cannot ever be trusted.

If you have a family member who is involved with this criminal gang they call the ‘force’, you may believe that your traitorous family member is an upstanding member of society, and you may want to defend his or her position.  You may also be profiting by his or her crimes and have a nice house or car that they, through their very specific choice of criminal profession, have obtained…  In the real world we call that proceeds of crime, and it’s nothing to be proud of.

In the following video Larken Rose speaks about our ‘unalienable right’ to self preservation.



If or when the world decides to finally stand up against the traitors among us is my question.
I’m sure it won’t be too long before these traitors against humanity will go too far by attacking a person who is respected in the community for telling the truth about our enslavement by them, or those that house the homeless, such as Brenden.
There’s only so much the people will put up with, which is why throughout history the people have fought back against the traitors.

Police choose to be a traitor against their fellow country men and women for money, and we must free ourselves of their psychopathic control.  The only ‘good cop’ is one that has quit.

We’re with you Brenden.

Save the Planet!  Smash the system!

How do you keep an idiot in suspense?





Just ask ‘Q’ anon!!



The cryptic, unidentified blogger has somehow managed to keep what seems like millions of people on the edge of their seats when he’s offered them no more than, well, cryptic messages.

Are you one of them?


What do we know about Q anon?



We know literally nothing about him or her (or other).  All we have are unverified claims and unfounded predictions, all of which paint a rather rosy picture of Donald Trump being a saviour to the ‘United’ States.


Q anon claims to be an insider with ‘Q’ level clearance.  But of course, that too is unverifiable.


Some have suggested that Q anon could be Russian, but why would any Russian bother to promote Trump?   Putin is intelligent enough to comprehend that all it takes to bend Trump around his little finger is a little flattery and loads money.   I don’t see Putin wanting anything to do with such a base individual as Donald, and I certainly haven’t seen any indication of Putin promoting him!

(I don’t know about the Russians attempting to interfere with the US elections, but I do know that the Australian Labor party did! )


Personally, my thoughts on Q anon are that it is most likely someone close to Donald, perhaps a computer nerd has been hired by Trump (or one of his family members) for the sole purpose of promoting Trump.  After all, that is the one thing that Donald Trump seems to enjoy even more than mocking people with legitimate concerns, or  ‘grabbing pussy’; Donald consistently and shamelessly promotes himself.   What better way to do that than to have an ‘anonymous’ source promote him, just so his narcissism isn’t quite so blatant..


I could be wrong about who Q anon is, like you, I have no idea.  But I tend to shy away from supporting people who are too gutless, covert or misleading to come out and tell the truth and say it loudly and proudly.   How I feel about this ‘Q anon’ bullshit is irrelevant, as we know politics is a game of popularism, it’s a game.  Donald is an actor and Q anon has done a brilliant job, in promoting him.  He, she or it has most of the ‘new-agers’ and the racists, and the misogynists believing that Donald will make the world a better place.


How will Donald make the world a better place?


Maybe Donald will make the ‘United’ States a safer place by locking up children in detention centres and then giving them to human traffickers?

Perhaps Donald will make the world a better place by making arms and weapons  deals with the Saudis.

Donald's world domination pact with the Saudis

Or, maybe Donald will make a ‘deal’ with his good friends in the Israeli government who are responsible for the slaughter of Palestinians by means of IDF and the ‘state’s’  military conscription policies.

Perhaps Donald will make the world a better place by promoting men who have been accused of sex crimes and violence against women for positions of power and large salary packages.

Or perhaps Donald will “make America great again” by threatening footballers with cuts to tax breaks, termination of employment or even deportation if they kneel during the ‘national anthem’ ritual, as they protest police killing people.

Maybe Donald will “drain the swamp” through his promoting of ‘stop and frisk’ policies?

Could Donald save the world by threatening countries such as Venezuela with “all options”..

If you are on the Q anon train, it might be time to consider who is really behind this ridiculous and incessant charade!

Save the Planet! Smash the system!