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“The People are the ultimate source of legitimacy of all law”


terra nullis nakba

“The search is on for a new fundamental basis of the legitimacy of Australian laws” … ‘Justice’ Michael Kirby.

I assert that the Australian government, it’s agents and it’s agencies have no right at all to govern any people without their individual written consent, with full disclosure and all terms clearly laid out, as in all lawfully binding contracts. This country was not ‘settled’ lawfully, with consent, agreement or contract, but by vicious and brutal force, murder and slavery. The Crown’s invasion of this country was under the pretense that it was not occupied, and as that fraud has been unequivocally established, it is fact that the government currently claiming authority over the Australian people have no authority whatsoever over those that did not consent, in essence, they are an occupying force, employing traitors, against the Australian people.
The federal constitution, written in 1900, explicitly stated that Aboriginals would not be counted in any state or federal census, does this government wish to further denigrate our Native Tribal Peoples by forcing them to be subject to whatever fairy tale the ‘Constitution’ represents?

What is the ‘Crown’

Elizabeth Mountbatten/Battenberg commonly referred to as ‘Queen Elizabeth II, is the ‘legal’ and political entity known as the Crown. In ‘legal’ terms the ‘Crown’ is a ‘Corporation Sole’.  A corporation sole is a legal entity consisting of a single (“sole”) incorporated office, occupied by a single (“sole”) person.  A corporation sole allows corporations (often religious corporations or Commonwealth governments) to pass without interval in time from one office holder to the next successor-in-office, giving the positions ‘legal’ continuity in terms of subsequent office holders having identical powers to their predecessors. A corporation is defined as a large company or group of companies acting as a single company.

The concept of the ‘Crown’ was created under the feudal system, a combination of legal and military customs in medieval Europe, broadly defined, it was a way of structuring society around relationships derived from the holding of land in exchange for labour.

Feud: a prolonged and bitter quarrel or dispute.

In England all rights and privileges were ultimately bestowed by the ‘ruler’.  Land was ‘granted’ by the ‘Crown’ to lords in exchange for feudal services and they, in turn, ‘granted’ the land to lesser lords leaving the less fortunate no choice but to be the slaves of the ‘Crown’ for the privilege of having somewhere to live, which until this system emerged was the right of all.
The Crown corporation spread it’s darkness to many lands, and all natives from these lands tell the same story of evil that the Original Tribal People of Australia tell. The ‘Crown’s’ brutal ‘reign’ explains why there is still so much inequality in our country, Australia, a subservient colony or ‘vassal’ of the British Crown, a corporation, “living in a prolonged and bitter dispute”, in a modern day ‘feudal system’.

I, personally, utterly reject all proposals and claims to authority made by this criminal corporation and consider that these last few centuries, in the future, will be counted as one of our darkest historical times, if we survive the political, environmental and industrial stupidity that has destroyed so much of the most sacred and ancient of landscapes and culture.

Genocide and slavery

Over 200 years ago this beautiful land, our home, had been a nation of approximately 500 native tribes using 700 different dialects in what we may now think of as communities, all having their own customs and cultures, and their own hereditary lands, living in complete harmony with their environment. There were no jails, no police, no guns, and no government, and the Native people thrived.
After the invasion, as of 1788, Australia was regarded by the British as a colony of ‘settlement’, not of conquest because the Natives were not considered to be human by the ‘Crown’. Native lands were over-run by British colonists on the premise that the land belonged to no-one (‘terra nullius’). Clearly this was an incorrect and certainly fraudulent report.

The Native Peoples were not given a choice, the invaders demanded compliance with astonishing violence, claiming for themselves and their ‘lords’ what was the spiritual, inherited home of these Native Peoples for untold thousands of years previously. The Natives were massacred, taken as slaves for labour and the women as sex slaves, their children stolen from their parents by government agents, their water and food supplies poisoned with arsenic and strychnine, all at the behest of the ‘Crown’.

crown slaveryindex  more slaverystolen children

After the invasion the land was colonised by convicts, often skilled in their trades, those skills were used to build infrastructure for the ‘Crown’, alongside the Native Originals who had been kidnapped for the same purpose, slavery.  Compulsorily taken from their homeland for convictions over very trivial crimes that very often had been the result of the desperate poverty of England at the time, and sentenced to be extradited to this already occupied land, these unfortunate individuals had been severely punished, essentially, for their poverty, and clearly used as slaves for the term of their ‘Crown’ imposed incarceration.

In 1873 the English novelist Anthony Trollope visited Australia, and the devastation of the Tribal Peoples, to him, was most evident. “There has been some rough work”, he wrote: “We have taken away their land, have destroyed their food, made them subject to our laws, which are antagonistic to their habits and traditions, have endeavoured to make them subject to our tastes, which they hate, have massacred them when they defended themselves and their possessions after their own fashion, and have taught them by hard warfare to acknowledge us to be their master”. Most certainly when the author said “we”, he was referring to the English.

More Crown injustice

Without their consent, Original Tribal Australians were considered to be ‘wards of the state’ until, by referendum, the ‘white’ population voted on allowing voting or citizenship ‘rights’ to the Tribal Peoples in the 1960’s. But, still, Queensland natives were forced to live on reserves until 1971, and were not able to own property until 1975.
The first law in Western Australia to officially sanction the removal of children was the Industrial Schools Act of 1874. It stated that, ‘any Indigenous child “surrendered” to an institution could be detained there without parental consent, or contracted to employment after the age of 12 until the child reached 21 years.
Tribal People were removed from their traditional lands for British government between 1953 and 1957 to detonate nine atomic bombs and carry out 700 “minor trials” at Marilinga, Monte Bello Island and Emu Field in Central Australia. The fallout extended over a wide area. These tests left 120 square kilometres of traditional land permanently contaminated and causing many Indigenous people to sufferer the disastrous effects of radiation following these tests for generations to come.

Australia is a crime scene

Dr Rosalind Kidd is an historian, author and specialist in Original Peoples  affairs. She says from the late 1800s to the early 1900s, colonial and then state governments contracted out Aboriginal men, women and children to work. ‘The government saw they were a very useful workforce and the government needed the pastoral industry to succeed. White people would not go there and do the work and there were whole groups of Aboriginal people out there; they brought them under control to work anywhere in the state and with no real protection. It became such an advantage for state governments to do this that they continued to do it.’ According to Dr Kidd, the schemes only ended in 1970. ‘Boys were generally sent to work on pastoral properties, while girls worked as domestic servants. They were given no protection and were often exposed to both physical and sexual abuse. Floggings were common, and police would find runaways and send them to Palm Island as punishment.’

Cruelly, voting was made compulsory for the Tribal Original Peoples in 1983, forcing them to choose a master from a predetermined list of white men who were clearly unaware and uneducated in the ways of their historical Tribal predecessors or the balance of the living environment,  leaving them further enslaved to the occupying regime, and the will of the most ignorant of men.
The Australian government has not evolved since these horrendous crimes committed by our British forefathers and that is because it operates on the same system; money before people.
Children are still being taken from their parents, people are still held in prisons for victimless ‘crimes’, and governments continue to pass legislation, acts and statutes that continually disadvantage those most vulnerable; without lawful authority.
The ‘justice’ system is a farce based on trickery and implied consent, deviously concealing the fact that the ‘Crown’ have discontinued our inalienable right as people to be recognised as ‘Natural Humans’ and are now, in the narrow sight of the ‘Crown’, only considered to be ‘legal persons’, virtual corporations that have no human rights, via our ‘birth certificates’, or ‘bondage certificates’.
‘Star Chambers’, once abolished due to the unjust process, are employed today by the ‘Crown’ and it’s henchmen and considered by these criminals as ‘justice’.
The electoral procedure employed is a legal trap by a corporation to continue the slavery, an implied agreement, without full disclosure, based on unlawful legislation making it an offence payable to not agree to be governed.
Local governments have no authority, the Australian people choosing to not allow them authority, via referenda, twice, and yet if council rates are not paid home owners have their homes taken from them by force by government agents.
The Australian government has supported and financed terrorism plots against many countries, including Iraq and Syria, colluding with the British and US governments, killing and maiming many thousands.  ‘Income tax’ is demanded with the threat of incarceration, property acquisition, violence and financial hardship, forcing innocent Australian citizens to pay for governmental crimes.
Slavery, murder, child abuse, violence and usury is rife in Australia’s political history, and it flourishes under government legislation today. Clearly, the sole reason for the assumed authority of the Australian government, is the legalisation of it’s own crimes and it’s monopoly on weapons.


Without contracts, agreements and consent we are left with thuggery

The foundation of legal relations is a ‘contract’, an agreement of the parties. In order for an agreement to be a contract (or a variation of an existing contract) it must be supported by consideration and full disclosure; (the “whole truth” about any matter which the other party should know in deciding to contract). The agreement must also be sufficiently certain and complete to be enforced, and the parties must have intended their agreement to be a contract. The absence of any of these elements will signify either that there is, in law, no agreement or that the agreement is not enforceable as a contract.

The most important decision a person could make is whether or not, he or she would employ the services of someone to ‘take care of their affairs’, to represent them or to govern them. As proof of this fact I would like to point out that there are contractual agreements in law that are sighted and witnessed regarding Enduring Power of Attorney agreements and similar positions of ‘representation’, such as an Executor.  The fact that the Australian government, it’s agencies and sub-corporations do not have written consent from individuals and Peoples to govern them means there is no contract, no proof at all of authority, which is why ‘judges’ and ‘magistrates’ run out of court room when asked for their proof of authority.

It is every natural human being’s right to agree or not to agree to such contracts, and without consent from Australians as individuals there cannot be a government who claims to govern all. Decisions can not be made for us by governments that did not have our consent via written or verbal contract to begin with, and most certainly can not be lawfully enforced through property acquisition, violence or imprisonment.

I again quote Justice Michael Kirby; “ may be said that they, the people, are the ultimate source of legitimacy of all law in Australia.”  Justice Kirby was correct, the law must come from the people, for the benefit of the people and their home, and if the people, individually do not wish to contract there is no lawful basis for governance or the legislation thereof.

Clearly, the Original Tribal Peoples did not consent to a British governance, they did not, in fact, consent to be governed at all.  Our Tribal Peoples are victims of horrendous crimes, the crimes of the Crown corporation and it’s agents, historically and presently.

As Australians we must be vigilant not to allow invasion, genocide and slavery to be considered a legitimate basis of governance lest we further, as a nation, become victims of these draconian beliefs. We must acknowledge and protect the individual’s natural born rights, choices and freedoms and investigate the crimes of those who would be traitors to the Australian Peoples, and enemies of the Original Tribes.

Not only is it unlawful for a corporation, even if it is masquerading as a government, to make decisions for people without their written consent, especially those that have had their lands, culture and families taken from them by that same corporation, but it is unjust!
I reject the ‘Crown’s’ corporation/s, it’s agents and agencies’ assumption of authority over me.
I reject their claim of authority to makes laws, acts and statues that deprive myself, and others of what are inalienable rights.
I reject it’s titles, I reject it’s acts of terrorism against the Australian people and it’s victims abroad.
I will not condone the ‘Crown’s’ crimes against humanity, and I will not serve the enemy of my People.
I reject the constitution as I did not sign a contract giving the Australian constitution authority foregoing my inalienable rights.
I will not vote for a slave master, a lord or a ‘queen’.
I reject the ‘Crowns’ claim of ownership over Australia, it’s land, it’s assets and it’s People, and assert that the ‘Crown’ is a gang of thieves and tyrants, now and historically, unlawfully using our birth certificates as certificates of ownership.
The Original Tribal Australians are a free people, they are the guardians of this land. They left no gaping holes in this land, did not poison waterways and left no ‘carbon footprints’. White man could have learned so much, but chose, rather, to live in constant feud and ignorance. The most important aspect of our life here on this planet is compassion, but the ‘Crown’ is a psychotic Corporation that will not stop until it devours all.

The ‘Crown’s’ illegitimacy has been unveiled, and with it all of it’s crimes. Will the government prosecute that which it swears allegiance to? Of course not, the ‘Crown’ is it’s master, the ‘Crown’ is the government, so these most horrendous crimes go, not only unpunished to this day, but celebrated by ignorant politicians and ‘blind’ servants of the ‘Crown’.
With regard to the compulsory inclusion of Original Tribal Australians in the ‘constitution’; in the absence of a lawfully binding contract from every individual Natural human, it must be known that there is no implied consent, there is simply ”no contract”. Anything less than consent is an act of war.

Save the Planet, Smash the system!