Author: Pieta Morgan

Pieta Morgan

I believe in freedom.  I strongly believe that we do not need to be governed and like to put forward a different perspective based on my own experiences. I’ve been on the rough end of police (hired thugs) and courts, and that experience taught me that there literally is no authority over us but ourselves, and anyone who claims they have authority over you are very simply criminal.   I am a cannabis/hemp activist as good health and natural alternatives to dangerous pharmaceuticals are something I value,  and am an advocate for human rights.  I would like to encourage everyone to research the insanity of the system, because we are victims of it whether we realize it or not.  I like to remind others that they have the right to question what they are told by those who consider themselves to be ‘authority’.  But most of all, I would like to see all of like mind, all who see the insanity of the system, to come together, unite for our freedom and to save our planet earth from destruction.  I thank you for your time.

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    • Thank you! I really appreciated the article, and am so glad there are people getting the truth out there!
      With regards to the cannabis and hemp oils, I am a cannabis activist myself; in fact, my journey started with the criminal governments and courts due to my natural right to own the most healthful and helpful plant on this planet.. 🙂
      It’s great to connect with you, and thank you again. Namaste 🙂


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