Missing Sandrine Jourdan Part III

Sandrine drum retreat

A beautiful photo of Sandrine at the drum retreat she loved so much.

Today marks the fifth year my friend Sandrine Jourdan disappeared without a trace, in Caboolture, Queensland. Five long and devastating years for her family and her friends.

In the last five years though, Sandrine’s family, friends and even kind-hearted and tenacious strangers have not waited only for information to come in from the police, (because that would be a looooooong wait)… we have been actively investigating Sandrine’s disappearance. And we have, collectively, a huge amount of information.

My focus in relation to Sandrine’s disappearance is Bradley Ainsworth, Sandrine’s ‘friend’ of 8 years.


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Did Bradley Ainsworth kill Sandrine Jourdan?

Brad in hell

Bradley Ainsworth

On the day Sandrine went missing, Friday the 13th of July 2012, she had plans to attend a drum retreat with her ‘friend’, Bradley Ainsworth. Brad admitted that he and Sandrine were planning to attend a drum retreat on the day she went missing in this ‘A Current Affair’ video.. http://www.aonproductions.com.au

In the previous days before Sandrine disappeared Bradley Ainsworth had told Sandrine that he was suicidal.  Brad being suicidal concerned Sandrine very much, prompting her to call me.

On that phone call between us, Sandrine said Brad was suicidal and not answering his phone, she asked me to contact him, out of concern. Did Brad have the same concern for Sandrine? No. In fact it has been reported that Brad tried to convince Sandrine to kill herself with him in a double suicide the night before she went missing.

The day Sandrine went missing was Bradley’s birthday, and he and Sandrine were set to attend his birthday bash at the ‘drum retreat’ in Kilcoy. The campers at the retreat waited patiently for him to turn up, ready with cake and candles. Although Sandrine had planned to go with him, she was not with him when he arrived hours late, at the retreat, at five minutes to midnight, nearly missing his own birthday party.

I knew Bradley Ainsworth personally, having met him at my first drum retreat, but Bradley did not tell me he was taking our mutual friend Sandrine to a “drum reatreat” that day, even though we were in contact via FaceBook message on the morning of Sandrine’s disappearance, and Sandrine was the topic of conversation between us.

I would like to share a few key lines in Brad’s messages (in bold font) to me on the morning of the day Sandrine went mising:

I am also starting to think that she [SANDRINE] had alot more to do with my break up than I previously thought.”

why did she [SANDRINE] continuously melt me down and help destroy my life. Why is she telling me all this stuff NOW?”

She [SANDRINE] had many little secret meetings with **** [name withheld] over that last year. Fuck knows what they talked about.”

You dont know the stuff I know Piet. And the way she [SANDRINE] has spoken to me the last few times makes me believe that she [SANDRINE] is wracked with GUILT…. I know she [SANDRINE] is sick but who knows how she applied that sickness between **** [name withheld] and I??????????”

I am gonna talk to Sandrine now and find out the WHOLE story once and for all.”

I appreciate your honesty but you are not fully informed about everything. Neither am I it seems. This might be JUST the time to ask her [SANDRINE] a few things. She s probably told you more than me.”

Sandrine had told at least two people that she was going with Brad to the drum retreat, but none of Sandrine and Bradley’s mutual drum retreat friends were aware of their plans together on the day Sandrine disappeared.  It was as if Brad didn’t want anyone to know of his plans with Sandrine that day.

My conversation with Bradley on FaceBook message the morning that Sandrine went missing, was essentially Brad telling me how angry he was with Sandrine. He was furious with her, and as you can see in the messages above, Brad told me that he was going to sort it out with Sandrine “once and for all”.

So why did Bradley not tell anyone he was taking Sandrine to a drum retreat? I didn’t know that he had planned to attend the retreat with Sandrine until Brad was questioned by A Current Affair and it was aired on tv nearly three years after Sandrine had disappeared.

Brad has attempted to convince anyone who will listen that Sandrine was suicidal, that she was a drug addict and that she was crazy. In truth however, Sandrine was scared of Brad and didn’t want to be alone with him.

Brad Ainsworth has no alibi on the day Sandrine went missing.

I spoke personally with the ‘officer’ assigned to Sandrine’s case, Steve Watts. Steve Watts told me, when he came to take a ‘statement’, 94 weeks after Sandrine went missing, that Brad had an alibi and was at his mother’s house the afternoon Sandrine went missing. But, according to Brad’s own words, this is simply not true.

I quote Bradley Ainsworth, and, as previously, have copied this message word for word:

And I was at Mums all morning the day she went missing, At Dazs place all arvo and at Kilcoy all weekend after.”

Brad is referring to a drum retreat attendee nicknamed ‘Daz’, who at the time lived in Kalangur, just half an hour away from Caboolture where Sandrine went missing, at 5:30pm, that same day.

So what time did Brad leave Daz’s house? Below is a direct quote from Daz himself:

i do know this… on the 13th of july 2012, the accused [Bradley Ainsworth] was at my house from between about midday until about 4:30-5pm…”

So, as Bradley Ainsworth himself says, he left Daz’s house in the afternoon, and Daz confirms that Brad left at between 4:30-5pm on the day Sandrine went missing.  Brad has stated however that after Daz’s house he was at Kilcoy.. but there seems to be a rather large time gap (of more than 6 hours) in Brad’s alibi, because Brad didn’t turn up to Kilcoy for the retreat until five minutes to midnight. The Kilcoy retreat is one hours drive away from where Sandrine went missing.

In short, Bradley Ainsworth was half an hour’s drive away from Sandrine on the day she went missing, had time to drive to meet Sandrine and had no alibi at the time Sandrine went missing at 5:30 pm, the 13th of July, 2012.


In 2013 Brad was asked not to attend the drum retreat. Nine long-standing members of the drum retreat came together to deal with many serious allegations (unrelated to Sandrine’s case) against Brad by many women in the group.

The women who came forward with the complaints did not want to be named for fear of “retribution” from Brad.

The administrators of the Drum Retreat FaceBook page posted this when Brad was removed from the group:

“Today we have removed a member from this FB group and advised that person that they are not welcome at future retreats. This was done in consultation with a number of the Elders of our group. The Retreat has always had a strong requirement for mutual respect and care for fellow community members. It is alleged that this person has breached that trust with a number of Retreat attendees. This person’s removal was for alleged repeated breaches of a foundational trust. We received a very serious complaint from a long standing member. We sought further input from other long standing members of the tribe. During that process half a dozen similar complaints came to light. Many of the complainants advised that they were deeply uncomfortable with this person to the extent that they did not feel that they could attend the Retreat at all. This decision was made after much discussion and consultation. Today’s event has no precedent in our group. I have never removed someone from the FB group before. I think all of the people involved in this decision hope never to have to do anything like this again. Any community is judged on how it treats its weakest members. Today we have firmly said that we will not allow any member of our tribe to feel vulnerable in our circle.”

When Brad was informed he could no longer attend the retreat he was furious. He demanded to know the names of the women who had accused him.  Here are a few quotes from Brad when he found out he was no longer invited to the drum retreat:

I want names…. of my accusers … If I cannot be given access to this information, I will not stop coming.”

If you give me names…I will know my accusers and can fix this bullshit.”

The rest wont identify themselves…not because they are afraid of me but because they don’t want to be identified as communists.”

I’m not a violent person. If I was, she would be in danger. Would you go around badmouthing a murderer to all his friends?”

I don’t know how I can discredit her because no one is asking me any questions…conveniently.”

I’m just so upset… I also have to discredit **** [name withheld] and several others if they try to have me charged for anything.”

So what does discredit mean? I looked it up, and according to this website http://www.dictionary.com/browse/discredit , this is what Brad wanted to do to the women whom he had victimized:


  1. to injure the credit or reputation of; defame:
  2. to show to be undeserving of trust or belief; destroy confidence in:
  3. to give no credence to; disbelieve:

Bradley Ainsworth deals with accusations not by addressing or answering to them, but by discrediting, or injuring the reputation of the accuser, which is exactly what Bradley did to Sandrine before she disappeared.

Where do we go from here?

The question of whether or not Bradley Ainsworth killed Sandrine Jourdan or not, is clear to me. The above quotes and information are just a very small portion of what Sandrine’s family, friends and the previously mentioned kind-hearted, tenacious strangers have gathered.

The ‘Missing Sandrine Jourdan’ page on FaceBook have recently posted:

It is believed Sandrine Jourdan is a victim of foul play.If you have any information please contact CRIMESTOPPERS 1800333000 or contact admins on the Missing Sandrine Jourdan page please. OR BOTH

If you have any information regarding Sandrine’s disappearance, please contact Sandrine’s family on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MissingSandrineJourdan. Not only is the person responsible for the disappearance of Sandrine a danger to any woman, Sandrine’s family and Sandrine herself, deserve justice.

On this sad day I send lots of Love to Sandrine’s family and her other friends, whether or not they were able to meet her. Sandrine will always have a place in my heart. xx

Click here for part IV.



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  1. Reblogged this on Sean O'Connor's Blog and commented:
    I feel for Sandrine’s family and it is my hope that Sandrine’s killer will be brought to justice and that Sandrine’s family can have real closure.
    Oh and the stalker on the Black 1992 HONDA CBR250 Registration 692LO that keeps stalking us, your front right headlight still isn’t working.

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  2. Thankyou Pieta for sharing this information which,5 years on, is still, yet to be fully examined and investigated. It’s been a long time waiting for answers in regards to Sandrines disappearance Threats and intimidation are well known tactics used to silence victims and hide the truth. In light of this we will continue to be a voice for Sandrine until she is found and the perpetrator/s are off the streets and justice is served.

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