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Pedophile Media in Full Damage-Control Mode


An excellent article and a must read. I despise the term “pizza gate” as I believe it takes away the cold hard truth, that the world is literally run by people who abuse, rape and kill children, and this fact should NOT be played down in such a casual way.


Editor’s Note: We are cautiously watching and researching this “hot topic” but it sickens one to the core…  We can’t spend too much time on it, because it is so disgusting and evil!  Do we believe this is going on, absolutely…  Do we have definitive proof, absolutely NOT.  That said, there is way to much evidence of “something sinister” and it’s downright chilling…  But we caution that this “pizzagate” may very well be a distraction from the bigger evil at work behind the scenes, and sure is a convenient cover for the “fake news meme”…


The BBC which covered up Jimmy Saville’s crimes for decades has the nerve to call this fake news.

We have always had fake news, but it has always come from the mainstream media. The “Pedophile Media” fails to acknowledge that the scandal which reveals the depravity of the Illuminati is grounded in…

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