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BREAKING: Child Sex Scandal via Weiner’s Laptop — The Smoking Gun That Will Bring down the Clintons, by Joachim Hagopian [plus a Video]


Finally it seems that the world-wide paedophile ring and the filth in suits that commit crimes most of us could never comprehend have come under the spotlight.

The truth is coming out, the system is being exposed for what it is, and this exposure is well overdue. It’s time to listen to those who have spoken out about this for a long time, they were telling the truth, the international paedophile ring is real and it pervades every area of society, but mostly within what people call the ‘elite’ circles, or those with power such as politicians, judges, doctors, police and military.

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

. . . Joachim has just emailed me that he has updated yesterday’s story, and here it is:

More details are surfacing by the hour implicating the Clinton’s connection with an international child sex ring based on what’s stored on Anthony Weiner’s now infamous laptop computer. It will be certain to bring the Clinton crime syndicate crashing to the ground as the biggest political corruption and debauchery scandal in United States history, throwing the 2016 presidential election into a tailspin with Election Day just a few days away. If it fails to remove Hillary from next Tuesday’s ballot, it will be certain to cause her to lose the election by a popular vote landslide that will go to Donald Trump. But the voting apparatus is already so heavily rigged, Trump’s odds of winning may still  be doubtful.

Because the ruling elite has so stacked the system with fixed electronic voting machines…

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