It’s Time to Imagine a Post-Police World — Here’s Why Abolishing the Police is Not a Crazy Idea


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Source: Activist Post, by Claire Bernish

Are police necessary? Although this existential question often produces a knee-jerk ‘of course they are, who would protect us?’ a growing call for the abolition of police — and working examples to back it up — deserves more than scornful dismissal, particularly amid epidemic-level violence by agents of the State.

Police are under no obligation to protect the public they putatively serve — a series of state and Supreme Court decisions stretching back more than three decades indisputably establish this fact — so the lingering question, ‘who will protect us?’ is of no consequence to the case for dismantling every police department in the nation.

On the contrary, police kill, maim, intimidate, harass, and generally brutalize the citizenry with alarming frequency — and rarely face consequences beyond a paid vacation farcically termed ‘administrative leave’ for doing so.

Rather than fight and solve violent…

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  1. abolishing public services as it stands is exactly what the private corporations and private banks want that’s the whole idea behind economics neo liberalism .


    • Not sure if you’ve noticed, but the police force is NOT a public service, in fact, when I asked a police officer called Robert Johnstone from Cleveland, Queensland Australia if he was a public servant he said “No, I am a police officer.” Police are nothing more than the weaponized arm of the banks and the corporate government and the various ‘Crowns’ that control the world and steal the land. Police do not represent themselves as PEACE OFFICERS for the benefit of the People, they only serve the will of their rich masters. And in case you haven’t noticed, these rich men don’t give a shit about anything but lining their own pockets, not the People, not the environment and not human rights. The courts, police, politicians and those that consider themselves ‘public servants’ are all traitors against humanity, taking money for taking away the natural rights of all and fleecing the population with their ‘ACTS’ designed to do so. Why do you think lobbyists exist?? Your politicians are bought and paid for, and so is their legislation. Do you think it is a coincidence that all the ‘ACTS’ we are expected to obey encroach on our natural born, UNALIENABLE rights? Something to think about…


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