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Censored, Surveilled, Watch Listed and Jailed: The Absurdity of Being a Citizen in the American Police State


Source: The Rutherford Institute, by John Whitehead

Calling Australians to vote ‘NO CONFIDENCE’ in the Government.


government terrorism


And if you’re from another country that also suffers a criminal government, please feel free to change the petition to address your own country’s men and women.


People of Australia, the Australian government are a criminal, terrorist organisation. How much more proof do you need? Australian politicians are criminals whose only goal is to personally benefit from your suffering, accepting  bribes from corporations and recommendations from criminal organisations such as the RBA whose board members all stand to profit from your suffering through the various corporations they personally have a stake in.

The police are an arm of this terrorist organisation, in fact, the police are there to maintain our compliance to their political employers through violence and intimidation, which is the definition of terrorism. The courts are another arm of this terrorist organisation, stealing our rights, stealing our children and charging us for victimless breaches of unlawfully contrived legislation, accusing us in the name of the same person they swear an oath to, Elizabeth Windsor AKA ‘Regina’, collaborating with the police against us.

Australia has been lead by thieves and criminals for too long, our financial system is on the verge of collapse and the government over time have stolen all means that we once had to sustain ourselves without their unnecessary and unlawful interference. Our Indigenous brothers and sisters have been suffering and are targeted as a People by politicians from every sector.  Our children are being abducted and raped by paedophiles while the judiciary and the police seem to protect these paedophiles.  Our military is being sent to other countries by the Australian government to commit mass murder and enslave innocent people and forcing you to pay for their crimes via ever-increasing taxes and fees while here in Australia the real terrorists are thriving in parliament.  The politicians get more and more money while the average family suffers more with every new unlawful legislation passed.

There are no good politicians.  None.  Do you know why? Because they all seek to financially gain by controlling you.  While they somehow believe it is acceptable to cast a CONSCIENCE VOTE in closed parliament on your behalf, regarding your life, over what should be your individual choice, they are stripping your rights deeming you incapable of making your own decisions with your own conscience.

Our rivers are flammable, our land is dying and our aquifers are poisoned through government approved acts of environmental terrorism.  Have you had enough?  Do you wish to support terrorism by continuing to vote for these vicious, lawless criminals or do you wish for a better future for Australia?

Save the Planet! Smash the system!

Electroshock Torture Used Against Defendant in U.S. Courtroom to Silence His Defense Speech


Scumbag Judges do the dirtiest deeds for their evil employers who operate a global governmental terror cell. This governmental terror cell controls the world using courts and ‘law’, and from the comfort of their court room chairs, ordering violence, intimidation and torture by way of their scumbag associates in crime, the police and sheriffs and other terrorist agents called ‘public servants’, they violently coerce people to obey their political will, which is the definition, of course, of terrorism.
These government agents cannot be trusted under any circumstance, because even though they may look like decent human beings they are most certainly dangerous psychopaths, terrorists, as you will see in this video. They are traitors to humanity.

Angel 4 Light

Source: Nesara News

Electroshock Torture Used Against Defendant in U.S. Courtroom to Silence His Defense Speech; Caught on Video
What kind of world are we living in when a man defending himself in court is not only routinely interrupted by the judge but also jolted with 50,000 volts of electricity because he continued speaking.

It’s the world of Judge Robert Christopher Nalley who, in 2014, continually treated defendant Delvon King – who was in a Maryland court on gun charges – like a violent animal. Turns out, the violent animal was the judge, who ordered the court deputy to taser Nalley – to the point of making him scream in pain.

The video showing the despicable act by ruthless Nalley is enough to get your blood boiling while also making you also lose your faith in human decency and kindness. See for yourself how the judge keeps telling King, who…

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Most doctors trained by the most prestigious medical schools in the West are the most dangerous people you can ever meet.


Source: Nesara News

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Source: Nesara News

Posted April 19, 2016


Most doctors trained by the most prestigious medical schools in the West are the most dangerous people you can ever meet.
Most doctors trained by the most prestigious medical schools in the West are the most dangerous people you can ever meet. God help you if you have cancer or aids or some form of severe ailment that is life threatening. If you go to regular Doctors to be treated for these you will most likely end up dead!

At most doctors are the most arrogant, educated buffoons you will ever have the displeasure of knowing and at worst they are the most efficient murders and killers the world has ever known. They have no concept of how the body actually works; the delicate interactions and communications between cells, the difference in electrical charge between the inner and outer surfaces of tissue membranes…

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