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Vote “NO CONFIDENCE” Questionnaire


Please take this eye-opening questionnaire to help you decide how to vote at the next election; (local, state or federal).. and feel free to share it with your friends, it might be just what they need to help them through the confusion of election time.  The result of your questionnaire can be judged with the scale at the bottom of the article.  Good luck!

1. Have you had enough of the government taking more and more money from your hard work every year?     ☑

2. Have you had enough of government corruption?     ☑

3. Have you had enough of rich people making laws for you?    ☑

4. Have you had enough of governments and the UN spraying you with toxic chemicals?     ☑

5. Have you realized that the police are traitors to humanity taking money to enslave, injure and fleece you?   ☑

police are traitors against humanity

6. Have you noticed yet that the “judiciary” seem to protect paedophiles?    ☑

7. Have you realized that politicians are literally the scum of the earth and will do anything for money, including screw YOU over?    ☑

8. Have you come to the conclusion yet that governments around the world are encouraging and have given power to wealthy corporations to destroy Earth through mining, industry and nuclear energy, leaving the Earth literally on the precipice of complete destruction?    ☑

9. Have you noticed that the government is trampling your right to make decisions about your body but are constantly raving on about how they work to protect our rights?    ☑

10.  Have you observed the outright hypocrisy of police committing crimes that anyone else would go to jail for?    ☑

11. Have you noticed the ridiculous antics and bullshit that goes on in politics?    ☑

12. Have you noticed that when you make complaints against government agents or agencies using the ‘official channels’ the result, generally, if not always, goes in the government’s favour?    ☑

13. Have you been a ‘victim’ of police perjuring themselves in court against you?   ☑

14. Have you or your friends been plunged into poverty because the government decides they want to take your home, car, license, freedom or business?   ☑

15. Have you ever been annoyed at government sticking their noses in your personal business?   ☑

16. Have you noticed that the government usurps your rights as a parent?  ☑

17. Have you realized that nothing ever gets better for us no matter who is in power?   ☑

18. Have you noticed yet that your tap water tastes like shit and that it’s laced with rat poison (fluoride) and chlorine, and many other deadly chemicals, but they’ll force you to pay for it anyway?  ☑

19. Have you noticed that politicians are just actors pretending to care about you?  ☑

20. Have you noticed that the police don’t actually protect anyone except politicians and other criminals?  ☑

21. Have you noticed that the rich get richer and the poor become poorer?  ☑

22. Have you noticed that politicians sink most of the people’s money into the killing machine and use that money to slaughter and cold-bloodedly murder thousands of people in other countries?  ☑

23. Have you noticed that these parasitic public servants pay themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and they receive pensions for the rest of their lives, just to f$#k you over, while you struggle every day to feed your family and pay for shelter?  ☑

24. Have you noticed that friends of politicians always get the government contracts and can charge whatever the hell they want because their mates pay them with your money?  ☑

25. Do you have a sneaking suspicion that politicians are conspiring with banks, energy companies, and mega-rich corporations, to bleed you dry?  ☑

26. Are you  aware of the lavish lifestyles, (overseas holidays, helicopter rides, outlandishly expensive parties and ‘fund-raisers’ (cough)) these political parasites are enjoying at your expense and the expense of your family?  ☑

27. Are you aware that nearly all legislation your government forces you to obey under threat of death, monetary penalty or imprisonment is entirely UNLAWFUL, and that your government breaches nearly all of our unalienable rights and are literally criminals of the worst kind?  ☑

28. Have you realized yet that despite all the evidence and testimonies from victims, there has been no charges against any politician with regard to the paedophile ring operating within the rich and ‘powerful’ ‘elite’; politicians, ‘royal family’, priests, celebrities and business circles?  ☑

29. Have you worked out yet that these politicians making decisions for your country are no smarter, no better behaved or morally superior to you at all?  ☑

30. Have you noticed that there is NO JUSTICE, NO EQUALITY, NO SENSE, and NO GOODNESS in the system these parasites run? ☑

31. Does your stomach churn when you hear these parasites speak? ☑

32. Do you swear at the TV or computer screen when you see these parasites clearly bullshitting? ☑

33. Do you pray for the world and the people and creatures in it? ☑

34. Do you believe you are smart enough, old enough and wise enough to make your own decisions?  ☑

35. Do you believe that politicians, based on their crimes against humanity, are psychopaths?  ☑


Jarrod Bleijie the rat psychopath

What a fool! Jarrod Bleijie a Queensland politician hanging out with his kind. Would you have confidence that this man is more equipped to make decisions for you and your family?

If you answered ‘yes’ to 30+ questions: You are absolutely awake to the perils of the voter, and the criminality of all governments, their agents and agencies.  You can see that voting for the lesser of two evils wont cut it any more.  You have made your stand! You are probably deceptively labelled as a terrorist by your government but a patriot and a leader by those that really know you.  You are very likely labelled as a conspiracy theorist by stupid people, but you don’t care, because you know the truth and don’t need the approval of stupid people. You comprehend the act of voting is an agreement to be enslaved.

If you answered ‘yes’ to 25 – 30  questions: You are well and truly on your way to realizing that government and slavery is the problem and that we are all being screwed over.  You’re just trying to survive and get by like everyone else and are not sure how to fix it, but you’re aware of the injustice and the double standards.  You may not want to be fined for not voting so you draw rude pictures on the ballot slips.

If you answered ‘yes’ to 20 – 25 questions: You are becoming suspicious of the behaviour of the politicians, police and judiciary.  Although you’re not quite willing to call them traitors you are very disappointed and are very keen to find a new way.

If you answered ‘yes’ to 10 – 20 questions: You are just waking up to the fact that government seems a bit dodgy, but you may still think the police are “helping us” and that the “judges mostly do the right thing”, and you may even believe that without governments we “wouldn’t have roads” (giggle). Oh well, there’s still time to do some research..

If you answered ‘yes’ to 1-10 questions: You probably work for the government and are well aware of what they are doing but in admitting that the government is criminal you also must admit that you yourself are committing crimes against humanity and are not yet an ethical human being. Perhaps it’s time for you to make some changes, lest you go down with the ship..

If you answered ‘yes’ to zero questions: You are most definitely a government agent, your car is most probably covered in stickers that promote your chosen criminal ‘party’ and you would do anything for money, including screw over your fellow man/woman.  You’re probably work for asio or the CIA, do cocaine with your local police after they raid the evidence locker and quite possibly have government contracts that make you millions, oh and the government probably have pictures of you in compromising situations.  And what the hell are you doing on my blog anyway! Get lost!

lies and hypocrisy


If you feel it’s time to stop allowing others to take your power and your rights from you, it’s time to vote for no-one.  If you feel that we won’t have an earth to live on if the governments of the world have their way,  vote “no confidenceornone of the above“.

 Cross out all prospective candidate’s names with a permanent pen and at the bottom write “no confidence” or “none of the above”; these choices are generally not ‘options’ on the ballot paper, but you have the right to make it your option.

(Disclaimer: This is not a scientific questionnaire, your personal data is not collected or required. I am not a psychologist and I do not seriously think I can judge all results, but I did my best to guestimate 🙂  If you have confidence in politicians and this offends you, too bad)

Save the Planet, Smash the system!