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Slavery was never abolished

“Job creation” is a scheme, a conspiracy that is praised among politicians, and the wealthy they conspire with, against the hard-working People of the earth, and the crazy thing is, they have the majority of the People believing it’s a good thing!

“Job creation” sounds reasonable enough, it is presented to us as though we should be grateful for it, that jobs are what the people need!  They would have us believe that we should be grateful for having no time with family, exhausting ourselves while our bosses, terrorist governments and politicians become rich from our labour. We struggle everyday just to make it through physically, emotionally and financially, to take advantage of this ‘gift’ politicians call an economic necessity.

Our world is being destroyed by the economic system.  We are raping the earth with mines and fracking, suffocating her with toxic poisons in the air and the sea, and the People are traumatized emotionally.  Our children are being stolen by government agents.  Criminals run the “criminal justice system”.  Governments and the individuals within are insane with power and greed.  Police are killing and kidnapping, working for a terrorist organization rather than the People.  Around the world we have towers emitting all kinds of radiation and dangerous frequencies, we are blinded by pollution, poisoned with pharmaceutical drugs and ‘vaccines’, and dumbed down with fluoride.  All of these crimes are being committed by people with names and addresses, because it is their job.

if this is good for the economy then fuck the economy

At this time in history we have no idea, or can’t remember, what things were like before our enslavement.  Those words “JOB CREATION” and the clever way they are  presented, seem like a wonderful thing to the unthinking, because we just don’t know any better, and many a politician has convinced people that this is what we need, you know, for the good of the ‘country’, (nudge nudge, wink wink).

Governments use jobs to enslave us

Once upon a time there was no such thing as rent, and no mortgages. Our ancestral families had free land to live on, just like any other living creature.  Land to grow food on, and land to raise their children. But over time brutal warring regimes and governments, forced our ancestors to pay rent or slave for land for the wealthy parties who claimed to own it.

Please take the time to watch this video by Larken Rose, it explains the process beautifully.

We are forced to work for another’s wealth, a ‘boss’, a government or both.  Your boss makes a profit from your labour, the government makes a profit from your labour, and people and organizations that we are unaware of make a profit from your labour.  We labour because if we do not we become homeless and starve.

The insanity of democracy

We have reached a point in history where those that have the money use media, religion and marketing to manipulate trends, beliefs, opinions and morals.  And these opinions and trends that the mindless majority have gone along with have perpetuated the problems in the world we live in.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”     Jiddu Krishnamurti.

How true, and yet democracy is based on this sickness! Insanity is why people venerate degenerates such as Betty Windsor, David Cameron and Barack Obama, these people are pirates! They steal and plunder land all over the world!  Sadly though public opinion is created by puppet celebrities, media outlets and politicians whose job is to promote the dark’s agenda.

Madonna encouraging her fans to vote for a black, Muslim president…

Around the world right now the mindless majority are bullying the thinking researchers regarding vaccines.  Vaccines, around the world, are causing untold and irreversible damage to children and adults.  The government are completely aware that vaccines are dangerous but are forcing families to do harm to their children with needles full of dangerous chemicals and live viruses that shed after the vaccine is administered.  But imagine how many are employed by this scheme, now and in the years to come as the vaccine damages the body and the DNA of the recipient! There’s a lot of money to be made from sickness!

Unthinking vaccine supporters, (and I don’t know how they come to this conclusion logically, if they believe the vaccines work),  believe that un-vaccinated children will harm their vaccinated children.  The government benefit from this stupidity, and those that are un-vaccinated have now become the minority, to be bullied by those that believe in democracy rather than our unalienable right to freedom of choice.

We are not taught our rights in school, and there is a good reason for this, the government consider us as nothing more than the labour to pay for their lifestyle and cannot allow us to get too big for our boots.   Government does to people what domestic violence is to couples, and the mindless majority with their Stockholm syndrome continue to praise psychopaths and make excuses for their system.  To survive, the beneficiaries of the system need to keep feeding us bullshit, hoping that the mindless majority will swallow with gratitude, and they usually do..

Governments and those that support slavery use emotional blackmail to guilt others into working for the system. They attempt to convince us we’re a ‘bum’ if we choose not to enter this destructive, slavery driven world of finance, and we are considered unpatriotic, lazy, or crazy if we don’t agree with the majority of mindless people who believe everything the government tells them.

The tides are turning though, the majority are waking up.  Many people, having been violated by the system themselves, are now looking for answers, and they are coming to conclusions that frighten those who think they have the power over us…the truth.  The truth that we have been behaving as slaves and not even knowing it.  The truth that we had our rights taken when living became and expense and not an experience.

At this point in time we are very ignorant as to how to survive. We are encouraged to have careers, we are taught in school how to add and how to read, and how to obey and how to act like all the other kids, but not how to grow food and survive and become independent. This ignorance puts a large part of the world, what some consider to be the  ‘West’, in huge danger. Personally I believe this danger is well orchestrated to keep us not only obedient to the system, but reliant on it. And this situation has been created many times throughout history, the result always being catastrophic for the People, but advantageous to the wealthy.

When green energy costs are rising by 41%  (really? How on earth is that possible!!) and politicians ban solar and wind energy investment, when billionaires pay no tax but working men and women pay 50% tax, when doctors are allowed to keep practising medicine after sexually assaulting 19 patients, when politicians such as Tony Abbott insist that you vaccinate your children while they refuse to vaccinate their own, and that’s just in Australia; we know we have a problem that must be dealt with.

Politicians like to convince the People that job creation is absolutely necessary for the economic survival of the country for whom the politicians allege they work for.  But the truth is, they don’t work for the country, they work for their puppet masters, and they’re making a lot of money!    And they’re making money at our expense, they are parasites of the worst kind.

Please don’t destroy the earth for money, please don’t be a party to infringing on another’s unalienable rights in the name of employment.

Save the Planet! Smash the system!


The Seed


To create the world we want and need,

Is the only goal we have.

To smash the system, evil and greed,

To feed the hungry, protect those in need.


To support the grieving the sad and downtrodden,

To remove the dark, perverted and rotten.

Having love in our hearts and courage in deed,

We sow the ever-blossoming seed.


The seed is the creation of the loved one’s dreams,

It can be likened to a beautiful rose,

Where from a little bare twig in the winter,

A divinely fragrant rose flower grows.


The strength of the seed depends on your heart,

And the energy with which you feed it,

It depends on your courage and your thoughts about yourself,

About the world and how you perceive it.


The seed was conceived with pain and with change,

And with hopes and faith and with dreaming.

The lessons we have learned enslaved by the dark,

and on the road back to our redeeming.


The seed was created by the children,

In laughter and play and believing,

The seed was created by those that are weary

of the masters whose craft is deceiving.


The seed was formed by the dreams that were dreamed,

By those that will not tolerate slavery.

The seed was formed by the scars of the past,

with courage and turmoil and bravery.


The seed it is nurtured by the women,

Those that honoured their intuition and their knowing.

The mothers who have lost their husbands and their children,

With their love we still see it growing.


To save the world with brilliant invention,

Expose the truth of the dark side’s intentions!

Energy flows where your heart gives attention.

Dream a world where it’s a pleasure to be,

A release of bonds, a place we are free!


Our children protected as most precious beings,

Honouring our hearts with positive things,

Grateful to the earth and the abundance she brings.

Freedom to be real, in our natural expression,

Creating a world free of oppression.


We deserve to live in peace and abundance,

To honour the gift of our own moral compass,

To live in a world of good health and of justice!

But long ago these things were taken you see,

We became confused about our wants and our needs.


We did so much damage the earth nearly died,

We believed the leaders, ignored obvious lies,

We bowed to religion, to dogma were tied.

While we waited for God the world fell apart,

And the world was filled with broken hearts.


We neglected our children while we slaved for the dark,

We traded our freedom and it left it’s mark.

The love in the world seemed but a small spark,

While armies of evil attacked families and farms,

With perversion and weapons and bombs to do harm.


Hate and war were dressed up as honour,

Monuments were built to killing and murder,

Men were praised for rape and for plunder,

Completely controlled by the dark spell they were under.


Poison was sold as medicine,

The skies were streaked with carcinogens,

The water polluted and creatures dying.

Despairing in the cold and dark we did roam,

Wondering what will become of our home.


When, the dark one’s intentions exposed,

The world, aghast in disbelief, rose!

The truth of the smoke and mirrors laid bare,

We defeated the beast with the outrage we shared!


No longer are we under a spell,

The fires of war and the dark ones, they fell!

We celebrate our freedom growing from the seed,

We no longer tolerate war, hate and greed!


We now fiercely protect our innocent,

We now lovingly guard earth our home.

We create our home with positive intent,

No longer in dark do we roam!


We now live in peace and we transform our anger,

We now stay alert to deceit and to danger,

We now live in peace without sadness or need.

We celebrate compassion and do not tolerate greed,

Our hearts are in abundance and the joy ever grows,

We saved the world with the dream seed we sowed.


We create with our hearts and our strongest intention.

And to explain the world where we live,

Energy goes where we give most attention,

How much energy to love that we give.


Beautiful dreams of trees that sustain us,

Magical gardens of colourful abundance,

Uplifting joy at the peace and the beauty,

Joining the birds that fly free and sing sweetly.

Creating with water so pure and clean,

Manifesting reality with the power of dream.