Is it just me?


I learned a new word today

The earth has turned into a kind of “DYSTOPIA” (An imaginary place or state in which the condition of life is extremely bad, as from deprivation, oppression, or terror.)  The trouble is, it’s not imagined, it really is in a state.. we all know it, but we just don’t know what to do about it. Right?

The US government are training and funding ISIS

The US, Obama, (military arm of the evil ‘crown’ regime) and it’s allies, being Australia and whichever mercenaries are being paid by them to do their dirty deeds, are training and funding ISIS.  If you don’t know about it, I’m surprised, because there’s more than enough evidence out there that will prove what I’m saying is correct.  That is why Putin and his people, in one day, wiped out more ISIS mercenaries than the US and it’s allies have since they started to “help” the Syrian people, (please excuse the sarcasm), without wiping out any hospitals, wedding ceremonies, funeral processions, schools or civilians.

The US government of course is furious with Putin! Why? Because it’s cost a lot of money training those bastards!  The US have armed them, trained them and sent them on a mission, to destroy Syria,  deceiving the public into believing they were fighting against ISIS,  and then Putin goes and kills their military assets (being ISIS). That’s why the US are accusing Putin of interfering!   It’s madness!!

The Syrian “refugee crisis”

To me it’s so simple, really..  Syria have a vermin problem.  The VERMIN is the US and it’s allies and whichever mercenaries they pay, commonly known as ISIS/Syrian Rebels blah blah blah .  Firstly, the current US government and it’s allies should be charged with crimes against humanity, removed from office at the very least, but I would say hang the bastards, then of course the funding paid to ISIS would stop, giving the mercenaries no reason to continue, and then the Syrian people wouldn’t have to leave their homeland in fear to escape these warmongers.  And the whole world wouldn’t have to make pledges of housing these people who don’t want to leave their homeland anyway.  After all, no one wants to trek on foot to another country, no one wants to be homeless.  People want to live in peace.

Tony Abbott is a fool

Tony Abbott, now no longer the Australian ‘prime minister’, made a speech at a Margaret Thatcher tribute recently, (even though most Australians are actually embarrassed that he ever WAS the ‘prime minister’, he still thinks that we give a flying rats bum about his opinions… delusional).. saying that he thinks what Syria needs from Australia is more ‘ground forces’.  The current Australian ‘prime minister’, Malcolm Turnbull said no, which is good, but then he basically said that there were no plans to  change the way the situation was being handled by Australians, the latter part being totally unacceptable to me.  The Australian government is a terrorist organization, and they must be made accountable for their crimes, they must repair the damage that has been done to Syria, exit the crime scene and stop associating with other terrorist organizations such as the US and British governments (crown regime).

Obama the enemy of the American People and the world

Obama says he is arming the Syrian rebels because they don’t like their government and have a right to overthrow it… let that sink in for a bit…

Why does the US government try it’s darnedest to disarm the American People, while admitting they are arming the Syrian rebels to take over their government?  And why are container loads of guns being delivered to refugees, labelled as “aid”  by the US government in foreign lands?  If I was living in the US I would be very concerned about this! Actually, I live in Australia and I am very concerned about this…   Your government is NOT your friend, Obama and his henchmen are your enemy!

The insanity has to stop!

The world is currently in a state of very real DYSTOPIA, and it’s because there are insane people in control of it. They are literally insane, evil; and should really be rotting in prison.  Obama, the Bush Family, the Clintons, Betty Windsor and her insane posse, they should all be, at the very least, rotting in prison cells, that’s what they deserve, the lot of them.  Criminals of the most insane kind, and they’re running the world.  We need to do something.  Fast!

Save the Planet! Smash the system!


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  1. Reblogged this on UZA – people's courts, forums, & tribunals and commented:
    Hi Pieta,

    long time; glad to see you back in the seat; the best way, is going to be to take one country at a time; Aotearoa and South Africa is underway already; once we have cut the tentacles to the south, we have the collateral to buy the entire private army of the world, if we have to; for self-defence; we certainly won’t make use of ‘foe-reign’ intervention such as Russia, it’s a scam; trust no-one, we say; we want peace, but we have the right to self-defence as a last resort;

    We had 100 000 people marching on our Reserve Bank, Stock exchange and Chamber of Mines last week; our ITNJ court case should start next month;

    On the 28th of January 2016 is Redemption or Judgement day depending on who’s side one is on; the line in the sand; failing in which we start “citizen” arrests; it took us 2 years to set our CONcourt up in order to set them down; pretty much what they do to us, we did the same; we already took the Hill 3 times; we were only short of a Chief Justice… now we have one;

    we are aiming for 250 000 people to join us on Constitutional Hill, Jhb and to occupy it until they have oathed themselves and stamped our People’s Bills;

    Many doubt the ITNJ, but you know us, we have put them thru their paces regarding our “application” and kept it in the living jurisdiction and they came through with flying colours; we need people like you on board; Australia needs a Chapter;

    In this game of thrones and chess; go for the kingmaker, your Chief Justice; get him to re-oath himself to you and the entire pyramid is below us;

    It requires stamina, focus, endurance, perserverence and 100% faith, no doubt, nothing; or else one gets blown in the wind like chaff as most already have;

    Did you know a World Hereditary Council is busy forming? yes, we have been honoured to be invited and to participate; Ariki Te Wairemana and King Silva and some African Chiefs are already on board; we are going to have to fire our Judges and rather encourage honourable Elders; we cannot find any honourable current leaders… not even one… We need to get the word out to your First People too;
    email us if you wish to assist; the only way is to return to the Spirit of the Sacred Law of Liberty; be blessed;

    in peace, bt

    PS: the African delegation finally “resigned” last week too; Aunty Karen, she went home right in the middle of our case filing… wethinks she knew it was done; she was the first to use the common-law express trust and her land is sovereign now, she gave us all free right of use; she is a gem;
    we smile when people go home and we silently cry when they celebrate their BERTH DAY… when mommy sold them into slavery; She is free now; hope she paid heed to our words… DO NOT COME BACK; next life will be “Matrix” reloaded…

    be blessed

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