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Before Barry takes your guns, consider this:


So there has been another suspicious shooting of some people at an abortion clinic and again, the issue of gun restrictions arises in the US. But before Obama takes your guns, consider this: he, Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama, collaborating with Hillary Clinton, has been arming (giving weaponry to) the ‘Syrian rebels’  since at least 2013.

While Obama continues to push the idea of the US being a gun free zone, he is gifting people he calls “rebels” in other countries, with guns, so they can overthrow their government..  That sounds very hypocritical to me.. and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Who else does Barry give guns to?  Well, he gives guns to his agents, the police, the ones who apparently are ‘sworn to protect (and serve) US citizens’, but the police are killing the people they’re sworn to protect at a rate of approximately 3 per day!   And, according to this article,  “Fewer soldiers were killed in war than citizens back home in “the land of the free” in 2014, by a large margin.”


It’s very alarming that government agents can behave exactly as any criminal, murderous gang, but because they wear ‘government approved’ apparel (badges, hats, pants and shirts) with nationalistic symbols on the them, they are ‘legally’ allowed to do so..

Call me idealistic, but a crime is a crime, and a crime cannot be legalized based on what you’re wearing!  The disturbing reality however, is that the US government have basically legalized every crime you can think of, but you can only commit these crimes if you’re wearing your government approved apparel.
So what are the military doing about these criminals ‘in office’?  Well they’re a bit too busy to worry about who they’re taking orders from I guess…


Any moment now, the American People will come to the realization that the US government and it’s agents, the police, and the obedient military  involved in the murdering of innocent people are nothing more than a terrorist organization, just like ISIS, oh wait, sorry for the confusion, ISIS IS  a creation of the very same government! Confusing isn’t it!

Of course, the US government are not the only ones supporting the group they have called ISIS, apparently 40 nations have been funding them. It’s no wonder then that Russia has been attacked for making what seems to be a genuine effort to rid the world of these US bought-and-paid-for mercenaries.

In Australia we have the same problems, criminals in office that do absolutely nothing but enslave and take money from the people they pretend to serve.  And the People are foolish enough to keep voting for them, somehow believing that one is going to be better than the other, and always, sadly, mistaken.

Australians have had their guns taken, and the government’s unlawful activities flourish because they’re some of only people who are armed.  Unlike the American constitution, the Australian constitution is considered to be a joke by anyone in office, and I have experienced this attitude myself in Queensland courts, but then that would be because they have the guns; they don’t even have to accommodate human rights treaties because they have the guns.

For some reason, people look up to these criminals in office.  I cannot for the life of me understand why. I know they use fancy words, are always dressed well, and they seem to be ‘pillars of the community’, the trouble is that they speak in a language that leaves us wondering what they’re talking about because their actions are the opposite to their words.  But why is it that people don’t  see through them, why can’t they see it’s all an act?



Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim, and there’s no point denying it any more,  he bows to ‘king’ Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (while the ‘whitehouse’ deny this there are photos to prove it’s true), he has changed his name as many Muslim ‘converts’ do, and let me add this quote from Barry himself: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” (even though he was a paedophile).


Of course,  many people have heard that Barry is a Christian too, but that’s the game he plays, the part of one seeking justice and fairness and he seems so reasonable, but behind the scenes he is a warmonger, a criminal,  our enemy.  (To me it makes no difference what religion he practices, Christians and Muslims are from the same roots, and what some people call ‘horrendous violence’ or radicalism of the Muslims, is the same kind of evil in the Old Testament.)

Obama, and all politicians are just actors for money and power, and they will disarm you just to ensure you’re not a problem for them and their plans. They do not care about your freedom or your safety, in fact, they don’t care for you at all, that’s why they want your guns.

Obama's brother made him proud by becoming a muslim

So while Obama arms the ‘rebels’ in the middle east, and then allows them free access to the US,  he has been attempting to take away the right of bearing arms from Americans.


Gandhi, India and the British Empire


 Gandhi is quoted regarding the disarmament of the Indian People: “Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.”

Gandhi was truly a peace lover, but it seems he certainly understood that we all have a right to defend ourselves, it would seem too that he understood what the British empire was doing when it disarmed the people. The British ’empire’ is directly responsible for up to 1.8 billion deaths, death by starvation and violence in India alone.

We need to take note of our history, the real history of invasions and control, disarmament and governmental hypocrisy to understand what could come if we do not defend ourselves.

Save the Planet! Smash the system!

REALPOLITIK: Divided Loyalties and Growing Dissent inside the Pentagon – By Preston James Ph.D

REALPOLITIK: Divided Loyalties and Growing Dissent inside the Pentagon – By Preston James Ph.D


Source –

There is growing dissent inside the Pentagon associated with the divided political loyalties of various factions:

Slowly but surely more and more Pentagon officials and their subordinates are beginning to wake up and understand that they have been seduced to fight foreign wars of aggression for the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate.
And that they have done this for the large Wall Street Banks, their associated “no bid” defense contractors, and for the state of Israel.And they are beginning to understand that all this has been a big trick pulled on them by Traitors within their ranks who used Gladio-style, inside-job, engineered synthetic terror on 9-11-01 to attack America and then wrongly blamed it on innocent foreign Mideast nations. And they did all this in order to deceive America to fight illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked, unjust wars.Not only do these foreign wars of aggression violate the…

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Is it just me?


I learned a new word today

The earth has turned into a kind of “DYSTOPIA” (An imaginary place or state in which the condition of life is extremely bad, as from deprivation, oppression, or terror.)  The trouble is, it’s not imagined, it really is in a state.. we all know it, but we just don’t know what to do about it. Right?

The US government are training and funding ISIS

The US, Obama, (military arm of the evil ‘crown’ regime) and it’s allies, being Australia and whichever mercenaries are being paid by them to do their dirty deeds, are training and funding ISIS.  If you don’t know about it, I’m surprised, because there’s more than enough evidence out there that will prove what I’m saying is correct.  That is why Putin and his people, in one day, wiped out more ISIS mercenaries than the US and it’s allies have since they started to “help” the Syrian people, (please excuse the sarcasm), without wiping out any hospitals, wedding ceremonies, funeral processions, schools or civilians.

The US government of course is furious with Putin! Why? Because it’s cost a lot of money training those bastards!  The US have armed them, trained them and sent them on a mission, to destroy Syria,  deceiving the public into believing they were fighting against ISIS,  and then Putin goes and kills their military assets (being ISIS). That’s why the US are accusing Putin of interfering!   It’s madness!!

The Syrian “refugee crisis”

To me it’s so simple, really..  Syria have a vermin problem.  The VERMIN is the US and it’s allies and whichever mercenaries they pay, commonly known as ISIS/Syrian Rebels blah blah blah .  Firstly, the current US government and it’s allies should be charged with crimes against humanity, removed from office at the very least, but I would say hang the bastards, then of course the funding paid to ISIS would stop, giving the mercenaries no reason to continue, and then the Syrian people wouldn’t have to leave their homeland in fear to escape these warmongers.  And the whole world wouldn’t have to make pledges of housing these people who don’t want to leave their homeland anyway.  After all, no one wants to trek on foot to another country, no one wants to be homeless.  People want to live in peace.

Tony Abbott is a fool

Tony Abbott, now no longer the Australian ‘prime minister’, made a speech at a Margaret Thatcher tribute recently, (even though most Australians are actually embarrassed that he ever WAS the ‘prime minister’, he still thinks that we give a flying rats bum about his opinions… delusional).. saying that he thinks what Syria needs from Australia is more ‘ground forces’.  The current Australian ‘prime minister’, Malcolm Turnbull said no, which is good, but then he basically said that there were no plans to  change the way the situation was being handled by Australians, the latter part being totally unacceptable to me.  The Australian government is a terrorist organization, and they must be made accountable for their crimes, they must repair the damage that has been done to Syria, exit the crime scene and stop associating with other terrorist organizations such as the US and British governments (crown regime).

Obama the enemy of the American People and the world

Obama says he is arming the Syrian rebels because they don’t like their government and have a right to overthrow it… let that sink in for a bit…

Why does the US government try it’s darnedest to disarm the American People, while admitting they are arming the Syrian rebels to take over their government?  And why are container loads of guns being delivered to refugees, labelled as “aid”  by the US government in foreign lands?  If I was living in the US I would be very concerned about this! Actually, I live in Australia and I am very concerned about this…   Your government is NOT your friend, Obama and his henchmen are your enemy!

The insanity has to stop!

The world is currently in a state of very real DYSTOPIA, and it’s because there are insane people in control of it. They are literally insane, evil; and should really be rotting in prison.  Obama, the Bush Family, the Clintons, Betty Windsor and her insane posse, they should all be, at the very least, rotting in prison cells, that’s what they deserve, the lot of them.  Criminals of the most insane kind, and they’re running the world.  We need to do something.  Fast!

Save the Planet! Smash the system!