Public Notice


I like to remain public when I receive threats, and today, just after publishing my latest blog I received what looks like another threat.  If anyone out there can decipher this threat for me I would be most interested in hearing your opinions.  I don’t know who it is, but if anything happens to me, at least it is out there, and there is a record of it publicly.

The title of the email is: “For eyes that can see”

I see in there what seems to be code, the words: PEACE DRAWS BLOOD FROM FORGOTTEN FINGERS LEFT BROKEN.

But I’m not sure what the numerical table is for.

There is a date on the bottom which is labelled: “Time is not long.. – 10/18/15 22:20″

The name is HUNTER FINDER and the picture is a butterfly and an eye.  Symbolism I’m sure most have seen before.

There is a map at the bottom that was found with the coordinates given: “35°27′47″S 148°54′48″E”

The email address that the email was sent from is

Please click on the screen shots to enlarge.

threat-01 threat-02 Threat 01 map Thank you for sharing this information. The more people that see it the better.

Save the Planet! Smash the system!


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  1. it is a spell… needs to be broken…its very weak and lame…so it will not be hard to wipe it away…..i i will begin

    the fool who’s words play in dark intent hunter of nothing fall prey to their own words like the boom in the rang the words hit hard . now bound by the living light of the shining jewel of truth that is upon us. bound now in vibrations of light. bound forever.

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