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Lies, damned lies and the media. How the Courier Mail deleted my legitimate 9/11 comments.


The attack on the people of the Twin Towers that fateful day will forever be remembered by all thinkers and researches as victims of the US government and it’s criminal allies. We see here that the Courier mail are clearly spreading the regurgitated bullshit of the mafia that run this nation, the US and others, not very successfully, but they’re trying!
Never trust a government, or a news source that promotes a government!
Thank you Sean ❤

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Today the Courier Mail posted an article under the guise of reporting but it soon became clear that it was less reporting than attacking those who have real questions and answers. They deleted my comments/links to some very good sources of information from legitimate experts in their fields such as Architects, Engineers, Scientists and Pilots. The Courier Mail article can be read here.

The “journalist” stated this at the end of the article. “A WORD TO ALL YOU conspiracists out there, and others. I will personally be uploading your comments today in the interests of free speech, which we all hold dear. By all means debate the content of this article. But keep the tone civil or your comments go in the cyberbin. Cheers — Ant Sharwood.”

The point of this post is to show that not only is he biased/lying but also censors useful information as my…

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