The Emporers New Clothes Part 2: Why SwissIndo kept their plans a secret


the emperor's new clothes

To the Reader,

If you are unaware of SwissIndo and Mr Sino (the man with many aliases claiming to be ‘king of kings’ and Imam Mahdi), this article may be a little confusing not having a context for it, so it may be worth checking out “The Emperors new clothes, the recording that must be heard“.

For those that are informed about the SwissIndo/New World Order take over, and have read the first article, this will be food for thought.

I am releasing information as I find it in my files.

Why the secrets?

Having been involved in SwissIndo as a delegate for over 12 months, one thing that quickly caught my attention was the fact that the plans in the making on ‘behalf of humanity’ were a secret.  We were told it was for our safety.  But it was not what I had agreed to.  We delegates began in SwissIndo absolutely believing that we were going to operate in complete transparency for the benefit of humanity and that no plans were to be hidden.

SwissIndo recruited people that were well known for their freedom-loving qualities and turned them into traitors against humanity.  Just like all systems of control, SwissIndo presented itself as a saviour, compassionate and benevolent, and they used the ever-optimistic delegates as their marketers.  I quote a portion of an email sent to the delegates:  “Create an article or video tying everything together and exposing and announcing the collateral accounts and who they really belong to. We can add a bit of spice by mentioning all the players: Kennan, Dunn, Heather, the Dragon families, Japanese Empire, Fulford, Sino, Jordan Maxwell, JFK and Sukarno…  Onward, D.  Sent using Hushmail”.

SwissIndo is presented by the delegates as something new, something that will make our lives a whole lot better.  Something that will rid us of tyranny and financial oppression;  “OUR new world order” is their catch phrase, and anyone who is concerned about their product is paranoid…  This is a deception.

SwissIndo had no intention of ridding the world of the old entities that have enslaved us for so long, they planned to embrace them and work with them to bring in the ‘New World Order’.   Betty Windsor, the Committee of 300, the Jesuits, the United Nations, they’re all invited to the after party!

Plans for various countries

Most of the documents I received were vague and incomplete, and some were written in 2 or 3 dialects combined, but the clues to SwissIndo’s plans are in the paperwork, not easy to find or decipher, but they’re there.

This is a direct,  complete, copy and paste of a document that was sent to me from the delegation.  The first thing that came to my attention was the fact that SwissIndo are planning to make Singapore a ‘world prison’.  The direct copy and paste of the entire document I received:

The King’slly ( ???) Administrative International Trust of Justice
1.    Indonesia [Asset Dunia], Indonesia (World Asset)
2.    London [Forensik Dunia], London (World Forensic)
3.    Prancis [Arsip Dunia], France (World Archive)
4.    Spanyol [Arsip Dunia], Spain (World Archive)
5.    Denhag [Lembaga Hukum Dunia], Denmark (World Law Institute)
6.    Canada [Penandatanganan Dunia], Canada (World Signature)
7.    Yogyakarta [Kebijakan Dunia], Yogyakarta [World Wisdom/Policy]
8.    Australia [Bendahara Dunia], Australia (World Treasurer)
9.    New York [Sirkulasi Mata Uang Dunia], New York (World Currency Circulation)
10.    Aceh [Perdagangan Dunia], Aceh (World Trade)
11.    Cirebon [Perhubungan Dunia], Cirebon (World Communication)
12.    Singapura [Penjara Dunia], Singapore (World Prison)
<21:14:37> “ani”: Sorry Den Haag, “

So if Singapore was to be a world prison, what would happen to the people that live there?  It is not a huge country, 718.3 km² or 267  mi², with a population of  approximately 4,740,700, so there would hardly be enough room, would there?   And who were they planning to lock up?  This document disturbed me.

It would also appear that the country of “world wisdom/policy” is planned to be Indonesia.  This is quite disconcerting considering the very obvious fact that Sino (who considers himself to be “Imam Mahdi” and ‘King of Kings’) is a Muslim, (he speaks of the one true ‘god’ as being Allah).  SwissIndo is steeped in Islamic culture and doctrine, including a plan to rebuild ‘Solomon’s Temple’.

It recently came to the worlds attention that the Indonesian military perform “two finger virginity tests” (a hideous and disgusting practice that only the sickest of people could conjure) on their prospective female officers, I guess that’s what happens when you live in CULTure where a woman’s worth is directly related to whether or not her hymen is intact.  At this present time Sino claims to be in control of the military, the UN and the Pentagon, as do his followers, (see the recording in a previous article titled “The emperors new clothes”).

SwissIndo is currently waiting for the various governments around the world to accept their terms, on behalf of humanity.  Sadly, it would seem that Laos and Egypt have accepted.

The UCC filings

The ‘legal instruments’ that Sino has used have, in reality, very little in common with the OPPT filings, and yet they are mentioned in relation to SwissIndo and Sino to fool us into believing that we all as Earth dwellers were to benefit as equal beneficiaries.

In the SwissIndo documents, the original OPPT’s “ONE PEOPLE’S PUBLIC TRUST” was changed to “THE ONE PERSON’S PUBLIC TRUST”.   This change is a big deal.. what is a ‘person’ as opposed to ‘People’?

In the SwissIndo documents the words  “ONE PERSON” are used to describe the owner of the funds; ‘One Person’ can be considered to be singular; “a human being regarded as an individual” and in law, one ‘corporate entity’.  On the other hand, in the documents that Heather Tucci-Jarraf filed: “ONE PEOPLE’S PUBLIC TRUST”, the words “ONE PEOPLE” were used; ‘People’ is plural, meaning many ‘human’ beings; “human beings in general or considered collectively”.

There is a big difference between PEOPLE and PERSON!  And Sino knows this!  He considers himself to be the ‘Single Owner’ of the worlds collateral accounts.

SwissIndo and the United Nations

Many people have believed the lies that SwissIndo had, or was going to, “re-purpose” the United Nations.  A letter that was forwarded to me from Desmond Grundy via one of the delegates proves that we were being asked to work within UN guidelines.   Here are the relevant portions of that letter.  Introduction:

“Per my conversation with Ed, Anton, Ross and John this morning, I
enclose a letter from Paula and I. Please pass this message along.
There are some ideas in here, and some suggestions for the near term
that may or may not soothe some misunderstandings. We leave it to
the coordinators to discuss this document and determine its efficacy in
this moment. Thank-you.  cheers,
— Email to the Delegates group – 26 / 07 / 2013


“We delegates are only expected to keep together a team of 20
individuals, all with their heart in their true centre. It is expected
that we have resolved any conflict going forward individually and in
full responsibility and liability understand that fulfilling the UN
Millennium Goals, as we understand and interpret them, is our job.
– we are right on top of needing payment to arrive. This kind of
thing has not been done before so there is a lot of hurry up and wait
going on but rest assured this adventure is all legal, approved at the
highest levels, has pissed off many and made others see the light.”


“The CVACs will be set up to match the regional councils already
established by OMD, which in turn match exactly the existing countries
and territories recognized by the U.N. Heads-up, folks: we’re working
with the U.N. right now, and it’s not a terrible thing. Ban Ki Moon
has proven to be an ally to Sino and has endorsed the God Sky Earth
initiative. We have to work within existing structures to some extent,
or we’ll get nowhere. Deryl, Desmond, and I all have U.N. appointments
now via OMD; you’ll be offered appointments also after funding
arrives. I believe that the new President of the World Bank is also on
our side. See the recently posted video and article about him on the
God Sky Earth site.”

More information concerning the agenda of SwissIndo is in this copy and paste, something I found in an official SwissIndo document named “Certification Documents Swissindo PDF”.  It appears in this document as an investment opportunity with TADF,  (Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc), apparently war is a fantastic investment opportunity! This is based on the huge US ‘defence’ (attack) budget:

Attention Member’s,
Symbol- Tactical Air Defense Services Inc
Current Price: .001
Short Term- .15
Rated – 5 Stars
Man oh man, nothing beats learning about a deep, dark secret that the fat cats won’t share with you – am I right? Our crack due diligence team has uncovered one small company with Top Gun Management that you should place in your crosshairs ASAP. Stop what you are doing right now and
place TADF on your radar watch list immediately!
Bellwether defense stocks have trounced the S&P 500 for 27 years. And regardless of the fear mongering your hear from the talking heads on financial cable networks about financial meltdowns, European debt issues, or a US economic slowdown; it’s a sure bet that in the months and years ahead it won’t be any different. This will hold true whether or not the current inhabitant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. has to fill out a change-of-address form after November’s election.
Based in Carson City, Nevada, Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc. ,TADF, offers Tactical Flight Training, Aircraft Maintenance, Air-to-Air Refueling, Aerial Fire-Fighting, and Disaster Relief Services to the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. approved Allied Countries, and to other Federal and State Agencies. TADF is certified by the United States Government as a private-sector military contractor and has been granted the all required security clearances.
TADF could be the only investment capable of turning as little as $500 into extraordinary returns. Yet the fact remains that your broker is practically ‘forbidden’ from recommending this investment to you.  Why? Because the Wall Street elite know the reason this investment makes them so much money is because of its exclusivity – and that too much attention might ‘water down’ their potential 1000%
The proposed defense budget for the Department of Defense for 2012 is $525.4 billion, up 89% since 2001. And let’s not forget the costs of our Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO), which includes ongoing efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq, which are funded separately in the 2012 budget at $88.5 billion, bringing the grand prize total of US defense spending to a whopping $613.9 billion!   TADF has created an unparalleled organization of experienced military and aviation personnel with which to operate its specialty aerial support services business. With access to U.S. military aircraft
such as F-16 and F-5 fighter aircraft, and Russian military aircrafts such as ILyushin IL-78 and IL-76 Super-Tankers, Mig-17 fighter aircraft, and Sukhoi SU-27 fighter aircraft, TADF is positioned to rain down profits for earlier investors.
TADF has established itself as a leader in the rapidly growing industry of government outsourcing of aerospace/defense services to the private sector, partnering with defense contractor behemoths like XE, formally the infamous Blackwater private special operations security forces during the Iraq war.
The value of the company could stand to increase in value by up to ten times its current trading price…generating huge gains for savvy investors! So don’t delay, do your research now on TADF.
TADF has earned our 5 Star rating as a Strong Speculative BUY.
Principle its all Organization Certificate of the INTERNATIONAL MANDATE AND AUTHORIZATION DEFENSE to act non negoitiable with code order Geneva from 1963: Garuda Indonesia is Married With Nangkuti The King Wali Sakti Is Born Java Singleton-System Kingdom Civil Society by Neo The United Kingdom of God Sky Earth of the Big Five Continent AAE.A2-Asia. Africa. Europe. America.
Grants Gov’t Team
AUGUST 08, 2012
EXHIBITS AB-RI.1/001/17/5987/969:333/999:333 (36.2)
P1.PKC.NKRI NO.27.999.19
[Neo Consortium International As God of Trust Officer]”

So there you have it.  Making money from the ‘war machine’ too…

There is more, loads more, but I don’t wish to waste any more time on the SwissIndo deception.  If people wish to believe that a ‘saviour’ is coming in the form of ONE MAN, well, heaven help them, because unless we as humanity unite against tyranny, we really deserve every thing we get, don’t we?  And money will not fix our issues!

The bullying tactics and the lack of rebuttal

Since I decided to leave SwissIndo I have noted many attempts at character assassinations against Sean and I, by SwissIndo delegates.  Anne Bressington was, and I believe currently is, employed as an Australian politician, and is one of the SwissIndo delegates that has attempted to discredit my objections by announcing publicly that my exposing SwissIndo was a “selfish act of retribution”, claiming I am “disgruntled”.  It was quite hilarious actually, especially since Anne has, in the past, spoken up personally about ‘Agenda 21’ and the ‘NWO agenda’, publicly denouncing it; warning people of their plans against humanity.  Now Anne has clearly accepted and promoted (with the added prefix; ‘OUR’) the NWO, and is working for a self-confessed ‘illuminati’ bloodline family, and marketing them!

Ron Van Dyke, someone whom I considered to be a nice man went to the extreme, essentially blaming me for the death of someone who committed suicide when my letter was released and the deception was exposed.  Apparently this man or woman could no longer hold out for the funds that SwissIndo were promising would be released. This occurred in 2014 and the funds have still not arrived. Ron also responded to my letter by creating a rather emotional YouTube video, “When defectors attack”.  It is worth watching.  Defector: “In politics, a defector is a person who gives up allegiance to one state in exchange for allegiance to another, in a way which is considered illegitimate by the first state. More broadly, it involves abandoning a person, cause or doctrine to which one is bound by some tie, as of allegiance or duty.”  My only ‘duty and allegiance’ is to Humanity, Ron.

Grant See, another SwissIndo delegate has attempted to paint a picture that I am “hateful, ignorant, superstitious and fearful”, his words.  He has not based these accusations on any fact, this is just standard bullying tactics that Grant has been conditioned to employ by the military, to ensure compliance.

I have read and heard in SwissIndo related media releases that I am “scared”… I have no idea why they wish to paint that picture of me, considering how many times I’ve willingly taken the abuse and verbal battering from those in the upper levels of the SwissIndo hierarchy for my stand, (while those that said they agreed that the direction SwissIndo was heading in was dangerous and would stand up, did not speak up or take a stand.  They melted like snowmen in the outback).  I could go on and on about the delegate’s cowardly and unfounded attacks, but they will have to face themselves later…

If you ask a SwissIndo delegate about their shady plans they will direct you to the nearest SwissIndo approved website or YouTube video.  They cannot and will not answer the hard questions, that is why we must do our own research, not relying on what is literally no better than bought-and-paid-for mainstream media.

The letter I sent to Ross Hanley, (the then alleged ’emperor’ of Australia), was simple, and it was generally stating that there were too many questions about the project (listing those questions and concerns) for Sean and I to proceed.

I have not held back in speaking my truth both within the delegation and in the public, and a rebuttal of what I have presented has not occurred to date.  On that note, to the SwissIndo delegates: an attempt at a character assassination is not a rebuttal, it is a political move.  Just so you know 🙂

All SwissIndo files will be available soon, depending on the grace of the internet connection 🙂

Save the Planet! Smash the system!


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  2. Reblogged this on Giftoftruth United and commented:
    Hi Pieta,

    good for you; I warned this lot that their secrecy would bite them in the bum; plus, someone is bound to serve them with a lien as soon as they open their doors;

    Our sources indicate that the elders are refusing to play ball until he comes to their table; and there are at least 5 M1’s; I do not believe any of this tripe, though; IF, there is ANY gold, it does not belong to them; at least a quarter belongs to Africa; I will keep repeating this until the cows come home;

    Most People have taken their eye off the ball when OPPT started; this created a HUGE breathing space for the cabal; we were right on track then; luckily, some of us remained focused and you can be sure to see some action coming from the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, starting year end; (
    And popey and mary Windsor are getting a summons from us …

    Time that people realize that we have been sold out by just about every group; it’s only the common-law jury groups gaining traction and only once we have our people’s courts, will or can there be any real progress with people’s projects;

    Everyone needs to read the ITNJ Treaty and Constitution and know that this is the FIRST REAL MOVE towards People’s Rights; so far, there are only about 3 000 signatories, not bad for a one month old People’s institution, but not good enough;

    Help get the message out to all the good people who are no longer part of SI to get involved; in peace, bt

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  3. I thought that I had dumped all my correspondence with them; here is an excerpt from my letter of resignation for your collection; I confess, I was a delegate for exactly 2 hours 🙂 was badgered 4 times to relent;

    it wasn’t long after this that I discovered itccs was a con too … hopefully we now have the tribunal needed to get the job done ( if itnj goes south, I am throwing in the towel and prepping 🙂

    Warning & Notice:
    I have made this warning verbally to some involved and they are not taking heed.
    I am hereby making a formal statement. The People on the ground are going to question and challenge SWISSINDO, especially when they feel that they were not involved in the decision making processes. The rebellion of man is such that he will reject assistance outright; even to his/her detriment; even if his/her own survival were at stake.
    Already there are growing numbers of seekers in the know who are making public challenges to OPPT/SWISSINDO for not making public statements, being secretive and/or already acting like a cult. I can clearly see their point even though I have to remain neutral as I represent ALL People. We cannot assume that we know better than these people when they are the 99%, especially in these early stages. There is much to learn from them.

    Therefore, I must warn each of you that Members of SWISSINDO Trust will be charged, in the near future, for doing harm and causing loss against the People of the Land. Mark my words, this letter will be re-read by some in the near future.
    It will then be your duty, as ITCCS member, to have to bring members of SWISSINDO before a tribunal. Imagine, how an incident such as this, can and will impact on ITCCS and how it will bring our ethics and standing into question.

    Ignore this warning at your own peril. Many are going to reject what SWISSINDO represents because it was done or initiated without their involvement.
    When raising this issue with SWISSINDO members, I have observed that some have immediately dismissed this matter as vexatious and have raised their assumed importance above those of the man on the street.

    If I am to remain neutral on all grounds as protector of ALL One People then I can only be a Field Advocate of the One People: of ITCCS AND NO MORE.

    Therefore, in my view, no full-time member of ITCCS can also be involved with SWISSINDO Trust. It creates a conflict of interest. If ITCCS is truly representing all One People under the One Law, what would happen if SWISSINDO was charged as an organization of doing harm or causing loss?

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