The Emperor’s new clothes. My experiences with Swissindo and the recording that must be heard..


The Emperor’s new clothes

the emperor's new clothes

The plot:

A vain Emperor who cares about nothing except wearing and displaying clothes hires two swindlers who promise him the finest, best suit of clothes from a fabric invisible to anyone who is unfit for his position or “hopelessly stupid”. The Emperor’s ministers cannot see the clothing themselves, but pretend that they can for fear of appearing unfit for their positions and the Emperor does the same. Finally the swindlers report that the suit is finished, they mime dressing him and the Emperor marches in procession before his subjects. The townsfolk play along with the pretense, not wanting to appear unfit for their positions or stupid. Then a child in the crowd, too young to understand the desirability of keeping up the pretense, blurts out that the Emperor is wearing nothing at all and the cry is taken up by others. The Emperor cringes, suspects the assertion is true, but continues the procession.

My experiences with the “Emperor” and SwissIndo

In 2013 I was offered a position in a group called SwissIndo.  My position was to represent the People of the earth.  At the time it seemed that this group were seriously planning to make positive steps toward a better world for all beings, and that prospect was very appealing to me.  The delegates were friendly and open-minded, aware of the confines of the system and determined to be part of the change to help bring about abundance and peace.

The group was represented as being based on the UCC filings that Heather and the OPPT had so famously initiated to release us from the slavery system we have been held in for so many centuries. When I read about the filings and did the research I was extremely happy, it made sense to me, the foreclosure of corporate governments worldwide, the abolishment of slavery, the erasing of non-existent/fraudulent debt, governments (Mafia) being made accountable for their crimes, and complete transparency for the benefit of the Peoples of Earth; of course at the time I saw these changes as the way forward.

I was shown paperwork that stated that SwissIndo under the direction of Mr Sino had found a way to initiate these changes using the filings of the OPPT, and this change would involve a redistribution of the world’s wealth to each member of our Earth Nation. I was excited!  This excitement soon became a cloud of conflicting information, wrapped in words that were used to misrepresent and hide the true agenda of Sino.

Months into my journey with SwissIndo information came to the delegates that began to feel wrong.  We were essentially being asked to pledge our allegiance to Sino, as he considered himself to be “King of kings”, based on his belief of an Illuminati blood-born right to rule.  We were told that the people would only receive 6 million (US dollars), and 90% of the wealth was to remain in the possession of Sino.  We were told we would be investigated by the FBI as part of our ‘security check’, we were asked to co-operate with the Jesuits, we were told that we were working for the new, ‘reclaimed by the people’ and overhauled UN, and we were subjected to a Sino style hierarchy system which included kings, queens, emperors and prime ministers.  We were eventually told that we are working to bring in the new world order, but not their new world order, OUR new world order… (who’s?) We were told that the new currency would soon be Chinese currency, and one of the delegates had even brought Chinese Currency printing plates into Australia.  We were told the committee of 300 and Betty Windsor were invited to the coronation of Sino.  It began to seem extremely dodgy.

When I heard that Mr Sino was representing himself as “King of kings” I was quite disturbed.  I tried on numerous occasions to bring this breach to the attention of my fellow delegates, but at the time it was mostly met with extreme opposition.  There were some delegates who were concerned about the direction of the delegation, but at that time they had clearly decided to stick with it because of the promises made in the beginning.  But to demonstrate the delegate’s willingness to obey Sino and his “mandates” I will quote Rena Illiades: “The only person we need to chat with or get ANY clarity from is Mr. Sino. No-one elses agenda, feeling, speculation or opinions really matters. He’s the MAN!”
At that time I sent a message to Heather Tucci-Jaraf via Skype, basically saying that Mr Sino must renounce his alleged ‘kingship’ as it conflicted with the filings he had allegedly agreed to honour. The Skype conversations between Heather and I were released along with other delegate’s messages to Heather, these messages can be viewed here.

When my conversation with Heather was released it created a huge backlash in the SwissIndo delegation, and apparently Sino was not happy at all. This led to the Australian ’emperor’, Ross Hanley being asked to sort me out 🙂

I would have liked to record the conversation in an email, but Ross said that he must speak to me in person over the phone, denying me that opportunity.  So considering that Ross and I have both made an oath to honour our responsibility in transparency for the people’s benefit always, I’m sure that he understands why I felt I had no choice but to record the conversation.

In the recording the questions I had asked about the slow change in direction from our initial goal were left unanswered, and my partner and I felt that we could not in good conscience proceed with the rest of the group.

The recording that I left in my files for so long, hoping that the whitewashed veneer of SwissIndo would be seen for exactly what it was, an Illuminati trap, (just as the document called ‘The agenda’ given to us in our SwissIndo starter pack warned us of).  I had let it go, believing that SwissIndo had died a natural death and gone away, I’d hoped that the delegates whom I very much care about would see sense.. and some of them did, but the natural death of SwissIndo has not happened yet.  Currently there are so-called truthers out there that are so blinded by their hopes and fears that they are doing Sino’s marketing for him without having any clue of very important facts.

It may sound strange to some, but I personally believe that Sino uses neuro-linguistic programming, (NLP) creating a cult environment.  I have seen people transform from reasonable people into mindless drones when they have associated with this group.  I believe Sino has a cult following, and he has quite a few under his spell.  He speaks of the newly acquired UN as being not only for Humans, but devils, demons, jinn and angels… Really?  Do we want to invite ‘demons’ and jinn into our lives?

I believe Sino has deliberately recruited new-age gurus with their heads and their logic in their bums to do his marketing for him, and they stare out from their You-tube videos at you with empty gazes, and empty minds, perpetuating unfounded beliefs that Sino will change the world and save the people.  (I would like to clarify why I say “unfounded”.. because after all this time Sino has done nothing more than make promises while sucking the energy out of those whom he has recruited).

I watched a video on the CCN network, a platform created by Mel Ve and her husband Rich, who were delegates of SwissIndo,  it was a discussion between Heather and Sacha Stone. In the interview Sacha revealed that Sino had contacted him and asked for him to draft up a ‘law’ system.. I thought that was interesting, because the delegates had spent countless hours doing the same thing, writing up proposals for a new way to be.  That time was wasted apparently, because it seems Sino has recruited every new-age/alternative media guru and his dog for the same job since that time.

I would like to say to Cindy Kay Currier, you cannot sign anything on behalf of anyone else, to do so is either a delusion of grandeur, or an act of treason against your brothers and sisters, making you no better than the Vatican and the UN, whom you have now endorsed in your video.  And to the so called ‘independent’ media; it’s clear that some of you have your own agendas and the truth is not coming out because of your alliances..  It’s time to tell the truth or you’ll end up having no more credibility than the mainstream media.  I’m tired of the new-age alternative media gossip sessions, tired of seeing tireless truth-seekers and humanitarians crucified on your shows without evidence, I just want the truth!

So here it is, the naked the truth!  The so-called (then) Emperor, Ross Hanley, he himself a cricket match streaker (apparently 🙂  ) and I, in a conversation that has no ‘redactions’.   We need to get to the truth, we need to comprehend the energy behind the SwissIndo takeover, and we need to know that there is no ‘king’, no hierarchy, and anyone who claims to be an authority over another is a criminal and a liar.

To view the letter I had agreed to write, click here.

This recording is quite fascinating, it contains stories of bullets and coffins, people being “crushed” for non-compliance, and it also contains Ross’s personal views on some delegates that do not reflect my views in any way.  It contains a lot of information, and the lack of information at times can also be considered information.  I do not wish to upset anyone, I just think that the information in this recording will reveal the fairy tale of the Emperor’s new clothes.. are you prepared to acknowledge the truth?  All hierarchy is an illusion.

For further information, here is a link to a dated interview with the Truth Will Overcome Tyranny (TWOT) guys, Baz and David and myself, there will be a follow-up interview soon.

For more information, please see part 2.

Save the Planet, Smash the system!!


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  1. “Oh what a tangle web they have weaved, when at first they did deceive”. No hierarchy, no titles, no secrets, no belittling your fellow brothers and sisters, only full transparency will reveal the truth beneath these titles and lies. Well done!

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  2. Copy of my Skype message to one of the Swiss Indo “delegates” of Sat July 11th 2015:

    Hi (name withheld by me). I’ve thought about this whole Swiss Indo thing since I first heard about it and started to research it. Please give all the delegates you know this message from me:

    I know I speak on behalf not only of myself, but also on behalf of millions of others, judging by all the websites I’ve seen in the Internet exposing you:

    I never appointed you as my ‘saviours’. I never asked you to plan to bring about huge changes in the world that would affect my life. You don’t even know what the real outcome will be of what you are planning (you simply cannot know the unforeseen consequences before they occur).

    You are just as bad as the cabal of bankers and governments of this world who always make decisions on my behalf and without my permission, which have far-reaching consequences to me.

    I also never gave anyone permission to give himself the titles “king of kings” and “Imam Mahdi” and appoint regional “emperors” making decisions that will affect my every-day life. How dare you plan all this behind my back? You have no right to criticize the cabal of bankers and governments of the current order who do the same things you are doing – except that you are planning to do it to a far, far greater extent than even the cabal of current bankers and governments of the world.

    And as for your obsession with Mr Sino: None of you delegates have even bothered to ask WHY he would assign the titles “king of kings” and “Imam Mahdi” to himself. I’m sure Mr. Sino (a Muslim, from what I gather from the information regarding him) is no fool, and fully realizes the significance in the mind of the world’s Muslims of the title “Imam Mahdi” (the Islamic ‘saviour’ who millions of Muslims believe is to conquer the world and bring all humans into subjection to Islam), as well as the significance of the title “king of kings” to millions of Christians (the title of the Christian saviour who is to conquer the world and bring all humans into subjection to Christianity upon his ‘return’).

    Who gave you the right to cancel everyone’s debt? If someone borrowed money from me, and I expect him to pay it back, who are you to tell me he does not have to? You have not even bothered to think about the consequences of giving every human being on the planet the equivalent of today’s value of US$6 million (or whatever it is) – the world-wide hyper-inflation that would probably result from such a scheme. You haven’t even done enough study to understand economics and how it all works.

    But my opening statement is the main one: I did not appoint you as my ‘saviours’. I do not ask, but I DEMAND that you, the cabal of Swiss Indo ‘delegates’, cease your activity immediately. We, the millions of people in the world who do not support you or your Mr. Sino, never voted for you. Leave us alone. Go find an island somewhere, put your own money together to buy it, and turn that into your Utopia. But leave the rest of us alone. Thank you.

    Andre Schreiber, South Africa

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  3. Wow~ ive listened to that recording 3x. Each time I am amazed… fight for freedom~ my way or the highway. Stop asking questions! Question asker’s are troublemakers. Only new type of conformin Swiss-sheep wanted. Ross power tripper on the line. He should be ashamed. He is a Sheep – a true sheep. And he is a GATE KEEPER

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    • Yes, I certainly felt a high degree of bullying going on.. “you’re the only one who thinks he can’t do it”.. How many times did he say that? The energy behind the project becomes very clear, and it is not all rainbows and unicorns, THAT’S for sure!


    • I hear that a lot Marina, agendas, alliances, anger, bullying, accusations.. I began to see it, it was almost like a group ‘insanity’. The trouble with these groups is that once a certain investor invests money in these so-called humanitarian projects, THAT investor is able to then have a degree of control, hierarchy.. it will never work.. I am disappointed that our so-called ‘alternative media’ people are not reporting the full truth either..


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  5. Hi Pieta,

    It’s been a year since anyone commented here on your blog regarding SwissIndo (SI), so let us say that we’ve been following this from it’s early days, where we’ve read your comments upon leaving SI.

    SI has made its way into the corporate media spotlight through a publication called ‘The Australian’ of the story headline “King of Kings Sino and his Australian subjects”.

    We know of a few Australians involved in the SI movement, and we have seen some paperwork with regards to this.

    Ideology, alleged bloodline, and alleged wealth aside, the paperwork purporting payments, exhibits and alike is amateurish to say the least, and has no lawful standing whatsoever.

    The so called Australian ‘delegates’ were promised $10,000 in order to fund their travel, and support their family while they were away. This never occurred.

    They were then promised $3,000 which again never occurred.

    In law, they are called false statements, or even looking from a contract law perspective, deceptive, false and misleading conduct.

    How can you trust an organisation that is deceitful and fraudulent in their paperwork?

    Moving on, we are also aware of a public figure (a South Australian politician) who has ‘endorsed’ SI.

    A public figure, in Australian politics that may be one day responsible for drafting laws to be associated with another political/external influence is a real no no, where we would be seeking criminal charges against that person.

    This put doubts as to the credibility of that individual and their capacity to make decisions on behalf of the community as a whole.

    We can write so much more on the topic, but would require a lot more time and energy that will be wasted, with little or zero gain.

    A total scam and farce, the herd populace has latched onto, following a low class commoner claiming to be a ‘King of Kings’, whatever that means.

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  6. Thank you, yes, I did see the article (I’ve copied and pasted it below for those that haven’t seen it). It is quite amazing to me that people still believe ‘kings’ with money is the answer to the world’s problems, hierarchies and money ARE the problem, and SwissIndo are perpetuating the falsity of one being having power over others by means of threats. I’m not sure if you’ve listened to the recording in this blog, but it shows very clearly that threats of violence, coffins and bullets are not beneath this group.

    SwissIndo and Sino, and the delegates certainly ARE misleading people, and I believe that this is a trap for those that cannot see the bigger picture. We need land to live on, grow food on and raise our families in peace without control from those that believe they are more entitled due to their bloodline.

    Ann Bressington is certainly covering all her bases, denouncing politics on the one hand and being in the political seat on the other, using her position to influence the government to accept the terms of this criminal who calls himself ‘king of kings’ is a real danger too.

    Did you notice the picture of Sino….
    He has in his hand a dagger… An interesting accessory for one who preaches love, I think.

    It is a scam, I’m just not so sure that it would have gone so far if it were a common scam… just the fact that the ‘god sky earth’ website directed to the UN website was enough for me to question whether the PTB are all in on this, especially considering that, as you see in the 2nd blog, SwissIndo is working on the principles of the UN. And how on earth can the Australian or the Chinese governments allow Chinese currency printing plates to be brought into Australia (Melbourne) without charging anyone with counterfeiting? On the subject of printing money, of course, if paper is being printed as money, again, who is left with the gold?? Sino.

    The delegates, very disappointingly, believe that Sino is “the man” (quoting Rena, again) the ‘king of kings’, because he is the 681 st man born to the ILLUMINATI bloodline, proving to me that they are not my kin, and they certainly do not represent the people at all. They are perpetuating the world’s problems and if they weren’t so terribly brainwashed I would agree that they are accountable in most serious way.

    I’m so glad that there are some of us who have done the research into this and see it for what it is, but I am concerned that, again, Cindy K Currier has done ANOTHER 180 and endorsed their efforts. She prattles on about natural law, well, what is natural law? I don’t believe that TRUE natural law consists of legislation and paperwork, that’s for sure!

    The story published in the Australian:

    In the unfolding saga of the King of Kings, Sino — a balding man in an Asian-influenced ­Sergeant Pepper-style jacket — chain-smokes his way through an explanation of his SwissIndo World Trust group, a money cult that has drawn in dozens of ­Australians, including a former Nick Xenophon running mate, Ann Bressington.

    The complex Dungeons and Dragons-style fantasy of dark states, corporations masquerading as national governments, Knights Templar mythology and financial conspiracies on a global scale would be a more amusing tale if it were not threatening to leave an arc of trouble in its wake.

    Australian “delegates” — ­office holders with titles ranging from Empress of Australia to Prime Minister — have suffered marriage splits, business failures and financial losses as a result of their association with SwissIndo, also known as the Neo United Kingdom of God Sky Earth, ­according to former members.

    But in Indonesia the movement appears to be having a growing and pernicious influence on poor and debt-laden local people.

    In recent months, banks across the archipelago — from western Java, where SwissIndo is based, to Sulawesi and Sumatra — have been receiving elaborate Swiss­Indo certificates from struggling debtors claiming to show their debts have been dissolved by Sino Soegihartonotonegoro.

    The documents appear to bear the signatures of the Bank of ­Indonesia chairman and Sino himself. They also reference ­Indonesian President Joko Widodo and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

    Last month, following a series of complaints from banks, Indon­esia’s financial services authority, OJK, issued a public warning about SwissIndo and is now invest­igating the organisation for possible breaches of financial and criminal law.

    Meanwhile Sino, 46, a former architect, receives a daily stream of guests at his modest home on the edge of a paddyfield in Cirebon, West Java, from where the operation appears to run from a single laptop ­computer.

    Midway through The Australian’s visit, a Laotian delegation ­arrives: three portly men in tight shirts who place rhinestone-­encrusted souvenir T-shirts ­before the King of Kings and defer­entially bend to kiss his ringed finger.

    As he tells it, 681st in a bloodline of custodian kings dedicated to safeguarding a cache of gold and platinum dating back to King Solomon — collateral for all the world’s debts — Sino claims to be on the verge of distributing $6 million to every man, woman and child, if only he can outsmart the evil global financial corporations blocking his way.

    The release of that giant cache will spell the end of the rapacious global money market as we know it, he assures me.

    “Almost 100 per cent of people on the earth are in debt, even the governments are in debt,” Sino ­explains, as his followers laugh ­indulgently.

    “So who are they indebted to? And who is tasked with liberalising them from this? This is why I exist. I fulfil this role. I am the ­person who holds the certificate for the collateral that will allow people to print money.”

    The outlandish concept ­appears to take its inspiration from a wave of anti-financial-­establishment cults spawned during the 2008 global financial crisis.

    His supporters, from countries as diverse as South Africa, Indon­esia, Laos, Australia and The Netherlands, are delegates with final responsibility for distributing this money within their jurisdictions. The Australians involved — Sino says they number close to 100, though others say it is more like 50 — seem motivated as much by the desire for a fairer world as the allure of a big payday.

    Until recently, Bressington, a former member of South Australia’s upper house, also held the title of United Nations Special Operations Executive of ­SwissIndo. Bressington, who was elected to the Legislative Council in 2006 on Mr Xenophon’s no-pokies ticket, did not respond to questions about her involvement with SwissIndo, though Sino confirmed that she was still a member of his movement and had visited Cirebon headquarters “several times”.

    “She was also a part of the Australian delegation. She’s a very smart woman. I hope there will be more in the Australian parliament like Ann Bressington who can spread SwissIndo’s message,” he said.

    The current Empress of Australia, a Melbourne woman, told The Australian in an email exchange that only last month the Supreme Court of Indonesia signed a joint decree recognising SwissIndo’s role as global guarantor of all existing debt.

    “As you can appreciate, given the magnitude and complexity of this task, a specific date has not been announced”, she said, though funding would be released “as soon as technically possible”.

    But Peter van Runt, a retired Canberra IT consultant, who got involved with SwissIndo back in 2013 through alternative New Age media and a movement to dissolve the world’s banks and corporations in the wake of the GFC, is having none of it. “Sooner or later, no matter how much you wish it to be real, the bullshit mounts up,” van Runt says.

    From fake gold and platinum (spelled “plattinium”) bars on Sino’s chaotic desk, to the claimed association with figures as diverse as King Solomon, John F. Kennedy and Pope Francis, and the fabulist stories of Sino’s godlike powers, suspending credibility just became too ­difficult for van Runt.

    “(Sino) would tell people they were the reincarnation of famous figures. Sometimes he would tell people they were the reincarn­ation of people who were still alive. There are all sorts of people trying to establish a power base around this fantasy story.”

    A former Emperor of Australia, a 51-year- old interstate truck driver based on the Gold Coast, says Sino now claims a godlike position as the single custodian of the world’s wealth.

    The truckie was deposed in an internal Australian putsch a few years ago; he says for opposing corrupt activity such as attempts to collect money from members and convince better-off delegates to fund the lifestyles of others.

    He also questioned the practice of “chopping and pasting” the ­signatures of US President Barack Obama, Pope Francis, former US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke and Queen Elizabeth, among others, on to SwissIndo documents, though he remains as invested as his former colleagues in the conspiracy myth behind the group.

    Sino first came to the attention of local authorities in 2012 for flying the Indonesian flag upside down. But police have done little to crack down on SwissIndo, to the evident frustration of OJK’s Cirebon office chief, Muhamad Lutfi, who told The Australian he was disappointed no bank had yet lodged a police complaint, despite “piles” of SwissIndo debt-absolution certificates received in ­branches across the country.

    “Some have been hand-­delivered by debtors themselves, some were mailed and some were given by SwissIndo officials,” Lutfi said. “We have discussed it with police but they said they couldn’t consider it a forgery because it does not at all resemble the original documents, for instance the bonds issued by Bank of Indon­esia.”

    The OJK is encouraging people who have been issued certificates to report the organisation, particularly those who might have paid for the certificates.

    But there are no obvious signs of the sort of pyramid schemes that might be expected with such scams — a factor that several ex-­members cited as initially lending credibility.

    “On average, the people targeted tend to have debts in many ­places and are falling behind in their payments,’’ Lufti said. “Some of them are actually civil servants and some are small-businesspeople behind on their loan.

    “Of course we’re very, very concerned about the implications of this case. What’s worrying is that if we let this continue to ­happen more and more people will come to banks with these ­certificates.”
    On the day The Australian visit­ed SwissIndo, several debtors loitered hopefully at the edge of the crowd, among them a couple who had travelled all the way from Lampung in southern Sumatra.
    Mohammad Nor Karim and his wife, Rini, fish farmers who also breed chickens, said they had amassed debts totalling 20 million rupiah ($2000) with 10 different banks — a modest sum by Aust­ralian standards but one that had become impossible to service.
    On the verge of them having their house seized by the banks, a friend introduced them to SwissIndo and Sino, who gave them a debt-absolution document.
    “It keeps the debt collectors away for a little while but there are some banks which are still pounding on my door asking for payment,” Karim admitted.
    “No bank has yet recognised the certificate but I am confident the banks are scared because they had already sent me two warning letters that they were going to take my house, but (since the certificate) they have not sent a third.”
    It’s been three months since his last loan repayment.
    Dodo Warda, operations director of the People’s Credit Bank in West Java, told The Australian his bank was reluctant to take legal action against SwissIndo default­ers because “some of them eventually agreed to pay and some missed out in their instalments only once or twice”.
    “But we are worried that more and more people will turn up with similar excuses because these ­people were introduced to SwissIndo by their friends.
    “We are meeting up with several government agencies (today) about this. We’ll see how it goes.”
    Sino, however, has had enough of the banks’ disobedience. From now on, he says, all those who fail to honour the SwissIndo certificates face 100 years’ imprisonment, or a $US1000 trillion fine.
    Apparently Queen Elizabeth approved the new penalty herself last month.
    Additional reporting: Nivell Rayda.

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  7. Hi Pieta,

    Great to see a response from you so promptly!

    It’s great to see that you put the story up for your readers from The Australian, as you can read an article or two for free then it’s for subscribers only.

    We were made aware of this story via another social media platform via another user, as we give people a ‘reality check’, every few months with our posts. We blogged this in 2014 (, hoping people would wake up. Some people are still asleep and would rather function in dreamland.

    According to Australian law ( i.e. the ‘Constitution’), any allegiance or oath to a foreign power is illegal, and can be subject to a charge of treason.

    I would definitely be seeking charges of treason against politician Ann Bressington.

    Rena was involved in action against ‘city councils’ from the area which she hails from. She dropped that. She then jumped ship to OPPT, and abandoned that too. Now we have her in SI. Have a guess where that’s going to go. Would not associate with ANY project Rena is involved with, as you can place sure bet that it will amount to nothing…

    Some knuckleheads here are also of the belief that we are ‘freemen’ in Australia, without even comprehending the word or even the context of it used in a document called the Magna Carta (from 1215). This is the sort of imbeciles we are dealing with, so one cannot expect any ‘real’ results.

    SO next we go on to this imaginary space called God Sky Earth, which incidentally brings so much laughter and tears of joy, one cannot help oneself in sharing this joy with the world.

    You’ve brought many comments that are correct with regards to this matter, and let’s just entertain one that they preach for the moment, this ‘natural law’.

    These lobotomised idiots would not know what ‘natural law’ is if an apple hit them on the head.

    The misguided ‘freeman on the land’ movement in Oz, touts that there is only one law (in nature?) that being; do no harm.

    So, let’s have a closer look at this law of nature. Gravity is a law of nature, and it’s one of the strongest. Survival of the fittest is another another very strong law in nature. The instinct to find a mate and breed to keep the species alive is yet another predominant law.

    It seems like this (sociopath) ‘King of Kings’ (as evident with his pic of a dagger in his mold infested shack) is on the ‘survival of the fittest’ path of this so called ‘natural’ law……. but sssshhhhhhhh don’t tell his sheep…. They’re STILL in la la (or is it baaa baaa) land.

    Looks like this clown is in his infant stage of ‘leadership’ to follow in the footsteps of Rodrigo Duterte.

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      • If you’re doing this from a tablet or Apple device the link may not be transferred correctly.
        Alternatively, you can type the search words “Corporate Australia” into Google and go to the first link 😉 or copy and paste the following

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  8. Wow. Cindy K. Currier has begun making threats in her videos against innocent people who never even heard of this scam and I just found out about it yesterday after making a video-response to one of her threats. We are all talking about the Manson-like cult she is running and someone asked “How is she getting away with this?” and someone else said “she’s with Swissindo” and I said “swissindo?
    wazzat?” And here I am. I added a link to your article to my video descriptions. We were already wondering about the American counterfeiting that you do not mention and we did not know about the Chinese. Thank you for that! My playlist in Youtube is titled “Rising Together Cult” and I try to keep a good set of links in all the video descriptions.

    If you want to reach people, you will find that this topic is starting to trend among Youtube truthers. Currier has made the mistake of threatening thevwrong people this past few days. You are only talking about the money thing. What she is doing is far far worse. We think her cult is “Amway Meets The Manson Family”.

    Not kidding. 😦

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    • Hi Denise, thank you for your comment, it’s nice to connect with you.

      I’ve just checked out some of your YouTube videos about Cindy K.C, and wow, I didn’t realize she was still going! I’m really shocked that she still has subscribers!
      A couple of years ago I watched some of her videos but it didn’t take long before she gave me the heebee jeebees enough to stop watching, no matter how curious I was about her delusions of grandeur. Her outrageous claims of her authority over others and her belief that she is the ‘law’ on basic moral issues really does concern me, but it is not unexpected, Sino gave the delegates titles to keep them loyal and obedient and those who didn’t have a solid sense of ‘self’ really fell hard for it.
      Cindy K.C clearly has no idea what ‘Natural Law’ is, if she did she would understand that there is no real hierarchy, it’s all an illusion that you can buy into or not and as such when she declared HERSELF “Queen of queens” all it did was prove to reasonable people that she could very well be insane, and I can see that in her eyes.

      I wasn’t aware of her practising ‘spirit cooking’ as you mentioned in your video, so now I guess I will have to look at her new videos (if I can stomach them) and investigate further. It wouldn’t surprise me though as SI is a demonic organization, I have seen and felt it first hand, and the dramatic negative changes that occurred in some of the delegates was proof of that. After Sean and I left Sino gave prominent members of his ‘title bearers’ dragon names, Black Dragon, Red Dragon etc etc, in an effort to boost their egos and make them believe they were chosen by ‘god’ for the position they held with SwissIndo. Very clever tactics and very cult-like.

      With regard to the counterfeit US Currency, I did briefly see the sheets of notes that were being signed at a SwissIndo get-together, but I didn’t witness the event personally, only in photos. The photos were published after my partner and I ‘resigned’, but there is no doubt in my mind that SI is connected to the shadow government , and yes, as you say, Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Obama is the Indonesian connection, the Clintons, UN and most likely, the DOD.

      I haven’t seen the Chinese currency printing plates, but it was spoken of very openly and with great excitement in the SI meetings, we were told that one of the delegates brought them over to Australia from Indonesia in her suitcase! How on earth can she get away with that? I have no idea, you would think that the federal police or customs or SOMEONE would have checked her bags and found counterfeiting plates, but no. I’ve written about it in my blogs which I have no doubt are read by the ‘feds’, but still no action is taken?

      I’ve written a part 2 concerning the SI deception and as you’ll see I copied and pasted sections of it directly from the SI documents that were sent to the delegates, and they speak of making a financial profit by investing in war! They have sucked many people in with their new-agey speak and their empty promises, but I cannot stress enough what a bunch of crooks SI harbours.

      See below…

      It may just be time to review all the paperwork and evidence Sean and I have collected and release it again.

      I had a chuckle when I read your comment ” We think her cult is “Amway Meets The Manson Family”.”, I know exactly what you mean, it is insidious, a big turd cake with sweet pink icing. She and SI make me want to puke.

      I’ve subscribed to your YouTube channel and your WordPress page and will keep an eye out for more information.

      Thanks again for contacting me Denise, I look forward to your up-coming videos.

      Kind Regards,


      • Another one of Cindy K. C’s arrest warrants, I guess she changed her mind though…

        There’s more. Not only is she the queen of queens, she’s the president and the prosecutor as well!


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