Rohingya close to starvation; Australian Govt’s moral legitimacy challenged



Rohingya, their fate now depnds on others who care

On the day we received a direct appeal (see Appendix) from a representative of the Rohingya people (of mostly Myanmar) who are dispersed in concentration camps and close to starving, we report on a direct challenge to the Tony Abbott led Government of Australia, whose moral legitimacy is underpinned by its controversial policies regarding asylum-seekers. That legitimacy has been questioned in recent weeks by almost daily revelations of illegal funding by Abott’s government of ‘people smugglers’, as well as the continued widespread abuse of refugees in Australia’s offshore detention centres. Now that legitimacy has been further threatened by one of Australia’s leading barristers, Julian Burnside QC: yesterday he challenged the Government to prosecute someone under the new Border Force Act – to use his words: ‘bring it on’ – for he is confident that this law is not only unjust but…

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