Revolution or evolution? To repeat or not to repeat? That is the question.


Sean O'Connor's Blog

(via’s a lot of talk amongst the truth movement and new agers and even some people in general about revolution. Change is a great thing in fact, as Einstein said, “change is the only constant in the universe”. It’s not a matter of change though but a matter of what kind of change. When Obama promised change look at what we got, more of the same and worse. The word revolution means to come around again. When we do the same thing again we are just repeating history and not learning from and evolving past our old thinking, doing and being. The result of that will be more of the same, an ebb and flow of joy and pain. Revolutions come about when people don’t learn from past mistakes and try to instigate change based on old ways and methods. There may be a brief period of joy or peace…

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