20 methods governments use to enslave



1. Birth Certificate

Ah the birth certificate fraud.. what a dark deception it is.  Of course it’s not lawful or just, as it breaches all aspects of contract law, and is clearly a deceptive way to garner slaves, but the government think they own you.

The birth (or berth) certificate is a warehouse receipt, once you travel through the ‘birth canal’ and your parents register you,  you  become ‘stock’, as in goods, owned by the government and used as collateral for government’s acquired debt. When our parents registered us they were deceived, as I’m sure none of us would willingly give up our children as slaves to pay off a criminal organization’s debt!

2. Slavery, Taxes, pensions and superannuation

Taxes, taxes taxes… They say that the only two things  guaranteed in life are death and taxes.  Australian’s pay on average, per year, more than 150 different taxes. “In Australia, taxes are defined as ‘compulsory, unrequited [meaning one sided or unreturned] transfers to the general government sector’. Taxes fund general government expenditure and provide public services, but also serve other purposes, such as deterring certain types of behaviour.”   One sided or unreturned, compulsory transfers to the general government sector… so even though this contract, the birth certificate, signed on your behalf, was deceptive and fraudulent, the government continues with the farce. Taxes are enforced on us against our will, without return.  Governments take any portion of money or goods, we have earned with our own labour that they want.  These criminals in office  are not there to care for us, they are employed, literally, to steal our natural born inheritance.  Humans are the only being on this planet who must pay criminals to live on a land we were born on and one of the few creatures on the planet that are considered to be too stupid to take care of their own affairs. But what happens when a slave outlives his or her usefulness? What happens when they are no longer able to work to pay off the debt their government has acquired? What happens when they become a financial ‘liability’?

3. Government sanctioned ‘death care’

For thousands of years humanity have used herbs, food, nature and natural substances for their well-being, and all food was organic. Who would have thought we could possibly have descended into such stupidity that spraying food with dangerous pesticides and herbicides, dangerous drugs and unnecessary operations are the government approved methods of ‘health care’! Chemotherapy, shock treatment, lobotomies, suicide causing anti-depressants, human experimentation, radiation, forced mercury laced ‘vaccination’ and mercury fillings, the list of dangerous and barbaric procedures goes on. A lot of us don’t really think about this stuff until it happens to us, or until we see one of our friends suffer or die after a vaccination or try a pharmaceutical drug prescribed by a government trained ‘physician’ and suffer permanent liver damage, but when you’re faced with hard times you quickly realize you have no one in government to turn to for advice with regard to true well-being.  Yes, there has been some fantastic medical procedures employed by some hospitals, but these procedures are generally only for those who have the finances to pay for it.  The government imposed, highly stressed, unnatural system is our major health risk.   If we all ate our own naturally grown food, lived without imposed stress and noise, free of government sanctioned poisons in our water we would all be better off.

Seniors have been described by governments as ‘financial liabilities’. I felt really sad when I read that, and I wondered how it made the seniors who read it feel.  Once our seniors were the financial backbone of the country, the workforce, the creators, now, unless you’re an ex-politician on a publicly funded pension of :

KEVIN RUDD $200,000 pension plus estimated $300,000-a-year office and travel costs

JULIA GILLARD $200,000 pension plus estimated $300,000-a-year office and travel costs

JOHN HOWARD $250,000 pension plus $300,000 a year in office and travel costs.

PAUL KEATING $140,000-a-year office, travel, phone costs + pension

BOB HAWKE $130,000-a-year in office, travel, phone costs + pension

MALCOLM FRASER $220,000-a-year office, travel, phone + pension

GOUGH WHITLAM $125,000-a-year office, travel, phone + pension*

(Source: Department of Finance documents.)

…..you’re a financial liability, so the government takes your house and your money and insists you live in a nursing home because your real home is now considered by government to be unsuitable for you. Nursing homes are where you are fed drugs until you die.  Of course the funeral and crematorium industries flourish under the government system, as do the hospital waiting lists. This is intentional negligence and criminal behaviour by governments whose only care is the financial merry-go-round the world appears to operate on.. really, they don’t care about us at all.

4. Vaccinations

I met a man outside court one day and he told me his personal story. He had twin boys, healthy and growing beautifully, until they were due for their ‘vaccination’.  One of the babies had a sniffle so the doctor said that it wasn’t a good idea  to ‘vaccinate’ him that day, but the other little one had the needle. The healthy one that had he needle died the next day.   A close friend of mine had healthy twins but after their needle they both began to have life-threatening seizures, they were both diagnosed with epilepsy, and are now told they are both to be on dangerous and expensive medications for the rest of their lives.

If vaccines are safe then why is there a very covert ‘vaccine court’ in the US, where vaccine compensation pay-outs happen quietly and out of the public eye?   An Italian court ruled that the MMR vaccine caused a healthy young boy to slip into autism.  India is suing the ‘Gates Corporation’  (Bill Gates) for it’s or HIS part in passing off poison as ‘vaccines’, causing 47,500 cases of paralysis death.  You’ll have all manner of ill-informed people telling you how vaccines saved lives and all that, of course not having researched it believe their governments and the media that they own.  Some people believe no matter what evidence to the contrary they’re shown, that the vaccines are good, well, if a parent decides to inject a sharp needle, filled with deadly chemicals and heavy metals into their healthy child they will find out for themselves what so many other families have sadly discovered, the pharmaceutical industry lies for profit.. Surely that can’t be too hard to understand?

While the Australian government is punishing parents for not vaccinating their children via financial and educational penalties, the now so-called ‘prime’ minister, Tony Abbott was quoted as saying  in 2006:  “I won’t be rushing out to get my daughters vaccinated, maybe that’s because I’m a cruel, callow, callous, heartless bastard but, look, I won’t be”, which is probably the most sensible and truthful sentence he has ever uttered.

5. Schooling/Programming

If it wasn’t for that darn birth certificate your children would not have to be sent to a full-time government brainwashing program from the age of 5. Oh yes, they look so cute in their little uniforms don’t they, and it’s so cute how they only speak when they’re spoken to and line up in neat little lines, asking for permission to use the bathroom.  The little ones mimic each other  when they don’t know what to do, so eventually they all do and say the same things.  Their every move is monitored, for their own safety, of course, and their behaviour and verbal communication strictly controlled.  Their knowledge base consists of government issued or approved propaganda and the history books are re-written to favour the victor.  But the worst of it all is that children are brainwashed through their most vulnerable years to believe that authority over them exists and to believe those who say they are ‘authority’.  I was reading through my son’s school books one day to find that he had written that his whole goal that year was to sit still and concentrate.  Well I know he didn’t come up with that, someone else told him to say it. It made me feel sick really, because he is such a funny, smart, caring, lovable child but concentrating and sitting still is not his ‘thing’ and nor should it be!  Schools are run like military camps because that is how governments instil obedience into their slaves.

6. The religious agenda

Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.” – Napoleon Bonaparte.   Of course that’s why politics and religion are so closely aligned with each other.  Note the game of chess; “The queen is often used in conjunction with another piece, such as teamed with a bishop, where the pieces could guard each other while threatening the opponent pieces”, think on that for a bit.  Anyway, nothing should be added to this quote, except that the ‘New Age’ passivity is just as insidious.   We need to protect our children and our earth from those that would do them harm, but religions would have you believe that all acts of evil by the ‘leaders’ of the world can be excused in the name of a ‘god’ or ‘morals’, but slaves must always be obedient.

 7. Human Trafficking

Children are taken by governments all around the world without the consent of their parents. Of course some do-gooders think it’s because the parent’s were not good enough, (and in rare cases this is, sadly, the case) but I would like to bring your attention to a certain HANSARD (23 Feb 2015 : Column 1430  http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld201415/ldhansrd/text/150223-0001.htm#st_91)  I came across in my research. This document, a government released document on a government website confirms that 17,500 children per year were shipped from the UK to Australia for around 20 years. The agreement between Australia and the UK, (two VASSALS of the filthy and brutal ‘crown’ regime) began with a report the orphanages were too full in the UK, Australia agreeing to ‘house’ these poor children, but in typical government style that was all a ruse.  The two vassals made an agreement to send a certain quota of 17, 500 children per year, so, to fulfil that contract they then began to steal children from their homes.  The man who spoke of it in the ‘House of Lords’ was quite disturbed by his part in it and described it as human trafficking, but it was not punished.  Children’s Services are still taking children, devastating many good families and often these stolen children end up in the hands of known paedophiles. Of course this is no coincidence. Every person I have ever spoken to about Children’s Services and agencies such as these have said that the agents falsify documents and lie about the parents to obtain children. Obtaining children is, after all, what they are paid to do.

Privately run prison systems who have contracts with governments around the world hold non-violent men, women and children for unlawfully enforced ‘legislation breaches’, which is not law at all, it is just an opinion of a corporation, the corporation being the government.  Some of these people work 30 hour weeks for private companies only earning around $50 for themselves in order to be able to afford contact with their loved ones and buy some very basic items, in a less than humane indoor prison camp.  Of course ‘illegal’ immigrants, essentially, homeless people, are held in large prison camps on islands and other remote places, patrolled by armed guards.  Put simply, dangerous terrorists with endless financial resourses are kidnapping INNOCENT people for financial gain, using them for their labour, which is known as SLAVERY.  The terrorists are governments, and you are being forced to fund them.

8. Police and courts

Police and judges are traitors against their fellow man/woman. In Australia the ‘judges’ and police both work for your accuser, ‘Regina’ (R), aka the ‘crown’. So how can I receive a lawful and just ‘judgement’ when both the police (who kidnapped me, assaulted me and unlawfully enslaved me), and the ‘judge’, are SWORN agents of my accuser?  They are paid by ‘for profit’ corporations that are very selective about who is punished and why. These corporations also like to create fictions they call ‘laws’ and use these victim-less offences to extort money from innocent, hard-working people, to create wealth for greedy criminals of the worst kind.  Police like to think they’re doing the community a service, but in reality they cause more damage and harm than good.  They are corporate bullies, a gang of dangerous, government-hired mercenaries who will destroy you (or not) with one word from one of their ‘superiors’.  How is it so many people are found to be innocent after many years in jail?  Judges taking bribes to send children to youth detention to fill the centre’s quotas, ‘grand juries’ constantly excusing cold blooded murder committed by the police.. the list goes on.  Until I see police and judges convicting politicians, fellow police and judiciary for slavery, treason, fraud, extortion, environmental terrorism, impersonating public servants, genocide and torture, I maintain the position that these agents are traitors and should be considered dangerous.

9. Psychiatry

Drugs are bad, okay! Unless the government says they’re okay, then, even if these drugs are dangerous they will be approved for sale and consumption by corporate governments who have contracts with pharmaceutical companies. Governments profit from the docility of the population due to these mind altering substances, so it doesn’t matter how many people are adversely affected or die from them, they’re all good.   The Psychiatry industry is entirely held up by the pharmaceutical companies, a little like the ‘queen and the bishop’, together they are a filthy, dirty, disgusting entity and the government have allowed it to run rampant.  Chemical enslavement and drug addiction is absolutely rampant in ALL walks of life, and believe it or not, it’s exactly what your government wants.

10. Fluoride in tap water

Fluoride is the base ingredient for both Prozac ( FLUoxetene Hydrochloride) and Sarin nerve gas (Isopropyl-Methyl-Phosphoryl Fluoride).  Fluoride is a common ingredient in rat and cockroach poisons, anaesthetics, hypnotics, and  psychiatric drugs.  Governments will tell you that they put fluoride in your water for your benefit, and they carry on about how good it is for our teeth, to the point where they insist that you have it.  They force it on you in the municipal water supply, they then force you to pay for the privilege.  There is of course more to the story, and if you’ve had the time to research it you would have found it was reportedly used in Nazi ‘concentration camps’ to keep the population docile.

If you’re not sure what to believe about sodium fluoride, the same stuff the government demand we pay for in our supplied water, please, see this   http://www.espimetals.com/index.php/msds/720-sodium-fluoride,  “Inhalation and skin contact are expected to be the primary routes of occupational exposure to sodium fluoride.  Based on single exposure animal tests, sodium fluoride is considered to be moderately toxic if swallowed, no more than slightly toxic if absorbed through the skin, slightly irritating to skin and corrosive to eyes.  Severe or repeated exposure may cause kidney damage and bone effects including joint pain, tooth erosion and discolouration.  Workers with kidney disease should limit exposure to this material.  Target Organs:  Eyes, skin, kidney, liver, lung, bone.   Special Fire-fighting Procedures:  Fire-fighters must wear full face, self-contained breathing apparatus with full protective clothing to prevent contact with skin and eyes.  Fumes form fires are hazardous.  Isolate run-off to prevent environmental pollution.  Unusual Fire & Explosion Hazards:  When burned, hazardous products of combustion including fumes of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and fluorine can occur.  Avoid breathing fumes from fire exposed material.  Avoid needless exposure to gas, fume or vapour.  If practical, remain upwind when approaching a fire outdoors, even when wearing a corrosive and/or toxic gases.  Some of these materials may burn, but none ignite readily.  Containers may explode when heated.”   No thanks..

11. Homelessness

The system is set up to reward the wealthy and punish the poor. This has always been the case.  While government hired sheriffs and police drag the poor from their homes for not having enough money to pay the ‘landlord’ (a horrible title, I really do object to that word), the banks are laughing, because they still get to keep the money already paid, the loan was probably insured, and the bank will still ‘own’ the asset. How can a government who claims to be concerned with the nation’s welfare allow private banks so much power that homes remain empty and decaying while homeless people have no place to call home?  Governments only focus on making more money, not fulfilling the rights and basic necessities of any individual who has no money.  It is considered to be ‘illegal’ to be homeless in some US states, and feeding the homeless could even land you in jail. Historically, it seems the only way to acquire land was to kill people for it, like the crown has, throughout history.  I once wondered how greedy ‘queen’ Betty, who has never once left out so much as a basket of apples for the homeless people in her country, could claim to own property that was violently stolen by her ancestors, (from peaceful people who were murdered and enslaved at the behest of this rotten family).  How could she maintain and prove her claim of ownership and rulership, let alone profit from it when clearly, certainly and without a doubt the ‘royal family’ are nothing but pirates!!  Once I had dealings with the police and courts, I soon realized that the same greedy woman ‘owns’ the ‘justice’ system and the traitors within..

12. Financial system

The paper money you have in your wallet has no asset backing up it’s worth, in essence, it’s worthless.  The only perceived value paper money has is the value the money makers of the world want us to believe it has at that particular time.  The numbers representing bank funds are created on a computer and because the banks have lent more fictitious money than can possibly be backed up by tangible assets, if these fictitious debts were called in to be paid the world would prove it self immediately financially bankrupt.   Our lives hang in a fragile balance, it is in the hands of our enemy.  Because we have been programmed to believe we must go out and earn the paper rather than growing our own food and learning how to take care of ourselves, we rely on farmers, truck drivers, fossil fuel companies, grocery stores, exhausted labourers, weather and the grace of a tyrannical government to sustain us. Many groups of people in the past have found themselves in mortal danger relying on governments to sustain them, we should learn from their hard lesson.

13. Environmental terrorism

Multi-million/billion dollar corporations are bribing governments world-wide for the ‘privilege’ of committing acts of environmental terrorism.  In real terms that is when mining companies destroy land, forests and waterways because they can afford to pay a ‘fee’ to the government for this ‘privilege’, (I call it a ‘privilege’ because it seems only the wealthy can afford to do it).  “Energy company Santos was fined $1500 after contaminated waste water seeped from a holding pond at its Pilliga forest project near Narrabri into an aquifer.  As a result the aquifer had increased concentrations of  lead, aluminium, arsenic, barium, boron, nickel and uranium.”  But the farmer that protests about having his land and water poisoned at the hand of these terrorists is fined $10,000.

  How can governments make environmental terrorism legal? It’s only when they say it’s acceptable, and it’s only ever going to be acceptable if you have lots and lots of money that you are willing to give to the government; so don’t go throwing your cigarette butt our the window or the police will give you a ticket, and if you don’t pay that ticket eventually they will take your car.

14. Land tax

Seriously, you might as well be living in one of those weekend holiday villages where you park your mobile home or caravan and pay a weekly fee for the rental of the land to park on.   Do you really think you own your land? If you do, then what are council rates or land taxes, and what happens if you don’t pay them?   A friend told me that his family owns a big castle somewhere in the UK, it is huge, and it is worth literally millions, the trouble is no one in his family has the money to pay the government decades of ‘land taxes’, so the family cannot occupy it until the land taxes are paid.   Some people may think that these land taxes are imposed to pay for ‘services’ such as garbage collection or road maintenance, but that is not the case, even when you do not have access to any government ‘service’ payment is always demanded.

15. War, terrorism and genocide

The government requires you to pay taxes so it can continue it’s acts of genocide with their ‘allies’, which is just another description of a group of criminal bosses and their hired thugs, and you fund them.  The Australian government give aid to Indonesia who in turn are committing genocide on the gentle people of West Papua.  Australia also participates in acts of genocide and terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Some instances of what people believe were acts of terrorism by the Muslims may not necessarily have been presented by mainstream media truthfully.  One thing is clear, the US government had a part in the attack on the people in the Twin Towers.  How was it that the most heavily guarded part of the whole of the Northern hemisphere was completely unguarded that particular day? Why was the report of the plane hitting the building aired before the actual attack? How is it possible, when there was nothing but dust, ashes and rubble left, that the paper passports of the ‘accused’ Muslim terrorists (currently free in their home countries) survived the intense heat of the fires in those buildings?  Why are thousands of architects and engineers banding together to demand the government tell the truth, because the official story was scientifically impossible?  Why have so many witnesses to the explosions died?  And why did Building 7 drop at a free fall speed when it’s only weakness was a small office fire?  Food for thought.

16. Chemtrails

When I see them spraying us with chemicals I am outraged, and I have no doubt that those who are aware feel the same way, like guinea pigs, helpless to the poisons raining down on us, changing our weather and the water itself. UN and government sanctioned and financed poisoning of our earth and it’s inhabitants large and small.   At one time so many people argued that these trails in the sky were ‘contrails’, an entirely different and harmless result of air temperature and plane emissions.  Now, of course, we have admissions by governments that it is in fact true, they are spraying us with barium (side effects of poisoning can include: hives, itching, red skin, swelling or tightening of the throat, difficulty breathing or swallowing,hoarseness, agitation, confusion, fast heartbeat, bluish skin colour) and aluminium (side effects of aluminium toxicity can include: confusion, muscle weakness, bone pain, deformities, and fractures, seizures, speech problems, slow growth—in children, lung problems, nervous system problems causing difficulty with voluntary and involuntary actions, bone diseases, brain diseases, and disorders, anaemia, impaired iron absorption).  The government are not our friends.

17. Death industry

Once upon a time it was perfectly normal to bury our own family members in a personal place on property occupied by the deceased or their family members.  Now we have a multi-billion dollar industry that, no matter which way you go, you cannot escape the fact that your own death will financially cost either you or a grieving family member.  We’ve grown up with it, and although it seems normal, I’ve come to a point where I completely object. I object to a stranger dressing or messing with my body after my death and I object to paying for my own death after a life of being subjected to governmental parasitism. Yes, that’s my personal opinion.  It seems rather rude to me to be expected to pay to die after a life of slavery; and a rather ridiculous waste for the human race to spend thousands on a funeral,  when so many die of hunger and homelessness, (especially when the animals on this planet who normally do not destroy their environment, or leave devastating evidence of their existence, but live in perfect harmony with their environment, are left unceremoniously in their natural environment when they die). Funerals are basically a government imposed death tax.

 18. Self-defence and weapons

We have a natural instinct, and a responsibility to defend ourselves and our families. It is normal. It is not normal, however, or nice, or humane or lawful for that matter, to invade whole countries on bullshit grounds killing, destroying and poisoning the inhabitants and the land and stealing whatever assets are left.  Governments world wide are committing mass genocide and yet they will not allow you the natural right to defend yourself??  Something is very wrong here…

19. Obliteration of equality

You are equal if you can financially afford to be in this system.  If you can afford to pay a lawyer that just happens to play golf with the judge every second Sunday you’re in with a good chance 😉  Yes, it’s like that, equality.  If you have a title, such as ‘president’, you are allowed to tell people to kill other people. If someone without a title did that though they would be called a ‘mob boss’, and end up shot on their driveway when they were collecting their newspaper.  Unless you know it, unless you live it and unless you are so sure you are your own authority the government will bamboozle you into thinking that right is wrong and wrong is right, and that you need it, creepy really, it’s like the whole world is suffering what is described as ‘Stockholm Syndrome’….     In reality the government only survives because the people relinquish their own authority and believe that others can make better decisions than they can.  It’s a lot like the money system, it is a house of cards because the foundation is faulty.  When everyone realizes that they are just as important and odd and different and loved as everyone else the system will completely fall.

  20. Lies about our history

 Unless we, humanity, know our true history how can we learn from it?   Would people idolize those that call themselves royalty if they knew the truth of how the ‘crown’ managed to become so disgustingly wealthy; slavery, drugs, paedophilia, murder, genocide, invasion, infanticide, human trafficking.  The crown only exists because they are brutal enough to get what they want, and historically as in present time the Vatican is their ‘right hand man’.  The masses in Australia once sang ‘god save the queen’ not knowing that this family ordered the murders of millions, including our own ancestors, creating untold devastation and poverty.  If we were taught the true history of our home countries we would all know that the ‘crown’ is guilty of genocide and many other crimes.  If we were taught about the rise and fall of government and the cycle of tyranny and revolution we would recognize that we are at the point of a revolution.   I hope it is a revolution of  awareness, a realization that not all that is painted white is clean and bright, the point in our collective journey that we finally realize that if we don’t relieve ourselves of these political parasites our home world will eventually be destroyed by them.  I say that greedy ‘queen’ can get stuffed! Save the Planet!

Vaccination:  https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/a-mass-sterilization-exercise-kenyan-doctors-find-anti-fertility-agent-in-u; http://www.nvic.org/Vaccines-and-Diseases/hpv.aspx







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  1. Brilliantly true and clear as anything could be for those who are standing on the edge of not believing. If this doesn’t get them to step over the void line – nothing will. Thank you for your honesty and the willingness to speak up, stand up and show up on behalf of humanity!

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  2. Your brilliant thesis only confirms what I have been telling people for years concerning those vaccinations. In spite of family pressure I refused to have my children vaccinated, you know those”baby shots”! There are evil people running this world. Somehow the people must be severely shaken out of the magnolias. This is not what the Divine Intelligence had in mind for human beings!

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