Freemasons Control the “Justice” System


I’ve seen the hand signals in a Cleveland Court house in Queensland, Australia, the hand in the jacket by the accused, and a wink from the ‘magistrate’ and the accused was assured by the ‘magistrate’ it will all be taken care of. Athol Kennedy, was the ‘magistrate’, Cleveland Court House Queensland. I had the interaction on film, along with an unlawful arrest but Athol told the police to delete the data on my camera. The police, one being S/C Robert Johnstone (4011636) took it one step further and stole my camera telling me that would only return it when I gave them my name. The article is spot on, but I do believe that 99% of police do not care who they commit crimes against, they are paid mercenaries and they do as they’re told, they are traitors as much as the ‘judges’ are.

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