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The illusion of the social contract



I saw this morning, an article in mainstream news that Santos was ‘wanted’ in his own country, being the centre of a controversy that involved him speaking the truth about the state of ‘law’ in this country and many others, and exposing the illegitimacy of the courts and the government. Apparently, according to this damning report, he also likes to swear a lot. 🙂 He named the individuals involved in the fraud publicly and must have frightened the crown officers terribly when he released their information.. (poor little wigs) Well, in my mind, isn’t that what the courts and media do to everyone except the ‘judiciary’? For example, in my experiences with the courts and media they do not respect your privacy and they do not respect the fact that you have rights. My full name, and town were published, I was slandered, and manhandled, nearly suffocated, police watched me pee for 7 days and harassing and demanding letters from the courts were continuing.  What is so very clear is that the people who call themselves judges, in this country especially, are now finding themselves trapped in their own web of lies and deceit, traitors against humanity. They are scared, and it is obvious.

It seemed the media liked to associate Santos with “drug traffickers”, but by the sound of it the two men mentioned in the article were actually growing herbs. Yes, cannabis is considered by botanists to be an annual, dioecious, (a characteristic of a species, meaning that it has distinct male and female individual organisms or colonies, meaning that a colony contains only either male or female individuals) flowering herb.  But “drugs trafficking” sounds so much more sinister than florist or herbalist, doesn’t it.

The article was interesting because it showed the courts are now being used almost entirely to service the ‘crown’, the ‘judiciary’ and police, and the Australian people not sworn to the ‘crown’ are treated like vermin. There is no justice in Australia, we are under occupation.

Now, just so you know, the ‘judiciary’ have no legitimate authority at all, and are consciously aware of what they are doing. When you ask them for their proof of authority they run out of court, all of them do it, including family court ‘judges’.
So how can the ‘supreme court’ justify a charge of contempt of court on Santos when, and I quote this government website.
“ Rationale for Contempt of Court ….
Fundamentally, contempt of court is an interference with the administration of justice. In Re Colina; Ex parte Torney (1999) 166 ALR 545 at 579, Hayne J of the High Court of Australia identified ‘the cardinal feature of the power to punish for contempt’ as being an exercise of judicial power by the courts ‘to protect the due administration of justice’. The doctrine of contempt of court is not directed to protecting the personal reputations of judges: Theophanous v Herald and Weekly Times (1993–4) 182 CLR 104 at 187. Offensive remarks about a judge, which do not interfere with the administration of justice, may give rise to liability in defamation but do not constitute contempt of court”.
This part, ”to protect the due administration of justice” is most important, because what Santos was doing was pointing out the injustice, the unlawfulness of what these ‘judges’ were doing.  The ‘supreme court’ are overstepping their own ‘legal’ standards, and proving to the Australian people that they believe that we are NOT “equal under law”. How can freedom of speech be deemed criminal? Why is that the accuser of victimless ‘offences’, REGINA, ‘queen’, ‘crown’, is the person/corporation, the police and ‘judiciary’ swear an oath to? Doesn’t sound like they’re on our side does it? They are not.

The ‘crown’ is the same brutal regime that invaded this country, enslaved and murdered the innocent native Originals and dragged their own countrymen and women across the ocean to this rugged land, against their will, to further expand the ‘crown’s’ evil empire. Supporters of this regime infest government agencies today, and include people that pretend to be public servants, such as the ‘judiciary’, police and politicians, but they are, in fact, traitors.  As John Adams once stated “The happiness of society is the end of government.”

Recently in the Queensland news, it was reported that ‘Justice’ Wilson, was upset by ‘chief justice’ Tim Carmody’s attack on the ‘judiciary’, and, stated in this article that Carmody “…referred to us collectively as snakes and scum. Both the remarks and that kind of hypocrisy have a devastating effect upon morale.”

Now, when I look at the scenario these two ‘justices’ have laid before the Queensland people, besides the fact they have no respect, no discretion, and no honour, this is what I see: Wilson does not rebut Carmody, his ‘superior’s’ claim, the claim that ‘justices’, ‘judges’ and ‘magistrate’s’ are “scum and snakes”, but rather, called him a hypocrite. When you think about that, and when you know the basis of ‘truth’ is undisputed claim, and when you know THEY, the ‘legal’ big WIGS know that, you now have a public admission.

There are some of us out there that don’t see the court for what it is, they think they are going to get ‘justice’, and they believe the people in the black robes are put in place for the purpose of helping society.. and some even believe that because people get dressed up in wigs and black robes and don’t swear in public that they must be good people… Wolves in sheep’s clothing… notice the wig! I see the truth of what they are because I have experienced their lack of integrity and disgusting lack of humanity first hand.

I was forced to sign a document by the court by means of threat, so my only choice was to intentionally write next to my signature, “under protest and duress”, making it clear I was coerced and threatened into signing, which is unlawful. After I was arrested and locked in the watch-house all night ‘magistrate’ John Hodgins of Maroochydore said to me in a quiet little star chamber on a Saturday morning, (where clerks and lawyers turn up in football jerseys and jeans), when I pointed out the document signed under duress and therefore was not lawful, he said, “That’s too bad, you still signed it”.

‘Magistrate’ Bernadette Callaghan, of Maroochydore court sent me to prison for 2 weeks for what they call a ‘breach of bail’, when I was not on bail at all. She told me I had to stay in jail until they found the signed bail form and because they couldn’t find the bail paperwork, she was forced to call me back to court and release me after one night in a women’s prison.  Callaghan did not follow through on the ‘breach of bail’ charge, of course.                        
Before agreeing to the position of ‘magistrate’, Bernadette Callaghan was working with a group called Sisters Inside, a group supporting women in prison, victims of the system. How things change….

I have seen a ‘magistrate’ in Ipswich Queensland throw an accused man out of court for asking 3 times if he will retain his inalienable rights if he enters the dock, the police held him down and beat him while his name was called over the loud speaker in the court house. The ‘magistrate’ charged him for not appearing! And they held him in the watch-house for hours.

I have seen Queensland ‘magistrate’ Athol Kennedy order the arrest of a young man in a Cleveland courtroom, on the day of his government issued invitation, for not appearing in court, when the young man was standing in front of him. You may have to read that again to see exactly what it is I’m saying.. Judges lie!!! They don’t know what to do when their authority is in question so they lie, and they cheat and they run… That same day, Athol Kennedy told the police to erase the memory card on my camera because I had the evidence of his crimes, but the police, one of them being “S/C Robert Johnstone 4011636, of Cleveland police station” stole my camera, he said I could have it back when I told them my name.

Stephen Coats, family court ‘judge’, when asked for his proof of authority walked out, and did not ever supply proof, but did make an unauthorised and unlawful ‘judgement’, leaving me without my 2 children, despite 7 glowing letters of recommendation regarding my parenting.

‘Magistrate’ Annette Hennessy of Maroochydore court house eventually refused me entry into my own court case because I asked for her proof of authority over me, and every time I did she bowed and left the court room. If I had been able to attend the result of the last session would have left Hennessy facing charges for impersonating a public servant! Not unusually, every one of the police involved perjured themselves and then the court claimed I owed them $800, even though I had been imprisoned a total of 7 days and not one of the ‘magistrates’ were able to actually show me proof of authority! Hennessy rejected my affidavit, and I quote this article
“She [meaning me 🙂 ] refused to stand up in recognition of Magistrate Annette Hennessy, would not enter a plea to her charges and demanded to table as evidence a 22-page affidavit suggesting the government was a terrorist organisation, that police were “hired thugs”, and that the courts had no legitimate authority.” “Ms Hennessey later examined the affidavit, which included claims of an illegal search of her house and human rights violations, but it was rejected as irrelevant.” So, the truth was not rebutted, they could not rebut it, therefore it stands as truth; the government is a terrorist organisation, police are “hired thugs”, and the courts have no legitimate authority! And when did human rights violations become irrelevant?

All the experiences I’ve had with the unlawful courts in Queensland Australia are available apparently, in transcripts and sound files (though a private corporation that the government hires demands money for these records).

I have heard all manner of bullshit and rottenness come from the mouths of ‘magistrate’s’ and ‘judges’, and I have seen them breach all manner of their own ‘legal’ standards.  I have seen ‘magistrates’ babble on about “legal gobbledegook” and “legal nonsense” when you assert your inalienable rights, I’ve heard them say that both the Magna Carta and constitution is irrelevant, and I have seen them refuse to answer the question of who it is that they swear an oath to.  Is it possible that Tim Carmody is correct, that the ‘judicial’ system is comprised of “snakes and scum”? Yes, and it is also most certain, that he is, in fact, a hypocrite, unless he resigns.

Santos Bonacci made the point that the courts had no authority over the living man, and he is absolutely correct. The courts have no lawful authority, they work for a foreign corporation that is posing as government. Their job is to keep the Australian public from turning on the occupiers, their employer.  They keep the money flowing in for trivial and unlawful legislations, and jail and enslave as many as they can for profit, many of those held in prison were refused a trial by jury!

What does the supreme court say about our inalienable right to free speech? Why is it that the media can slander and print what they want about some individuals, with the blessings of the courts, and yet the ‘judiciary’ feel they are not subject to the same principles of freedom of speech? Or perhaps the Supreme Court is being used by judges to protect their ‘own’? But are we not all “equal under law”?

Based on the above government website, the ‘supreme court’ has just proved it is as illegitimate as the rest of the legal-house-of-cards, using their ‘office’ to protect themselves while denying another his inalienable rights.  “Offensive remarks about a judge, which do not interfere with the administration of justice, may give rise to liability in defamation but do not constitute contempt of court.”  In my opinion, the action of the ‘supreme court’ and the ‘attorney general’ against Santos requires us all to think deeply about what it is the government is really up to. They collude with dangerous gangs to imprison their own countrymen and pay these corporate uniforms, calling it ‘law’.
But, it is not lawful for private corporations to have the power, in what should be the People’s courts, to send Australians to debt prison.  It is not lawful for the government to sell off the collective assets of the people to private corporations who then force Australians to pay for what is inherently theirs.
And it is not lawful for a corporation to force, by threat of violence, imprisonment or asset confiscation, obedience or payment without a lawfully binding contract, and Santos did not sign a contract.

Santos is quite a controversial character, his passion always attracts attention, so of course a man like that scares the little wigs, and really, they should worry.  They are traitors against humanity, they know it, and we know it.

I leave you with this great little clip, Trying to control the world? We do not consent! By Rob  Menard

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