My name is Pieta Morgan and this is my brand new wordpress page. Having given up my facebook page I decided I would write, as I have a lot to say and I have a little more time now.

We have just begun our journey into a  brand new year, and we again enter the unknown. I for one mostly enjoy the unknown, life seems to be more interesting that way, but these last few years, more than ever, I have  found myself wondering what will happen next. The information atmosphere is cloudy, and there are many different reports on so many different issues that I find myself reeling at times.  It seems that the more I learn the less I know, so I decided to just listen to my own knowing, because although the truth is clouded with bullshit some things are clear, and there are some things that cannot logically be denied.

My journey started when my home was invaded by four thugs claiming to have authority over me. I stood my ground against them and did not consent to anything they attempted to force on me. Because I would not consent I spent a total of six nights locked in a cage under a courthouse and one night in a women’s prison.  Luckily I had friends on the ‘outside’ and I would never have guessed that taking a stand would have led me where it did.  I learned so much about the farce the ‘justice system’ is, the unlawfulness of the police and the fact that the Australian government is actually a terrorist organization.  I have had court experience and was able to attend court and support others in their journey.  But for me the best part was connecting with so many people of like mind in the social media world and personally, many of them becoming good friends.  We have shared and cared and taught each other, and I value them, I consider them my ‘brothers and sisters in arms’.  Connecting with others this way really gave me a sense of purpose, and hope. Recently though, there has been much turmoil and fighting in our networks,  and I have wondered about the motives of some when it comes to slandering fellow ‘truthers’.  How can they possibly benefit in causing such havoc in another’s life?  Turning on each other will only assist those who have made it their mission to squash our inevitable uprising.  Having said that, it is clear that quite a few paid government agents have infiltrated our networks causing division, the spread of misinformation and in-fighting. Staying civil in such an uncivilised world surrounded by uncertainty and mistrust can be difficult at times, but remembering we are basically ‘on the same side’ will make those small differences fade away into insignificance.

I have found myself disillusioned and confused in the ‘truther’ movement… who to trust, who to believe, and is that person really channelling an entity? In the end though it doesn’t really matter, if I know who I am. There are so many different points of view regarding ‘God’ and the universe, and all the little bits in between, that it’s a good idea to remember we are not required to agree! We are all creating with our thoughts, and another’s creation is just as valid to them as is our own, as long as we are not harming or impeding the free will of another. Everyone must be free to make their own decisions about their own bodies, and their lives.

In all the confusion and the atmospheric cloudiness, what I do know is this; I can trust myself, but I know most certainly that I cannot trust a government. I can state categorically that governments cannot be trusted. They are not there for YOUR benefit, or mine, but for themselves and their outrageously wealthy masters.  Governments worldwide are controlled by a few ultra rich families.  These families were able to create a financial system that would have us completely enslaved, a medical system that would have us completely dependant on dangerous chemical pharmaceuticals, whilst slowly making it very difficult and expensive to buy natural or organic foods.  We are being sprayed with deadly chemicals, our water supplies poisoned with neurotoxins, the ground water and aquifers have been poisoned with uranium and other toxic substances and they are mowing down our forests. These families are responsible for the creation of “rings” that protect paedophiles and human traffickers plaguing the planet, and they have excused themselves from any and all liability and accountability. They have also created a system of conflict between nations for the purpose of control and financial gain, destroying lives and traumatising so many.  Politicians of course, ensure that the orders and wishes of these wealthy families are granted, and hire thugs to control us, to control the flow of information and to beat us into submission.  When we disagree and take a stand against these acts of treason we are met with violence and extortion. And to top it off, we are told we must pay for these acts of terrorism against us, the people, via the taxation system.

It is, or perhaps was, a commonly held belief that governments are created by the people for the people, but clearly, this is not the case.  Governments are in fact corporations.  The actors employed by these corporations are bought and paid for by whomever possesses the finances and has the connections to do so.  These corporations will, and have, created legislation to enable the same wealthy families to prosper at the expense of all others, while ‘legalizing’ their own crimes.
The actors take many different roles to create an atmosphere of control.  Judges, politicians, police and other government agents are all just paid actors.. and when they go home after their daily acts of treason, they take off their magic suits and look just like you and me.  Sadly these actors do more damage to this earth and her inhabitants than any other. They follow orders no matter what they are, and historically, these same types of people have committed genocide and other horrendous acts on many millions of people at the behest of these same wealthy families. They feel they can justify this because the wealthy, whom they represent, bestow on them accolades and shiny badges and medals, but in reality they are just puppets on strings.
Most people are becoming aware that these actors are not their friends, and that they do not stop crime but create crime, they do not protect us but put us in harm’s way. Human rights are abused with the creation and enforcement of every new ‘executive order’ or legislation, and we have come to a point where we are nearly all effected by these acts of treason. So what do we do about these actors?
We didn’t ask (or vote) to have our rights taken away, and anyone who has done the research into the nitty gritty of this control system surely does not consent, (I for one did not even vote, I do not consent to or require governing at all).  These actors are traitors against humanity, and against their own families in reality, and they need to know this.   Without the help of actors such as police, politicians and the judiciary these families would not be able to commit these crimes against humanity. These actors need to know they are committing treason against the people, and if the opportunity arises, we can educate them.  All we need to do is tell the truth.  We are all being effected, and logically, together we have the power, the responsibility, and the right to unite to defeat these unwanted, criminal systems, because government = slavery,  and I cannot condone slavery.
It is time to unite. It’s time to be more understanding of each other’s small differences and unite against the common enemy.  The common enemy are the people who continue to set out to control us, the same people behind the destruction of the planet for profit, not our brothers and sisters in arms.
Some of us do not like the ‘us and them’ analogy, and in a way I comprehend the thought behind that, but something to consider is what they are actually doing to this world and the creatures in it. It is that simple.  Do we want to participate in the destruction of our world and all the beautiful beings in it by not taking sides?  Desmond Tutu once said, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”
We need each other, and we need to unite with those who are seeing what is really going on under the banner of politics, economies and ‘law’. Uniting and standing our ground together will mean the end of their criminal control system.
How can we be deemed incapable of governing our own selves, while small number of wealthy, destructive and unfeeling people that do not have the Earth’s interests at heart abuse us into believing they are qualified, and have a right through their bloodline, to govern all?  We must step forward together and make a stand.  To move forward we must accept the small differences between us and appreciate the love and camaraderie we enjoy with our brothers and sisters in arms.

Hahahahaha facebook, you couldn’t get rid of me that easily! 😀

Larken Rose has has put together an excellent video, I highly recommend it 🙂


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  1. It is with pleasure that I have come across an amazing person like Pieta Morgan – Her information is well presented and outstanding. Pieta is Amazing, unimaginable, incredible, wonderful, brilliant, mind blowing, outrageous, wow.There needs to be more people like Pieta – Thanks for sharing all your mind blowing information.

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  2. Love love love it!!! Well said my warrior sister keep up the good work, and I look forward to many more. Steven you hit the nail on the head WE DO need more people like Pieta. Love you lots xxx

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