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When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty

When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty

We wander around this life accepting what we have always known to be ‘reality’, but do we fully comprehend what we see?

We have been living this way for as long as we can remember and as such the whole system seems pretty normal to some of the population and most do not question whether the system is for our benefit or not.   The system and infrastructure has been created  entirely through terrorism, theft, slavery, extortion, delusions of grandeur, trickery and deception, and yet most people agree, by way of voting, that they are happy to be controlled by the criminal institution that is government.  The police, the ‘criminal justice’ system and an education system that teaches children little more than to be obedient to those who consider themselves ‘authority’ are just some of the tentacles of the ‘octopus’ that is destroying Earth, our peace and our joy.

We are told the system is for our benefit, but while we slave just to survive our hard earned wages are extorted by those that claim they work for our benefit, that is, governments.  Using legislation they create they tax us in any way they can, they charge us for water, something that has always been free from the sky, they tax our food, our cars, our clothes, and again, the government maintains it’s there for our benefit.

In truth, governments are nothing more than criminal organizations, much like the Mafia, and the actors within are traitors to their fellow man/woman.

“The Mafia : an organised international body of criminals, operating originally in Sicily and now especially in Italy and the US and having a complex and ruthless behavioural code. Any organised group of criminals resembling the Mafia in its way of operating. A group regarded as exerting a hidden sinister influence.”

Would you say that the government is exerting a hidden sinister influence? A ruthless behavioural code? I’m sure if you’ve done your research you would. If you are not aware of the sinister nature of governments and the legislation they create to control us and make us poor, perhaps it’s time you did some research.

Have you ever wondered what it is that politicians do?  You know, besides being paid vast sums of money to to make promises they’ll never keep?  Well, they make secret sinister deals without our consent with ultra wealthy people who pull the world’s strings behind curtain of the political stage, not only for their master’s profit, but for the purpose of taking complete control of us, the people, all the while attempting to convince us the legislation is for our benefit.

The real meaning behind political speak is hidden from us, so it is easy to comprehend why some are so bewildered when they see the state of our world, because what we are told contradicts what we see and experience.  The truth of it all is staring us in the face; governments are using our energy, our skills and our ignorance to build empires and systems of control.  With every ‘act’, ‘legislation’ and ‘bill’ they pass, (all without our permission) we are losing what is left of our natural born freedoms and the binds of slavery are pulled tighter.

In Australia and in many other countries we have to fight our own governments for clean drinking water, clean air, unpolluted ground and sustainable energy, and yet we are told that the government’s goal is to protect us and our environment.  We have to fight the government for our natural born rights while the government agents pat themselves on the back for successfully passing a ‘bill’, and somehow we, the people, always lose. We were born on this planet and yet we are forced to pay for the privilege of being alive; water, land and food.

We know kidnapping is a crime, and yet we are having our own children stolen from us by government agents and agencies because we are told we, by government standards, are not good enough parents, only to find out these children are being physically and sexually abused at the hands of the people the government give them to.

We are forced by government agents into signing documents by means of death threats, property acquisition, violence and incarceration, and yet we are told that extortion and coercion is a crime.

It’s very clear to any intelligent person that governments are not here for the People’s  benefit at all.  It’s a fact that we are just slave stock to them.  In reality, it is the people who labour that keep the ‘economy’ and therefore the evil system running, and the same workers that suffer when the economy fails.  Our energy, our finances and our rights are being stolen from us, and the creation of our birth certificate is the avenue the government takes to legalize their crimes.

Birth certificates are receipts of human bondage and ownership creating more wealth for the already ultra rich; literally we are nothing but human collateral for accumulated government ‘debt’.  I’ve included a link to a great  video explaining how your birth certificate is used to enslave you.

The system is not natural

In a natural world no one would have to rent from someone richer than they are or be forced to buy land, everyone would have a home that they could build themselves from materials in the natural environment, and there would be food trees and plants everywhere so we wouldn’t have to pay for food or go hungry.  Our children would stay with their parents and grandparents and we as a community would teach them valuable and life sustaining lessons ourselves.  Without government no child would be forced into dangerous places  like child care centres or schools for the purpose of instilling blind obedience to a soul-less system.  Learning how to grow food and survive would be common knowledge, holistic, herbal and natural medicine would be the norm, our food and water would remain untainted by poisons and carcinogens and we would not be subject to poisons being sprayed on us from above (chemtrails). We would also have the natural right to defend ourselves, our families, and anyone else who needed defending, with whatever means we saw fit.  Our men would be the warriors that the world so desperately needs, not obedient weak men that our governments want them to be.   We would not be forced to pay tax with threats of incarceration, we would be able to keep everything we earn for ourselves, naturally.  We would not be bombarded by unwanted subliminal or overt advertisements everywhere we went, our landscape would be one of shades of green and the majesty of nature, not concrete and steel.

Well, we have all those rights now. They are inalienable rights, rights we are all born with and rights that can never lawfully be taken from us.  Those attempting to stomp all over our rights are our enemies.

Governments will take our rights from us if we allow them to, this has been proven again and again throughout history (and having a monopoly on weapons and traitors they have been quite successful at their attempt to enslave us), but their time is running out.  The people are beginning to wake up and they are angry.  They are beginning to unite against the common enemy.

What is a TRAITOR

Traitor noun: traitor; a person who betrays someone or something, such as a friend, cause, or principle. “he was a traitor to his own class”.

I think we’ve all had someone in our lives that in the end prove to be a backstabber, a traitor, a snake in the grass, a ‘Judas’, but some people do that kind of stuff for money. Take the police for instance; they are paid to commit crimes such as home invasions, extortion, kidnapping and fraud, on their fellow countrymen/women.  They steal from us for their masters.  They are stand-overs, they will pursue you in their cars with their sirens blaring and their guns at the ready if you refuse to stop for them, completely prepared and willing to kill you for your ‘insolence’, and whether or not you have committed a ‘crime’ is not relevant to them.  And, they have no authority to do so, although they believe they do.  Their ability to commit such crimes stems solely from their large store of weapons and the approval of these human rights abuses by their respective governments.  They must feel soooo important, ordinary men and women that somehow, after donning their shiny buttoned uniform and hat, transform into people that have endless control over others! It’s no wonder they are called ‘the filth’.

Have you ever asked a ‘judge’ or ‘magistrate’ for his or her proof of authority over you? I have, and so have some others that I know. Do you know what happens when you ask for their proof of authority over you?  They run. First they bow to you, and then they run. This is because they literally have no authority over you at all, and they know it.

You may wonder how these people are able to make decisions for you without your consent and how they are able to make judgements about anyone without any authority, after all, they appear to be men and women like you and me.  It is because governments (Mafia) are criminal organisations and the courts are one of their key sources of income, a way to glean money from the people for victimless crimes and fictitious offences.  The government creates legislation (which is only the current opinion of a corporation that can be changed at any time for any reason they choose) and delusional men and women who consider themselves ‘judges’ and ‘magistrates’ are being paid vast sums of money to be traitors against us.  Historically these people could lawfully have been dealt with for their crimes by the public via the death penalty, so how is it that these traitors to us have managed to take control over us to the point people willingly accept their authority without proof of it?  Why are these traitors not being dealt with in jail for impersonating public servants when they clearly work for a corporation and not the pubic? And why do we, as a society accept their treason against us?

We have been convinced, as a general population, from a very young age to respect ‘authority’.   But who is authority?  Authority is a delusion.  It is just a belief system that has been used against us, and religion has done irreparable damage by perpetuating this lie.  If you were raised with the idea of ‘obeying authority’ it is a natural next step to believe that we need to be governed, and the system takes advantage of this delusional belief.

It seems so strange to me that we are considered to be incapable of governing ourselves but we are considered to be capable enough to vote for someone to do that for us;  and that we are only able to vote for one of the few choices of people or parties that the government allow to run for election.

The saying  “If voting changed anything they would make it illegal” is the truth.  Nothing positive happens when there is an election or a change of government, it just brings more control and breaches of human rights.  We need to self govern.  We do not require governments to survive, in fact, having a government certainly lessens our chances of survival, but if we sure up our communities and deal with the traitors that have had a hand in our enslavement we can truly thrive.

Personally, I do not consent to being governed, I have a moral compass of my own, and based on the decisions governments around the world have been making, I do not want any part of it, and I am not the only one who feels this way.

In Australia the government attempts to extort money from any person who does not vote for government selected candidates, so most are reluctant to be harassed by paid thugs for taking a stand and vote anyway.  A relatively small fine can turn into thousands of dollars when Mafia-like governments are making these demands, and they will use every dirty trick in their books to force you to pay, including taking your property, your children, your right to travel and your freedom.  Traitors.

Democracy is not what you think it is

Democracy in a basic sense, is a system where the majority make the decisions, which means there will always be a minority that do not consent or agree. Democracy can be a very dangerous system when those who claim to own us also own the televisions stations, the newspapers, and the radio stations, spoon feeding us through their propaganda machine to programme us into accepting that what they dish out is fair and normal.   If you don’t agree with the majority you are then viewed as ‘not normal’, and that label alone puts you in danger, singled out by those who demand obedient slaves.   For example; if the majority of the population vote in a politician because they have made certain promises, and later that politician proves they are a traitor by breaching human rights and inventing legislation that criminalises motorbike riders and their associates, the minority, the motorbike riders and their friends, are then targeted individuals. You may think that was a silly example, if you don’t live in Queensland Australia, where this legislation has actually been passed and political prisoners are being forced into secret courts and locked up indefinitely, not having committed a real crime. (The legislation is in fact not exclusively directed at motorbike riders, but any group of 3 or more persons, which means they could target any group at all, anyone at their whim). So what’s the alternative?  A consensual system. Well, it’s hardly a system really, it’s just going back to long forgotten basics, the truth of our own personal sovereignty, the fact that we can make our own decisions and we are free.   With that freedom of course comes responsibilities, but that’s what growing up is all about 😉   Yes we are grown-ups now, governments have shown us what we certainly do not want,  so we have learned quite a few lessons on our journey, and now is the time to implement what we have learned and leave the bed of thorns that they have made for us.

Where are all the Patriots?

“Patriot noun: patriot; a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors”.

The enemy is in our midst.  They are kissing babies at election time in supermarkets and posing in hard hats for silly advertising campaigns to fool the people into believing they really give a shit about ‘the working man’.   But they are nothing more than parasites!  I cannot stress this enough!  They survive and are thriving at our expense because voters believe these actors are smarter and better equipped to handle the big issues than the people themselves!

The fact is government really is our most dangerous enemy.   They have slowly, over many decades, taken more and more from us;  our homes, our rights, our children, our freedom, and they endorse violence against us, the people by employing armed thugs in uniforms to maim or kill us without consequence if we do not agree.   They are terrorists,  domestic terrorists, and we must do everything we can to protect ourselves from this very real threat!

Voting to be governed opens the way for psychopaths addicted to control and power, taking bribes behind closed doors, to make decisions on our behalf.  This is madness of course, but as a society we have been programmed into believing voting is the only option.   Please, think twice about voting, there are ways to make a stand without agreeing to be governed. If you want a leader it may be a good idea to evaluate what skills you have that might be of use in improving our world.  The world needs  warriors, people who are willing to stand up and defend our planet and our species.   People who are willing to take a stand for justice and peace, and a solid stand against slavery.  The word ‘warrior’ may trigger in you houghts of physical fighting, and that may be the case, but not always.  A real warrior knows, as Sun Tzu in the ‘Art of War’ was once quoted; “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

You may know of people you respect who see through the lies society has been fed also, and they may be willing to do whatever they can to expose those lies; courageous people, people who are trustworthy and sincere, patriots, humanists.   When you associate with others who are of like mind your world begins to transform.

The reason the traitors at the top of the pyramid have thrived is because they have a code that leaves no room for turning on their ‘brother’, it is literally a blood oath, and they do not waver.   They are not bound together by love or compassion, it is a loveless agreement for them, which means there is a huge possibility that when the shit goes down they will turn on each other.

When we, the people have such a commitment between us, one that is based on sincere respect and compassion, not death or retribution, we will be an impenetrable force.  We will overcome the slave drivers and reclaim our sovereignty.  We must unite for the sake of our children, our neighbours, and the sake of our suffering planet.

A parasite wearing a suit is still a parasite

Don’t be fooled by politicians in suits who speak well, (or not, in Tony Abbott’s case….) making empty promises while appearing to be an authority on what you need, because they have no clue as to what they’re talking about.   These criminals have not lived your life, they have not had your struggles, and they clearly do not care about you at all, they are paid to say those words, and they are paid by people who see us as nothing more than a source of sustainment.

When you see politicians shaking hands they are congratulating their politician friends for their brilliant deception and how much money they’ve made their puppet masters. Politicians are literally laughing at us because we are their workforce, we are their source of champagne and first class flights, membership to exclusive golf clubs, holidays in exotic locations, and their limos too, but worse than that, while ever we venerate a politician we are claiming the title of slave.

Parasites don’t always appear as we know them; leaches, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, some of them are human, and their survival depends on us allowing them to suck us dry.

Save the Planet, Smash the system! (see which Reserve Bank of Australia Board members have their fingers in which pies)

Author: Pieta Morgan

Pieta Morgan


System of abuse – Inside Queensland’s mental health system


Clint beforeClint after

Epictetus once stated; “Is freedom anything else than the right to live as we wish? Nothing else.” And how true that is.  Is it not our right to live as we please without interference? As long as we are not harming another, why would anyone be locked up without their consent based on government legislation? And why, as a society, would we allow that?

More than ever my thoughts go out to the the victims of the the ‘mental health’ system. The mental health system in Australia and many other parts of the world, is not a lawful system at all, and as such is being used by many different kinds of dubious people, including politicians, to lock up people that they consider a threat.  It is also a potential ‘playground’ for mental health employees with psychopathic tendencies or sadistic sexual fetishes to access vulnerable people who are debilitated with drugs forced on them (such as common psychiatric drugs), for abuse or financial gain.

This system has been going for a long time, and what we know is this; historically, every institution in which people were held against their will has committed horrendous abuses, mostly in the name of government legislation. I have embedded in this page a link to a YouTube video of the famous Stanford Prison Experiment demonstrating the sickening but inevitable results of a group of people having control over another group. It is disturbing, but an excellent example of why these systems of control must be abolished.

The disturbing case of Clint Benjamin Palmer

Clint Palmer, pictured above, was a healthy young family man with small children, he was working full time and had been able ‘rent to buy’ his own unit and later, a home.  He maintained his car payments and even built additions to his house. He was well loved by his family and friends, and had various hobbies including racing cars and martial arts. He raised his baby son for the first eight months of his life with help from his mum, and coped very well with his responsibilities.  His life was normal and he was happy, until his identity was stolen.

The man who stole Clint’s identity had a drug addiction and due to the unusual behaviour he was displaying in a drug affected state, this man was taken to Nambour Hospital on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, presenting himself as Clint Benjamin Palmer. It is at this point life took a drastic detour for Clint.

Clint’s identity had been stolen and this has been proven beyond doubt.  Firstly, the hospital records and dates state that someone using the name of Clint Palmer was involuntarily held in hospital when the real Clint Benjamin Palmer most certainly was not.  Three statutory declarations were written by three independent witnesses stating that Clint Palmer was physically with them, and certainly not in an hospital environment during the period that Queensland Mental Health claim he was.  Clearly they had the wrong man.  Later, while Clint was under the involuntary control of the Nambour Hospital he sought treatment for sore feet after a long walk (restlessness is a side effect of drugs he was forced to take).  When Clint and his mother introduced themselves to the doctor at Nambour Hospital for treatment as Clint Palmer and Maree Palmer,  the doctor immediately rejected their identities saying that he knew Clint and Maree, and they were not the people he knew as Clint and Maree Palmer.  A clear indication that something was amiss, but was it followed up? No, it was covered up.

The real Clint Palmer, a healthy, well adjusted young man with the world at his feet,  was taken by Queensland mental health in late July 2002 at the CCU Mountain Creek (Community Care Unit) and after several sessions of non-consensual electro-convulsive ‘treatments’ on the 22nd of October 2003 in Rockhampton hospital and copious amounts of pharmaceutical drugs, he was beginning to suffer and display the side effects of these drugs, and the side effects are similar to schizophrenia.  Did you know that the side effects of some anti-psychotic medications actually present as symptoms of schizophrenia, including auditory and visual hallucinations?

Clint has now been locked up, drugged and tortured for over 12 and a half years.  He has lost his children, his home, his possessions and his natural born freedom. Clint’s life has been completely controlled and limited to the point that he is forbidden to speak to anyone on the ‘outside’, including his own mother, family and friends, in essence, his support system.  He is not even permitted to have a phone. He has been forced to endure 20 electro-convulsive ‘treatments’  and as a result has lost a large portion of his memory. He has been forced to ingest drugs that have all but destroyed his body and his mind,  and make him feel like a walking zombie.  He has been forced to take well over the maximum recommended doses of drugs that are known to kill,  by doctors that refuse to acknowledge Clint and his family’s concerns on how he came to be locked up against his will to begin with. ( ***NOTE There have been some unexplained errors in the link so if it doesn’t work then just copy and paste the text url and it will work.

Clint’s mother, Maree, who also holds the legal responsibility of enduring power of attorney for Clint,  and his cousin Glen whom Clint nominated as his ‘Allied Person’, (a role a friend or family member would take to assist and support someone held in an Involuntary Treatment order or ITO) have been forbidden to support Clint while he is being held, by Clint’s government appointed ‘adult guardian’, Lisa Pool, but that has not stopped them. They have worked tirelessly for over 12 years to free Clint from this government imposed prison/house of torture. They have letter dropped and petitioned and pleaded for help from people in positions of very high income in government agencies, they have gone to the police, they have pinned notices on noticeboards in shopping centres and public places around Queensland, (which is when I first heard of Clint’s case), they have kept meticulous records of every incident, invoice, notice and letter, they have kept video diaries, photos, voice recordings, they have scanned and they have filed.. And now, they are preparing to move forward with legal action, having Clint released and having him compensated for the life he has lost.

It was only after a police investigation was initiated by Clint’s family that the Nambour hospital staff at GE ward ‘allowed’ Clint to call his mother.  It was Christmas Eve 2014, the first time he had been permitted to use a phone for many months, and the purpose of the call was clearly just to inform Maree and Glen that Clint was refused leave to be with them on Christmas day, (just another unnecessary cruelty).   The call was heavily supervised by a staff member (apparently she is known by the name of Sue Hill-Johns) who controlled the conversation and regularly interrupted. After Maree’s attempt to speak to Clint,  I then spoke to him on the same call,  I told him I was a human rights advocate on behalf of the International Human Rights Commission but the moment I asked how he was being treated, the same Nambour Mental Health employee, Sue, (from the GE ward, where Clint is being held), terminated the call..

It is clear that they are attempting to silence Clint with regard to how he is being treated, to prevent him from finding assistance and support on the outside, but the conversation on Christmas eve was recorded, and will be used against Queensland Mental Health in future legal action.

Why is it that the Nambour hospital will not allow Clint to speak to anyone outside the hospital? Why have they put his case under the category of “Level 3 confidentiality order”?  What are they hiding?  How can a man who does not suffer from mental illness, and is not a danger to himself or any other be put on an Involuntary Treatment Order, (ITO)?  How can he have all of his rights and freedoms taken from him in an instant, for over 12 and a half years, and drugged without his  consent, and yet has never in his life committed a crime?  Everyone has the right to abstain from drugs, and no one has the right to force them on to another.  So how can an order such as an ITO possibly be lawful when it breaches our natural, inalienable rights as well as every human rights treaty?

Psychiatry is “Bullshit”

There is no way to PROVE a person suffers from a mental illness, no scans, no tests and no reliable studies, in fact the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM; the handbook used by psychiatrists worldwide) is known to be a farce. This fact has been documented by learned and well known doctors as shown here.  Allen Frances, Psychiatrist and former DSM-IV Task Force Chairman is quoted: “There are no objective tests in psychiatry- no X-ray, laboratory, or exam finding that says definitively that someone does or does not have a mental disorder.” “There is no definition of a mental disorder. It’s bull—. I mean, you just can’t define it.”
CCHR INTERNATIONAL (The Mental Health Watchdog) has stated, “The DSM is driven not by science, but instead caters to the pharmaceutical industry. With its expanding list of “mental disorders”—voted into existence, not discovered as in real medicine—for each of these a psychiatric drug can be prescribed…” Read article here.

Clearly the system itself is faulty. The manual psychiatrists have called their ‘bible’ is bullshit, so how can it be that thousands of people each year are drugged, abused and tortured, their lives destroyed and their reputations completely shattered by the signature of people that literally are profiting when it comes to people’s suffering?

I have included a link to documents I found in my research, it appears to be a tool that is recommended to psychiatrists to monitor the side effects of medications, ‘A Training Guide, Journal of Psychiatric Practice Jan 2001‘ and it lists some of the very common and alarming side-effects of anti-psychotics.  The introduction I found quite disturbing, the third line on the page reads: “Communication with patients about side-effects improves medication adherence“, so it would seem the questionnaire is for the purpose of placating the patients to continue with the drugs, no matter what the side effects are, for “screening purposes”.

Essentially, those taking psychiatric drugs are being used as human guinea pigs for pharmaceutical corporations, via the psychiatric profession.  The ‘illnesses’ these ‘guinea pigs’ may or may not have, are based on the opinions of those that would profit from “medication adherence” and even more so by their incarceration.  Certainly, at the very least, a conflict of interest, or much worse, a massive conspiracy.

Many victims of this system are the drug addicted, which is tragic, because the last thing they need is more drugs.. some are political prisoners having information about corruption or government-protected paedophile rings, some of them have been called insane when they react to blood-sugar fluctuations related to diabetes, some of them have been committed by uncaring or even spiteful family members, some have had some spiritual revelations that their families cannot understand, and of course there are a number of people who are not coping with the world they find themselves in.. (which is quite easy to understand when you realise the world is run by psychopaths), then there is the case of Clint Benjamin Palmer.

Nambour Hospital’s history of abuse

The level of corruption and the criminal activities at the Nambour Hospital is outrageous. Reports of murder, sexual assault, gang rapes, medicare fraud, Public Trustee’s Office fraud, official misconduct, strip searches, cover-ups, mistreatment of patients, drug dealing, baby stealing, torture, impregnating patients, and over-medicating of patients beyond all reasonable levels, identity fraud, doctors having sex with patients, patients being punished with electroshock therapy or painful injections of stupefying drugs, vilification of whistle-blowers and extraordinary prescription levels for some controlled drugs are rife and well documented by local media, as per this article, (when at one time it appeared as if an investigation would take place), and openly spoken about by many victims.

Rob Messenger is a former MP that was previously following up claims that “were made by a Coast doctor and four nurses during nine hours of discussions with the former MP and former Queensland Medical Board chief investigator” and some “professionals who came forward with their stories expressed a sense of hopelessness about their situations and were concerned that their matters had not been followed up previously.”

As previously stated, there is now a criminal investigation into Clint Palmer’s case, and the crimes of the staff at Nambour hospital and other facilities in Queensland where Clint has been hidden from his family.  There will also be a class action law suit against Queensland mental health, as many people have come forward with their own horrific experiences, and no one should ever have to experience what Clint and others have endured.

The indefinite detention of people in these facilities is also for the purpose of maintaining ‘quotas‘ for financial gain. After reading the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service 2012-13 Annual report of Nambour Hospital, it is clear that finances are a strong motivation for these incarcerations, (ITO’s), not only to benefit the psychiatrists and drug corporations, but government funded, private companies who manage large hospitals, for profit.

The current ‘mental health’ system must come to an end, exposed in all it’s criminality and be seen for what it is, an unlawful system of torture and abuse.  The government legislation that allows and supports the system must be completely abolished and the individuals responsible for this criminal legislation also must be held to account.  The belief that one person has the right to control another is the problem, and always has been. I know you’ll find  The Stanford Prison Experiment interesting if you haven’t seen it before. It speaks volumes. 

If you are inclined, please feel free to call the Nambour Hospital, GE ward to express your disapproval at the unlawful and immoral incarceration of Clint, the telephone number is  (07) 5470 6600.

I will be updating when new information comes in, but until then, Save the planet, smash the system!


Clint has recently been moved to another controlling environment, a place called Graceville House, (5 Sydney Street Nambour Queensland), and in Clint’s words this prison is only slightly better than the hospitals he has been imprisoned in for the last 13 and a half years.

Clint’s brilliant mind has now been scrambled by the Queensland ‘mental health’ system, and the ignorant nurses who claim they are ‘caring’ for Clint report to his family of Clint’s “milestones”  as though he is a preschooler, not a grown man, a father, a tradesman, an intelligent man.  After 13 and half years of Queensland Health torture,  it is now very difficult to understood Clint when he speaks and he is drooling due to the deadly amount of drugs he is FORCED to take, reports his family.

If you feel inclined to exercise your freedom of speech in defence of another, please feel free to contact Graceville House Nambour, the phone number supplied to Clint’s family was 07 5441 4682. The contact email supplied is

Save the Planet! Smash the system!



The Stanford Prison Experiment (The Stanford Prison Experiment)




My name is Pieta Morgan and this is my brand new wordpress page. Having given up my facebook page I decided I would write, as I have a lot to say and I have a little more time now.

We have just begun our journey into a  brand new year, and we again enter the unknown. I for one mostly enjoy the unknown, life seems to be more interesting that way, but these last few years, more than ever, I have  found myself wondering what will happen next. The information atmosphere is cloudy, and there are many different reports on so many different issues that I find myself reeling at times.  It seems that the more I learn the less I know, so I decided to just listen to my own knowing, because although the truth is clouded with bullshit some things are clear, and there are some things that cannot logically be denied.

My journey started when my home was invaded by four thugs claiming to have authority over me. I stood my ground against them and did not consent to anything they attempted to force on me. Because I would not consent I spent a total of six nights locked in a cage under a courthouse and one night in a women’s prison.  Luckily I had friends on the ‘outside’ and I would never have guessed that taking a stand would have led me where it did.  I learned so much about the farce the ‘justice system’ is, the unlawfulness of the police and the fact that the Australian government is actually a terrorist organization.  I have had court experience and was able to attend court and support others in their journey.  But for me the best part was connecting with so many people of like mind in the social media world and personally, many of them becoming good friends.  We have shared and cared and taught each other, and I value them, I consider them my ‘brothers and sisters in arms’.  Connecting with others this way really gave me a sense of purpose, and hope. Recently though, there has been much turmoil and fighting in our networks,  and I have wondered about the motives of some when it comes to slandering fellow ‘truthers’.  How can they possibly benefit in causing such havoc in another’s life?  Turning on each other will only assist those who have made it their mission to squash our inevitable uprising.  Having said that, it is clear that quite a few paid government agents have infiltrated our networks causing division, the spread of misinformation and in-fighting. Staying civil in such an uncivilised world surrounded by uncertainty and mistrust can be difficult at times, but remembering we are basically ‘on the same side’ will make those small differences fade away into insignificance.

I have found myself disillusioned and confused in the ‘truther’ movement… who to trust, who to believe, and is that person really channelling an entity? In the end though it doesn’t really matter, if I know who I am. There are so many different points of view regarding ‘God’ and the universe, and all the little bits in between, that it’s a good idea to remember we are not required to agree! We are all creating with our thoughts, and another’s creation is just as valid to them as is our own, as long as we are not harming or impeding the free will of another. Everyone must be free to make their own decisions about their own bodies, and their lives.

In all the confusion and the atmospheric cloudiness, what I do know is this; I can trust myself, but I know most certainly that I cannot trust a government. I can state categorically that governments cannot be trusted. They are not there for YOUR benefit, or mine, but for themselves and their outrageously wealthy masters.  Governments worldwide are controlled by a few ultra rich families.  These families were able to create a financial system that would have us completely enslaved, a medical system that would have us completely dependant on dangerous chemical pharmaceuticals, whilst slowly making it very difficult and expensive to buy natural or organic foods.  We are being sprayed with deadly chemicals, our water supplies poisoned with neurotoxins, the ground water and aquifers have been poisoned with uranium and other toxic substances and they are mowing down our forests. These families are responsible for the creation of “rings” that protect paedophiles and human traffickers plaguing the planet, and they have excused themselves from any and all liability and accountability. They have also created a system of conflict between nations for the purpose of control and financial gain, destroying lives and traumatising so many.  Politicians of course, ensure that the orders and wishes of these wealthy families are granted, and hire thugs to control us, to control the flow of information and to beat us into submission.  When we disagree and take a stand against these acts of treason we are met with violence and extortion. And to top it off, we are told we must pay for these acts of terrorism against us, the people, via the taxation system.

It is, or perhaps was, a commonly held belief that governments are created by the people for the people, but clearly, this is not the case.  Governments are in fact corporations.  The actors employed by these corporations are bought and paid for by whomever possesses the finances and has the connections to do so.  These corporations will, and have, created legislation to enable the same wealthy families to prosper at the expense of all others, while ‘legalizing’ their own crimes.
The actors take many different roles to create an atmosphere of control.  Judges, politicians, police and other government agents are all just paid actors.. and when they go home after their daily acts of treason, they take off their magic suits and look just like you and me.  Sadly these actors do more damage to this earth and her inhabitants than any other. They follow orders no matter what they are, and historically, these same types of people have committed genocide and other horrendous acts on many millions of people at the behest of these same wealthy families. They feel they can justify this because the wealthy, whom they represent, bestow on them accolades and shiny badges and medals, but in reality they are just puppets on strings.
Most people are becoming aware that these actors are not their friends, and that they do not stop crime but create crime, they do not protect us but put us in harm’s way. Human rights are abused with the creation and enforcement of every new ‘executive order’ or legislation, and we have come to a point where we are nearly all effected by these acts of treason. So what do we do about these actors?
We didn’t ask (or vote) to have our rights taken away, and anyone who has done the research into the nitty gritty of this control system surely does not consent, (I for one did not even vote, I do not consent to or require governing at all).  These actors are traitors against humanity, and against their own families in reality, and they need to know this.   Without the help of actors such as police, politicians and the judiciary these families would not be able to commit these crimes against humanity. These actors need to know they are committing treason against the people, and if the opportunity arises, we can educate them.  All we need to do is tell the truth.  We are all being effected, and logically, together we have the power, the responsibility, and the right to unite to defeat these unwanted, criminal systems, because government = slavery,  and I cannot condone slavery.
It is time to unite. It’s time to be more understanding of each other’s small differences and unite against the common enemy.  The common enemy are the people who continue to set out to control us, the same people behind the destruction of the planet for profit, not our brothers and sisters in arms.
Some of us do not like the ‘us and them’ analogy, and in a way I comprehend the thought behind that, but something to consider is what they are actually doing to this world and the creatures in it. It is that simple.  Do we want to participate in the destruction of our world and all the beautiful beings in it by not taking sides?  Desmond Tutu once said, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”
We need each other, and we need to unite with those who are seeing what is really going on under the banner of politics, economies and ‘law’. Uniting and standing our ground together will mean the end of their criminal control system.
How can we be deemed incapable of governing our own selves, while small number of wealthy, destructive and unfeeling people that do not have the Earth’s interests at heart abuse us into believing they are qualified, and have a right through their bloodline, to govern all?  We must step forward together and make a stand.  To move forward we must accept the small differences between us and appreciate the love and camaraderie we enjoy with our brothers and sisters in arms.

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Larken Rose has has put together an excellent video, I highly recommend it 🙂