Trump; what’s wrong with him?



Firstly, and I would like to make this crystal clear, I don’t put my faith in politicians of any description; left, right, conservative, liberal, or otherwise, they’re all just the same disease with different mutations.   But through some strange and narrow-minded reasoning so many people seem to believe that if you don’t approve of one side then you must be ‘for‘ the other side… this is simply not true.  I sincerely believe that both Trump and Hillary (‘republicans’ and ‘democrats’) are evil to the core, self-serving megalomaniacs, narcissists and sociopaths.

In case you didn’t know; Trump’s penis is bigger than Kim Jong Un’s

Trump's big, destructive button

In case you didn’t know; Trump’s penis is bigger than Kim Jong Un’s

I am not a psychologist, but I know enough about human behaviour to tell you that the man is a sociopath with major delusions of his own importance.  To his very core he represents the ultimate patriarchal, control freak stereotype, a sane person’s worst nightmare.

Stirring up trouble with anyone that he feels is a threat to his delusion of grandeur, bullying is his greatest weapon,  shaming others with ridiculous petty insults to not only their intelligence but their physical appearance.

To those who support this madman simply because he has been elected ‘president’, please, rethink your position.  Loyalty to this filthy turd is insanity in my opinion, it is blind loyalty, blind!

The American idea of patriotism is so warped that any wealthy psychopath could be ‘elected’ and dubbed the ‘commander and chief’ and some idiot in a military costume would do whatever that elected person told them to do, no matter who had to die, who had to be suffer and no matter what damage he did to the world’s peace and environmental health.  But genuine respect cannot be demanded by title!


Would Hillary have been a better president?

NO! The woman is evil to the core, most intelligent people are aware of this.  Larry Nichols, the Clinton’s own hitman, has put his version of truth out there for the world to see.  Then there’s Hillary liaising with paedophiles, rapists, druglords and warlords, and the list of her crimes goes on and on.  The Clinton’s are the ultimate traitors to the American people, so the answer is NO, Hillary Clinton (although a far better actor than Trump), should be hung, not promoted, of course.


The belief system that is finance

For all those that believe that Trump will save the world with his amazing wisdom and supernatural ability to pull the US out of the financial gutter that Obama and his predecessors put it in, I have some bad news for you: he’s a wealthy man who is creating a financial structure that will give him more power and more wealth, and that is all.  The man is greed and control personified!  Do you really need more proof?

Let me quote Trump, when speaking to his wealthy friends at his Palm Beach resort ‘Mar-a-Lago’;  “you all just got a lot richer.”

How did Trump’s wealthy friends suddenly become “a lot richer”?  Trump redesigned the tax system to benefit him and his wealthy peers.
Of course, he tried to convince the poor that the new tax deal was good for them too, because when the tax deal was approved the wealthiest of the wealthy could afford to pay wages for more good slaves, and make millions and billions of fictional dollars more from the blood sweat and tears of these slaves than they had previously!

Perhaps you are wealthy and feel that what Trump has done for wealthy America is fair?  If you do then you are as deluded as Trump is.  I’m not joking.  The financial system is just a belief system, it has no basis in reality, it is all fictional, based on the delusion that you can own people, steal their natural right to be born and live on the earth free, and then steal their slave wages through taxation.   When all the slaves realize that the financial system is fake and based on slavery then real change will happen!


New-Agers, WAKEUP!

Do you remember when Obama came into office?  I remember all the new-agers writing about his divinely inspired win at election time, and that he was the saviour who would bring the US and the world into balance.  We saw where that misplaced loyalty took the US, didn’t we?

At the moment there are many RUMOURS, (yes rumours) of Trump “draining the swamp” and detaining the ‘deep state’ criminals and the Clinton/Bush/Obama minions in Guantanamo Bay in an effort to save the world from corruption and human rights abuse. Oh how I would love that to be true!

As Trump puts it in one of his most recent ‘executive orders’; ” Human rights abuse and corruption undermine the values that form an essential foundation of stable, secure, and functioning societies; have devastating impacts on individuals; weaken democratic institutions; degrade the rule of law; perpetuate violent conflicts; facilitate the activities of dangerous persons; and undermine economic markets. The United States seeks to impose tangible and significant consequences on those who commit serious human rights abuse or engage in corruption, as well as to protect the financial system of the United States from abuse by these same persons.”  (

How genuine is Trump with all this hot air blowing about human rights, really?
In answer to this question, I’d like to quote Trump again,
“I don’t blame China,” he said at a business event joined by Chinese President Xi Jinping. “After all, who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country for the benefit of its citizens? I give China great credit.”

Let me break it down; so the executive order states “The United States seeks to impose tangible and significant consequences on those who commit serious human rights abuse or engage in corruption, as well as to protect the financial system of the United States from abuse by these same persons.”  So at what point is he lying?  Is he lying when he praises China for taking advantage of the US economically or is he lying when he drafted the executive order?

Apparently, according to Trump, it’s a fine endeavour to take advantage of other countries for economic benefit, in fact, it’s praiseworthy!
Is that why Trump is so keen to cause war with any country that dares question his supreme leadership?
War is a great opportunity for jobs growth!  Imagine the the praise Trump will receive when he’s created positions in the military, fighting a ridiculous argument about the size of his penis, that he started!  (Yes, I know, this statement has not been scientifically proven by a panel of government approved experts and may be considered inflammatory, but still, I’m not joking…)

Trump signed an executive order allowing the pipeline to be  built under North Dakota’s Lake Oahe, which is sacred land to the Native American tribes who live there, remember!
Trump doesn’t give a shit about the environment and therefore, logically, he doesn’t give a shit about anyone who needs clean, unpolluted water and land to live on, (which is all of us, isn’t it?)  And since the Dokota Access Pipeline executive order was signed, how many millions of litres of toxic sludge have leaked out on to the land?  And all in the name of slavery, or as they like to use words that portray a crime as a gift, “job creation”.


Oh the hypocrisy!

The “depleted and food starved regime” Trump speaks about in his ‘tweet’ above, well, the photo below isn’t North Korea!  This is LA or Skid Row as it is called.

Christmas Day for the homeless in the USThe US is home to some of the poorest communities in the world

The US in general suffers from devastating poverty.  Why?  Because the system, the same system that Trump supports and is a part of,  makes money or benefits from the financially disadvantaged and their labour. And so crime hits an all time high as the stress of survival for homeless and struggling citizens attempting to survive amid a financial structure that only benefits the wealthy.  And Trump is clearly one of the very wealthy that benefits!


Trump is vulgar.

Yes, I am a woman, but my gender has nothing to do with the judgement I make, Trump is vulgar, and if you cannot see it then I suggest you are just as vulgar as he is. Trump is another breed of  ‘Weinstein’, through and through.

Let’s be straight up about this, the photo below is highly sexualized for a parent/child relationship!

trump and his daughter in sickening incestual photo

A very sexual interaction between Trump and his daughter Ivanka, whom he keeps very close to him, even now.



Trump: Yeah, that’s her. With the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.

Bush: Whatever you want.

Trump: Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.

Trump likes to kiss women and “grab ’em by the pussy”, without their consent, that is assault.  Some people prefer to believe that the democrats have paid people to come forward with stories of their experiences with Trump’s pussy grabbing, (and perhaps that is true, but they certainly didn’t need to), somehow it is forgotten that Trump admitted to this behaviour and relishes it!


What do Kim Jong Un and Trump have in common?

1.  Trump really would drop nuclear weapons on another country endangering the lives of countless people, that would end in the deaths of US citizens, military personnel and allies, not to mention further destroying the planet.  It is clear, based on the verbal diarrhoea that pours from his mouth that Trump is insane enough to do that, just as Kim Jong Un is.

2.  They both desire their family to have ultimate control over others, whilst looking like saviours to their people.  I wonder if Kim Jong Un has a tower that he named after his family dynasty?  Most probably…

3.  Both Trump and Kim Jong Un are exceedingly unpopular, not only with their own people, but people despise them worldwide.  There is no doubt both of them are in danger of being eliminated by their enemies, which is why they both have armed bodyguards.

4.   Trump and Kim Jong Un are both assaulters of human decency.


Politicians are vulgar in general

I make no apologies for my statements.  Of course Trump is not the only vulgar individual in politics, they are all vulgar, after all, it is a politicians job description to use and abuse human ‘resources’ (people) for the benefit of the corporate structure.
Australia has the same problems with politicians, the problem is universal, but Trump has a bigger soap box, thanks to twitter, and such a big mouth and uncontrollable and desperate need to be seen and heard that he is an easy target for those that see right through him.

I look forward to the day when there is an end to politics, an end to human slavery leveraged through the fallacy of patriotism and economics.   But it is the outrage of the  People who will change things, not some idiot on a twitter soap box.

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Satanic ritual abuse survivors speak out


Satanic ritual abuse is not a myth.  It is tied not only to low-lifes in drug rings, but to politicians, to perverted wealthy celebrities, doctors, police and the injustice system that protects it.

Children that are kept in these rings are not only sexually abused but are forced to abuse and kill other children.

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself how ‘judges’ can allow paedophiles to walk out of court without even a slap on the wrist for raping children, but the job of the injustice system is to protect it’s masters.

Governments and media around the world have attempted to dismiss testimony of individual’s first hand accounts of Satanic ritual abuse, however more and more accounts are coming to the fore.  How long can this evil be ignored?

These paedophile rings use code words and symbolism to communicate to each other their preferences in children.

You can learn more by researching ‘Pizzagate’, ‘Pedogate’, Fiona Barnett and by checking this link:

Please watch the videos below.  These videos were removed by YouTube, obviously in an effort to hide the truth, but can now be viewed here:

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Missing Sandrine Jourdan Part III

Sandrine drum retreat

A beautiful photo of Sandrine at the drum retreat she loved so much.

Today marks the fifth year my friend Sandrine Jourdan disappeared without a trace, in Caboolture, Queensland. Five long and devastating years for her family and her friends.

In the last five years though, Sandrine’s family, friends and even kind-hearted and tenacious strangers have not waited only for information to come in from the police, (because that would be a looooooong wait)… we have been actively investigating Sandrine’s disappearance. And we have, collectively, a huge amount of information.

My focus in relation to Sandrine’s disappearance is Bradley Ainsworth, Sandrine’s ‘friend’ of 8 years.

Did Bradley Ainsworth kill Sandrine Jourdan?

Brad in hell

Bradley Ainsworth

On the day Sandrine went missing, Friday the 13th of July 2012, she had plans to attend a drum retreat with her ‘friend’, Bradley Ainsworth. Brad admitted that he and Sandrine were planning to attend a drum retreat on the day she went missing in this ‘A Current Affair’ video..

In the previous days before Sandrine disappeared Bradley Ainsworth had told Sandrine that he was suicidal.  Brad being suicidal concerned Sandrine very much, prompting her to call me.

On that phone call between us, Sandrine said Brad was suicidal and not answering his phone, she asked me to contact him, out of concern. Did Brad have the same concern for Sandrine? No. In fact it has been reported that Brad tried to convince Sandrine to kill herself with him in a double suicide the night before she went missing.

The day Sandrine went missing was Bradley’s birthday, and he and Sandrine were set to attend his birthday bash at the ‘drum retreat’ in Kilcoy. The campers at the retreat waited patiently for him to turn up, ready with cake and candles. Although Sandrine had planned to go with him, she was not with him when he arrived hours late, at the retreat, at five minutes to midnight, nearly missing his own birthday party.

I knew Bradley Ainsworth personally, having met him at my first drum retreat, but Bradley did not tell me he was taking our mutual friend Sandrine to a “drum reatreat” that day, even though we were in contact via FaceBook message on the morning of Sandrine’s disappearance, and Sandrine was the topic of conversation between us.

I would like to share a few key lines in Brad’s messages (in bold font) to me on the morning of the day Sandrine went mising:

I am also starting to think that she [SANDRINE] had alot more to do with my break up than I previously thought.”

why did she [SANDRINE] continuously melt me down and help destroy my life. Why is she telling me all this stuff NOW?”

She [SANDRINE] had many little secret meetings with XXXXX [name withheld] over that last year. Fuck knows what they talked about.”

You dont know the stuff I know Piet. And the way she [SANDRINE] has spoken to me the last few times makes me believe that she [SANDRINE] is wracked with GUILT…. I know she [SANDRINE] is sick but who knows how she applied that sickness between XXXXX [name withheld] and I??????????”

I am gonna talk to Sandrine now and find out the WHOLE story once and for all.”

I appreciate your honesty but you are not fully informed about everything. Neither am I it seems. This might be JUST the time to ask her [SANDRINE] a few things. She s probably told you more than me.”

Sandrine had told at least two people that she was going with Brad to the drum retreat, but none of Sandrine and Bradley’s mutual drum retreat friends were aware of their plans together on the day Sandrine disappeared.  It was as if Brad didn’t want anyone to know of his plans with Sandrine that day.

My conversation with Bradley on FaceBook message the morning that Sandrine went missing, was essentially Brad telling me how angry he was with Sandrine. He was furious with her, and as you can see in the messages above, Brad told me that he was going to sort it out with Sandrine “once and for all”.

So why did Bradley not tell anyone he was taking Sandrine to a drum retreat? I didn’t know that he had planned to attend the retreat with Sandrine until Brad was questioned by A Current Affair and it was aired on tv nearly three years after Sandrine had disappeared.

Brad has attempted to convince anyone who will listen that Sandrine was suicidal, that she was a drug addict and that she was crazy. In truth however, Sandrine was scared of Brad and didn’t want to be alone with him.

Brad Ainsworth has no alibi on the day Sandrine went missing.

I spoke personally with the ‘officer’ assigned to Sandrine’s case, Steve Watts. Steve Watts told me, when he came to take a ‘statement’, 94 weeks after Sandrine went missing, that Brad had an alibi and was at his mother’s house the afternoon Sandrine went missing. But, according to Brad’s own words, this is simply not true.

I quote Bradley Ainsworth, and, as previously, have copied this message word for word:

And I was at Mums all morning the day she went missing, At Dazs place all arvo and at Kilcoy all weekend after.”

Brad is referring to a drum retreat attendee nicknamed ‘Daz’, who at the time lived in Kalangur, just half an hour away from Caboolture where Sandrine went missing, at 5:30pm, that same day.

So what time did Brad leave Daz’s house? Below is a direct quote from Daz himself:

i do know this… on the 13th of july 2012, the accused [Bradley Ainsworth] was at my house from between about midday until about 4:30-5pm…”

So, as Bradley Ainsworth himself says, he left Daz’s house in the afternoon, and Daz confirms that Brad left at between 4:30-5pm on the day Sandrine went missing.  Brad has stated however that after Daz’s house he was at Kilcoy.. but there seems to be a rather large time gap (of more than 6 hours) in Brad’s alibi, because Brad didn’t turn up to Kilcoy for the retreat until five minutes to midnight. The Kilcoy retreat is one hours drive away from where Sandrine went missing.

In short, Bradley Ainsworth was half an hour’s drive away from Sandrine on the day she went missing, had time to drive to meet Sandrine and had no alibi at the time Sandrine went missing at 5:30 pm, the 13th of July, 2012.


In 2013 Brad was asked not to attend the drum retreat. Nine long-standing members of the drum retreat came together to deal with many serious allegations (unrelated to Sandrine’s case) against Brad by many women in the group.

The women who came forward with the complaints did not want to be named for fear of “retribution” from Brad.

The administrators of the Drum Retreat FaceBook page posted this when Brad was removed from the group:

“Today we have removed a member from this FB group and advised that person that they are not welcome at future retreats. This was done in consultation with a number of the Elders of our group. The Retreat has always had a strong requirement for mutual respect and care for fellow community members. It is alleged that this person has breached that trust with a number of Retreat attendees. This person’s removal was for alleged repeated breaches of a foundational trust. We received a very serious complaint from a long standing member. We sought further input from other long standing members of the tribe. During that process half a dozen similar complaints came to light. Many of the complainants advised that they were deeply uncomfortable with this person to the extent that they did not feel that they could attend the Retreat at all. This decision was made after much discussion and consultation. Today’s event has no precedent in our group. I have never removed someone from the FB group before. I think all of the people involved in this decision hope never to have to do anything like this again. Any community is judged on how it treats its weakest members. Today we have firmly said that we will not allow any member of our tribe to feel vulnerable in our circle.”

When Brad was informed he could no longer attend the retreat he was furious. He demanded to know the names of the women who had accused him.  Here are a few quotes from Brad when he found out he was no longer invited to the drum retreat:

I want names…. of my accusers … If I cannot be given access to this information, I will not stop coming.”

If you give me names…I will know my accusers and can fix this bullshit.”

The rest wont identify themselves…not because they are afraid of me but because they don’t want to be identified as communists.”

I’m not a violent person. If I was, she would be in danger. Would you go around badmouthing a murderer to all his friends?”

I don’t know how I can discredit her because no one is asking me any questions…conveniently.”

I’m just so upset… I also have to discredit XXXXX [name withheld] and several others if they try to have me charged for anything.”

So what does discredit mean? I looked it up, and according to this website , this is what Brad wanted to do to the women whom he had victimized:


  1. to injure the credit or reputation of; defame:
  2. to show to be undeserving of trust or belief; destroy confidence in:
  3. to give no credence to; disbelieve:

Bradley Ainsworth deals with accusations not by addressing or answering to them, but by discrediting, or injuring the reputation of the accuser, which is exactly what Bradley did to Sandrine before she disappeared.

Where do we go from here?

The question of whether or not Bradley Ainsworth killed Sandrine Jourdan or not, is clear to me. The above quotes and information are just a very small portion of what Sandrine’s family, friends and the previously mentioned kind-hearted, tenacious strangers have gathered.

The ‘Missing Sandrine Jourdan’ page on FaceBook have recently posted:

It is believed Sandrine Jourdan is a victim of foul play.If you have any information please contact CRIMESTOPPERS 1800333000 or contact admins on the Missing Sandrine Jourdan page please. OR BOTH

If you have any information regarding Sandrine’s disappearance, please contact Sandrine’s family on their Facebook page Not only is the person responsible for the disappearance of Sandrine a danger to any woman, Sandrine’s family and Sandrine herself, deserve justice.

On this sad day I send lots of Love to Sandrine’s family and her other friends, whether or not they were able to meet her. Sandrine will always have a place in my heart. xx

The world is run by satanists. Ronald Bernard tells his story..


Have you ever wondered why governments around the world allow the destruction and pollution of the planet despite the protests and the scientific evidence that points to the dire state of the earth’s health?

Have you ever wondered where all the missing children go?

Why are the police, the military, the courts, the financial system and the politicians so undeniably psychopathic?

Why is it that governments around the world only ever seek to destroy all that is right and good?

Because they are owned.  They are owned by a relatively small number of evil people, satanists, who sacrifice children, sell weapons for the purpose of creating wars for profit, control the drug world, control us through fear, violence and asset seizure by means of the courts and ‘governments’ they own, and  murder us slowly with ‘vaccines’, chemtrails, fluoride.. and the list goes on and on.

Ronald Bernard answers these questions.  Please share.


Beware of identity theft and accounts registered under your name and email address.


Recently, over the past few years, I have noticed numerous accounts being set up in various organizations, using my email address.

Immediately upon receiving these strange emails I contacted these organizations to point out that I had NOT registered with them and that my email address must immediately be removed from their records, and most of the organizations in question generally stopped sending the emails.

However, the latest email from PLAYSTATION has me quite concerned, enough for me to feel that the only choice I have in protecting myself is making this fraud public.

Someone has registered an account with PLAYSTATION, using my email address, which sounds fairly benign, but I would like to share with you the name of the account and the online ID, because that’s what concerns me the most.   I felt I needed to have this information put out publicly, immediately.  It’s very serious.

Please standby for the details while I wait for a technical person who is able to use an edit program to protect my personal data….

Ok, a friend of mine has been able to copy the email from PLAYSTATION to my email address, into a JPG format.

I was unable to use the link that PLAYSTATION provided to let them know that I did not register my email address with them, as the link (below) came up as “NOT FOUND”.

If you did not intend to register an account, someone may have registered with your information by mistake. Please contact Customer Support using the contact details found at:

On that basis, I felt my only option was to reply directly via email, this is what I wrote in reply to PLAYSTATION:

I would like it to be known that I DID NOT REGISTER WITH PLAYSTATION!!  Remove this email address from your records immediately!!

Please note the name that was given for the account, and make no mistake, this is NOT MY DOING!!!

I will be reporting this incident in a public forum as I am very concerned about the inference.

Please remove my email address from your records immediately or I WILL be taking legal action against you!

Please note the NAME and the ONLINE ID below (my email address has been removed for privacy reasons)




If you’ve read the email from PLAYSTATION, I’m sure you can see why I am concerned that the fraudster used the name “white is right” and the online ID as “school shooter”.  These names are not in any way something I would have used for any account, or in general speech for that matter, and I believe that someone is trying to paint a picture of me that is absolutely incorrect and is of course, rotten.

My reason for posting this is to protect myself from any possible future events that may be done in my name or by way of my email address via fraudulent registration.

Thank you for reading and sharing this information.

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Is modern medicine a conspiracy against us?


First of all, considering we have a world full of unthinking people who dismiss the possibility of conspiracies as quickly as they dismiss anyone who speaks of them as a ‘conspiracy theorist’, we need to comprehend what a conspiracy actually is.

So, what is the definition of a conspiracy?

According to the online Legal Dictionary a conspiracy is “An agreement between two or more persons to engage jointly in an unlawful or criminal act”.

Well, when it’s explained that way anyone with a brain in their head would agree that many people have conspired with others to engage in criminal acts since the day that people realized they could control others with money.  And of course, the more money you have the more money you can make, and the more you can control and deceive others, and so it goes on…

Does the act of calling someone a conspiracy theorist prove that what he or she is saying is incorrect?


The criminally insane elite, politicians, lobbyists, and scientists, and anyone else who may financially gain by deceiving the public, have conspired against the population in many ways, but the ‘death system’, in my opinion, is one of the most heinous conspiracies of all.

If you are a regular subscriber to my blog you may have seen the posts I’ve ‘reblogged’ about the vaccine deception, and if you’re an intelligent person you would have read them with an open mind, ready and willing to research further if you weren’t sure of the facts presented, after all, it is the health of your family that is at stake.  When deciding on medical intervention for yourself or your children, you need to be aware of the the horrific truth behind much of the medical profession.

I’ve researched solidly for the last 7 years or so, and never have I come across a video that speaks the truth in a better way.

Please share this video, you may save someone’s life.

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