Retired nurse drops a truth bomb in the laps of the CDC


Lori Ciminelli, a retired emergency room technician, speaks to the CDC Advisory Committee on their criminal practices regarding vaccines.

I don’t think they were expecting it…

Save the Planet!  Smash the system!


Oprah wants you to vote for your own slavery?


Does Oprah really want to abolish slavery?

If you have the opinion that Oprah, (or Orpah as is her birth name),  is against slavery you are simply incorrect.

Oprah asserts that if you don’t vote “you are dishonouring your family.  You are disrespecting and disregarding their legacy”.

The problem with Oprah’s emotional manipulation rant is that she either doesn’t realize or doesn’t care, that Voting, in fact, equals slavery.

I would prefer to believe that the woman who made her money on feel good gossip sessions and sycophancy to be ignorant of the truth rather than deliberately misleading people to vote for their own demise.  But I doubt she is entirely innocent considering the company she keeps.

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In the following video you will see Oprah attempting to emotionally blackmail people to vote for their own slavery.  She is clearly addressing the African Americans whose blood, she says ‘has seeped into her DNA.’.

At the 2 minute and 34 second mark of the following video, Oprah attempts to guilt trip the ancestors of the ‘lynched, the humiliated, discriminated against, suppressed, repressed and oppressed’; to go and vote for a new master; only she doesn’t use the word ‘master’, she likes to imply that the person you vote for is your “representative”.



If you are truly opposed to slavery, just don’t vote, don’t register to vote, and don’t take advice from friends of politicians on voting.

It is fact that Africans were taken from their homeland and sent around the world as slaves enduring all manner of evil and cruelty.  It is also fact that the ‘crown’ regime did the same to the Irish and to the English, and enslaved and murdered and oppressed and stole the land of natives of many nations, in fact every nation that they could possibly enslave, they did. And the so called ‘royal’ families are still profiting from that slavery today, in modern times.

The problem with giving your power over to another, such as a politician, is that politicians and the party you voted for believes that they have authority over you, so they commit crimes on your behalf and there’s nothing you can do about it, because you gave away your power by ‘legal’ contract.
These politicians and the rich and powerful they work for  bribe mercenaries, military and police to do their bidding.  And that’s what Oprah wants you to vote for, whether she’ll admit it or not.

While Oprah hangs out with the Soetoros, or the ‘Obamas’, I wonder if she ponders the terrorist attacks Barack has personally sanctioned, the fact that Barry has personally ordered the deaths of countless children and families in other countries.

“I have two words for you, predator drones.”… Barry Soetoro AKA Obama sin laden.

Predator drone bombing of civilians

Obama’s predator drone missile is clearly seen here moments before impact over innocent civilians.  Imagine if that was where you lived, and these were your children!  Voting gives politicians the power to commit terrorism in your name!


I doubt Oprah would even consider the crimes of Barry Soetoro; it simply wouldn’t be convenient for her, believing a black man could be as vicious and evil as any white man (or woman, for that matter).

Please, please!  If you truly want to know the truth, watch the following video on slavery and voting.


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The inherent criminality of police


“The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him (or her) that resist it”  John Hay


Today I learned that someone I know, his name is Brenden, has been kidnapped by the traitors in blue.  Although I don’t have all the details I do know that he was assaulted, and various other crimes were committed against him by these traitors.

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The traitors have also attempted to ‘pervert the course of justice’ (their term), by demanding access to the proof of their crimes for the purpose of deleting the footage.

I know what it feels like to be manhandled by these scum, to be locked in a cage and have my inalienable rights breached, so this news has hit me hard.  I respect this man, and he is worthy of it.

If you for some reason believe that the police are here to help the general population, you are, quite simply, wrong.   Having said that, I won’t attempt to sway your misguided and unfounded beliefs, the scum in blue will do that for me; because, it’s just a matter of time before you’re next, it’s just a matter of time before you are the one that is being assaulted, extorted, tazered, abused and tortured by the people you believed were there to help you.  You only realize the truth of the situation when you personally become the victim of their psychopathy, like I was.

The traitors in blue are only there to protect the system; the same system that has us enslaved.   They are not there to protect people.   (If you don’t realize you’re enslaved by now then you are ignorant of the truth of the system and you’ll need to do some research.)

Police actually prevent justice, and while they do that, they fleece us of our money and breach our inalienable rights!  They commit murder, extortion, coercion, and blackmail, which are all crimes by any decent standard, all the while they attempt to convince us that the crimes committed against us are for our own good; after all, your stolen wages are used to pay these criminals for being able to commit these crimes against you.

These people are predators who find excuses to take your money and give it to their political masters!  Love your work Larken Rose!  The following video is a must watch…

“They are parasites, they are thieves, they serve the ruling class to your detriment.”

My question is, when will the people stand up against these traitors?   When will we, as a population put an end to this criminal abuse against us?  They are a relatively small number compared to us. 
We have no choice but to ‘rebel’ against this outrageous tyranny.
How that rebellion would take place is anyone’s guess, but it needs to happen.

In Australia the largest group of criminals with guns are the traitors in blue, only a few other ‘rebels’ still have ‘undocumented’ guns, but to own a gun without paying a fee to the ‘mob’, otherwise known as government, is considered by these traitors as a ‘crime’ and they will hurt you physically for it.

Historically, taking a nation’s guns away was a prelude to slaughter, as you will see in this video ”

“CALIFORNIA POLITICIANS WANT YOUR GUNS – In the beginning Hitler was like an American politician”


Australians had their guns taken for the purpose of controlling us and fleecing our bank accounts, although it was presented to us under the premise of keeping us ‘safe’.

Since the traitors took our guns, Australians, it seems, have had very little chance of defending ourselves against a violent and criminal gang such as the traitors in blue, but even if we don’t have guns we are still able to take a stand.

In the following video, Ron Paul speaks to Luke Rudkowski of ‘We are Change’ regarding a town in Mexico who have rid themselves of these corrupt human beings.  It’s a very interesting conversation and well worth listening to if we wish to improve our own circumstances.


Personally, I think it is very important that we DO NOT agree to to the crimes committed against us by these criminals, and one of the ways we can do that is by refusing to sign ANYTHING!

We are not qualified, in terms of “legal knowledge” to sign anything unless we are a member of the ‘BAR’.  We cannot possibly hope to comprehend the documents they tell us to sign or the consequences of signing; and they know that!

When you are forced into court in Queensland Australia, the police, the prosecutor and the ‘magistrate’ are all oathed to your loathsome accuser, Betty Windsor, represented as ‘R’ or Regina on the paperwork labelled ‘brief of evidence’.  And they call that justice?  No, of course not!  They’re screwing you over and they simply don’t care what it looks like!

Your enemy will attempt to coerce you into signing documents that will sink you, they may beat you, threaten you, lock you up for 2 weeks in various watch-houses around the state, (like they did to a woman I know), solely for the purpose of threatening you to sign away your rights and your life.  We must resist these crimes against us.

Some in the ‘know’ may say that if you sign a document under duress you can indicate this by writing “V.C” or Vi coactus, (a Latin term meaning “having been forced” or “having been compelled”) and some believe that action will help you in court to prove that the crime of coercion was incurred against you.  But, I have used that method and the ‘magistrate’ John Hodgins, of Maroochydore court told me,  “So?  You still signed it…”.    Of course my inalienable rights were breached by John Hodgins that day, but it wasn’t the first time or the last time he committed crimes against me.  Coercion IS a crime, and John Hodgins knew exactly what he was doing when he ignored the fact that the document was signed under duress.

The ‘magistrate’s’ assertion that the document was lawful  because my signature appeared on it, even though I had clearly signed it under protest and duress with police officer ‘Gary Brayley’ from Nambour police station as a witness, was all the proof I needed to be sure that you simply cannot win with these evil and corrupt bastards.  That is why I personally would never sign one of their documents again, no matter what.

In my opinion, based on my experiences with the enemy, is that the best thing to do when faced with the scum in blue, is simply not to sign, EVER!  It also would be more helpful to ask the traitors questions before or IF you decide answer questions, (which I am not recommending because of my experiences).

I am not qualified to give legal advice, but I do know with absolute certainty, these traitors, the traitors in blue and the traitors in the courts wearing their black robes, cannot ever be trusted.

If you have a family member who is involved with this criminal gang they call the ‘force’, you may believe that your traitorous family member is an upstanding member of society, and you may want to defend his or her position.  You may also be profiting by his or her crimes and have a nice house or car that they, through their very specific choice of criminal profession, have obtained…  In the real world we call that proceeds of crime, and it’s nothing to be proud of.

In the following video Larken Rose speaks about our ‘unalienable right’ to self preservation.



If or when the world decides to finally stand up against the traitors among us is my question.
I’m sure it won’t be too long before these traitors against humanity will go too far by attacking a person who is respected in the community for telling the truth about our enslavement by them, or those that house the homeless, such as Brenden.
There’s only so much the people will put up with, which is why throughout history the people have fought back against the traitors.

Police choose to be a traitor against their fellow country men and women for money, and we must free ourselves of their psychopathic control.  The only ‘good cop’ is one that has quit.

We’re with you Brenden.

Save the Planet!  Smash the system!

How do you keep an idiot in suspense?





Just ask ‘Q’ anon!!



The cryptic, unidentified blogger has somehow managed to keep what seems like millions of people on the edge of their seats when he’s offered them no more than, well, cryptic messages.

Are you one of them?


What do we know about Q anon?



We know literally nothing about him or her (or other).  All we have are unverified claims and unfounded predictions, all of which paint a rather rosy picture of Donald Trump being a saviour to the ‘United’ States.


Q anon claims to be an insider with ‘Q’ level clearance.  But of course, that too is unverifiable.


Some have suggested that Q anon could be Russian, but why would any Russian bother to promote Trump?   Putin is intelligent enough to comprehend that all it takes to bend Trump around his little finger is a little flattery and loads money.   I don’t see Putin wanting anything to do with such a base individual as Donald, and I certainly haven’t seen any indication of Putin promoting him!

(I don’t know about the Russians attempting to interfere with the US elections, but I do know that the Australian Labor party did! )


Personally, my thoughts on Q anon are that it is most likely someone close to Donald, perhaps a computer nerd has been hired by Trump (or one of his family members) for the sole purpose of promoting Trump.  After all, that is the one thing that Donald Trump seems to enjoy even more than mocking people with legitimate concerns, or  ‘grabbing pussy’; Donald consistently and shamelessly promotes himself.   What better way to do that than to have an ‘anonymous’ source promote him, just so his narcissism isn’t quite so blatant..


I could be wrong about who Q anon is, like you, I have no idea.  But I tend to shy away from supporting people who are too gutless, covert or misleading to come out and tell the truth and say it loudly and proudly.   How I feel about this ‘Q anon’ bullshit is irrelevant, as we know politics is a game of popularism, it’s a game.  Donald is an actor and Q anon has done a brilliant job, in promoting him.  He, she or it has most of the ‘new-agers’ and the racists, and the misogynists believing that Donald will make the world a better place.


How will Donald make the world a better place?


Maybe Donald will make the ‘United’ States a safer place by locking up children in detention centres and then giving them to human traffickers?

Perhaps Donald will make the world a better place by making arms and weapons  deals with the Saudis.

Donald's world domination pact with the Saudis

Or, maybe Donald will make a ‘deal’ with his good friends in the Israeli government who are responsible for the slaughter of Palestinians by means of IDF and the ‘state’s’  military conscription policies.

Perhaps Donald will make the world a better place by promoting men who have been accused of sex crimes and violence against women for positions of power and large salary packages.

Or perhaps Donald will “make America great again” by threatening footballers with cuts to tax breaks, termination of employment or even deportation if they kneel during the ‘national anthem’ ritual, as they protest police killing people.

Maybe Donald will “drain the swamp” through his promoting of ‘stop and frisk’ policies?

Could Donald save the world by threatening countries such as Venezuela with “all options”..

If you are on the Q anon train, it might be time to consider who is really behind this ridiculous and incessant charade!

Save the Planet! Smash the system!


Missing Sandrine Jourdan Part IV


If you have read my previous blogs you will know that from my perspective, the main person of interest in the disappearance of Sandrine Jourdan, is her ‘friend’, Bradley Ainsworth.
If you haven’t read the previous blogs, please do.


On Friday the 13th of July 2012 Sandrine Jourdan disappeared from a house in Tomlinson Road Caboolture Queensland at 5:30 pm.  Sandrine has now, today, been missing for six years.


In these six years since Sandrine has been missing my focus has been to find out what happened to her, and now, sadly, it’s come to the point where we are looking for her body.

A week after she disappeared I began to notice with suspicion the behaviour of someone close to Sandrine that I had also once considered a friend. 

His name is Bradley Ainsworth.

Bradley Ainsworth early July 2012

Bradley Ainsworth AKA Majic Mirra on Facebook

My belief that Bradley Ainsworth knows what happened to Sandrine and that he is in some way responsible for her disappearance is based on solid reason and my decision to share some of this information with the public is not a decision I made flippantly.  

Today I would like to share in detail why I believe that this man knows more about Sandrine’s disappearance than he is saying.  Perhaps it will encourage others to come forward with more information.  Or perhaps Bradley Ainsworth will someday ‘come clean’ and just tell us, truthfully, everything he knows. 


Bradley had been furious with Sandrine for at least five days before she disappeared


Sandrine stayed at my home for a about 5 days in early July of 2012.  While she was there she was in a very stressed state.  She told me she feared for her life but did not tell me that it was Bradley that had been pursuing her. 
Sandrine called Bradley from my phone on Sunday the 8th of July in an effort to smooth things out with him, and I had the impression from Sandrine that the phone call went well. 
But Bradley couldn’t let his anger toward Sandrine go. 

Bradley Ainsworth (AKA Majic Mirra on FaceBook) sent the following message to me  on Tuesday the 10th of July, regarding Sandrine:

7/10, 2:55pm
Majic Mirra
She’s lost it! I wish she had not called me the other night and told me all about ***** and *****.
Im glad it cleared her concience but it kinda fucked me up.

The message that Bradley Ainsworth sent me, above, was the first indication I had that the problem between Bradley and Sandrine had not yet been resolved. 

Sandrine had planned to stay with me until she found permanent accommodation, but after leaving on Monday morning the 9th of July I didn’t see her again.

Sandrine had certainly met up with Bradley Ainsworth at least twice in the week leading up to her disappearance.  She called me on Tuesday the 10th of July asking if Bradley could collect his drums*.   I found it strange that Sandrine asked me on Bradley’s behalf considering Bradley could have contacted me himself via FaceBook as he usually did. I believe she was with him that day.

*(The drums or barrels mentioned were three, large, plastic 44 gallon drums. The drums were stored outside my home in Mapleton at Bradley’s request.)

Bradley Ainsworth was still angry with Sandrine Jourdan on the day she disappeared


Sandrine called me on the evening of  Wednesday the 11th of July 2012 asking me if I could check up on Bradley because he’d threatened to commit suicide on the phone to her.  She was concerned for him and he was not answering her calls.  

I tried to call him on her behalf but he didn’t answer my phone call either, so I sent him a message on FaceBook.

7/11, 9:58pm
Pieta Morgan
You there?
Sandrine is worried about you and wants to call “000”

Bradley didn’t reply to my message until the next day, Thursday the 12th of July: 

7/12, 5:50pm
Majic Mirra
What did Sandrine tell you?

7/12, 6:29pm
Majic Mirra

Most relevant messages between Bradley Ainsworth and I on the day that Sandrine disappeared:


7/13, 7:25am
Pieta Morgan
She said you were suicidal, we both tried calling you…
Aren’t you meant to be at Kilcoy? Say hi to everyone for me

7/13, 7:43am
Majic Mirra
She helped me feel that way the other night by telling me all these things about
***** and *****. She went to visit them and lied about what she knew for ages,
then bought it all up again when I had just about gotten over it. New information
really hurt me Piet.
Not goin to Kilcoy. Goin to get professional help.

7/13, 7:46am
Pieta Morgan
Well she was worried about you on wednesday and called me, I called you… no
Hope you’re a little better today
Good idea, you’ve been suffering for a while now.. * hugs *

7/13, 7:48am
Majic Mirra
She was WORRIED about me???? Did she happen to tell you that I was feeling ok
BEFORE she called then layed all that stuff on me????
I kept telling her that I was in no condition to help her any more but she kept on
asking me to help her sort hert stupid Shit with Ian. Ive put too many hours into
helping her with that. I told her to leave him so many times but she WONT listen.

7/13, 7:52am
Majic Mirra
She turned up and had a melt down Twice when I was on my last legs with ***** and I helped her to the detriment of that. I am also starting to think that she had alot more to do with my break up than I previously thought.

7/13, 7:54am
Pieta Morgan
Sandrine loves you.. she sees you as one of her closest friends

7/13, 7:55am
Majic Mirra
Then why did she continuously melt me down and help destroy my life. Why is she
telling me all this stuff NOW?  She had many little secret meetings with ***** over that last year. Fuck knows what they talked about.

7/13, 8:03am
Majic Mirra
You dont know the stuff I know Piet. And the way she has spoken to me the last few
times makes me believe that she is wracked with GUILT. You have been witness to
the many times she has told us about all these things about ian that just didnt happen and then she tells us three weeks later that they actually DIDNT happen. I know she is sick but who knows how she applied that sickness between ***** and

7/13, 8:20am
Majic Mirra

And if Sandrine had not called me to tell me horrible facts…

As I said, you dont know ALL the facts.

Anyway…I dont want to talk about this anymore…its my Birthday

7/13, 8:26am
Pieta Morgan
…I just realised it’s your birthday… Happy Birthday

7/13, 8:28am
Majic Mirra
Its not happy…and probably my last…see ya

7/13, 8:29am
Pieta Morgan
It won’t be your last, and it will get better if you allow it to. Hugs man x

7/13, 8:34am
Majic Mirra
Not when I see evidence that there are opinions to be shared only when I press
people for them. I will always suffer from not knowing what people think and feel.
You have just proved it again. Why cant people just lay it on the line…
I am gonna talk to Sandrine now and find out the WHOLE story once and for all.

7/13, 8:41am
Majic Mirra      
I appreciate your honesty but you are not fully informed about everything. Neither am I it seems.
This might be JUST the time to ask her a few things. She s probably told you more than me.               


Friday the 13th of July 2012, 8:34am: “I am gonna talk to Sandrine now and find out the WHOLE story once and for all”. – Bradley Ainsworth.


Sandrine had made plans to go to a drum retreat with Bradley Ainsworth the day she disappeared


Bradley admitted to an A Current Affair journalist that he had plans to meet with Sandrine and go to a “drum retreat” with her the day she went missing, Friday the 13th of July 2012, Bradley Ainsworth’s birthday.

In the times I had questioned Bradley Ainsworth personally, never once did he mention to me that he had plans to go to a drum retreat with Sandrine on the day she disappeared.  He had not indicated his plans in FaceBook messages to me, and he did not admit his plans to me when I questioned him after Sandrine had disappeared. 

At approximately 5:45 the journalist asks: “…going to meet with her and go to a retreat weren’t you?”

Bradley Ainsworth: “Yep. Drum retreat.”

Journalist: “Didn’t see her that day?”

Bradley Ainsworth: “Nope.”

Which drum retreat was Bradley referring to in the A Current Affair clip?
He was referring to a camping ground in the Kilcoy forest that was also used by some retreat goers, but this particular camp or “drum retreat” was held especially for his birthday.  As far as I know Sandrine hadn’t attended any retreats at the Kilcoy camping ground.

Bradley was meant to be at the retreat on Thursday the 12th of July, as you can see by the following messages.

7/11, 6:17pm
Majic Mirra
Hello lovely…you comin to Kilcoy?

7/11, 6:21pm
Pieta Morgan
When’s Kilcoy?

7/11, 6:22pm
Majic Mirra
Starts tomorrow lunchtime

Bradley didn’t arrive for his birthday party until five minutes to midnight on Friday the 13th of July 2012.  And Sandrine was not with him.

My questions are; why would Bradley have invited and planned for Sandrine to attend his birthday party at  a “drum retreat” in Kilcoy when he was so angry with her? 

Why did Bradley not tell anyone else about his plans with Sandrine that day?

It has been reported that Sandrine did tell a couple of people that she had plans to go camping with Bradley on the day she disappeared, but she did not have her car with her, therefore Bradley must have told Sandrine that he would pick her up. 


Bradley’s alibi is unclear


How many different stories has Bradley told about his whereabouts on the day Sandrine went missing?
Steve Watts, ‘officer in charge’ of Sandrine’s case told me that Bradley Ainsworth’s alibi hung on a photo at a birthday party, his parents being the only witnesses.  Bradley had apparently told police that his parents threw a party for him on the night of the 13th of July 2012.  Bradley changed his story however, giving two different times for that party.

Bradley told me that he was at Kilcoy on his birthday.  When I told him that I knew that he didn’t arrive at the camp ground until five minutes to midnight, on the 13th of July, 2012, he said it was still his birthday.

In November 2013 Bradley Ainsworth changed his mind about his alibi once again, telling a friend, in writing:

“And i was at Mums all morning the day she wentmissing, At Dazs place all
arvo and at Kilcoy all weekend after.”

The person Bradley has referred to as ‘DAZ’ in the message above has confirmed that Bradley left his house in Kallangur the afternoon that Sandrine went missing:

“i do know this… on the 13th of july 2012, the accused was at my house from between about midday until about 4:30-5pm…”

Please note, Sandrine Jourdan went missing between 5-5:30 pm on Friday the 13th of July 2012.  Sandrine was half an hour’s drive away from where Bradley was in Kallangur until about 4:30-5pm.
That means that Bradley had time to drive to Caboolture from Kallangur to pick Sandrine up at between 5-5:30 pm.

Please see the map below:


Whereis Map; Kallangur, (where Bradley Ainsworth was)  to Tomlinson Road Caboolture, where Sandrine went missing; a 25 minute drive.

Bradley announcing that he left from Daz’s house (Kallangur) in the afternoon (after about 4:30-5pm), and went straight to Kilcoy, tells me three things;

  1. Bradley Ainsworth has no alibi for 6 hours and 25 minutes on the day that Sandrine went missing.
  2. Bradley had plenty of time to make his way to Sandrine within the time frame that she had been reported missing, that is between 5-5:30 pm.
  3. Bradley lied about the party at his parent’s house. 

Bradley Ainsworth tried to coerce Sandrine to commit suicide with him the day before she disappeared


It has now been publicly reported in the Sunday Mail by Crime journalist Chris Clarke, that Bradley Ainsworth tried to convince Sandrine Jourdan to commit suicide with him, in Kenilworth State forest, the night before she went missing and this fact was mentioned in the coroner’s report specifically.

What kind of ‘friend’ attempts to coax someone into committing suicide?  Some friend hey!  But Brad Ainsworth is still alive and Sandrine has been declared dead by a coroner.


The Coroner’s report


I have seen the coroner’s report.  I was disappointed by the findings and felt that the coroner did not explain the circumstances of Sandrine’s disappearance as is the purpose of a coroner’s report; that is, what happened, how, when, where and by who. The certainties the coroner had come to were only that Sandrine had died either on the 13th of July 2012, or soon after, either by suicide or murder.

What I was shocked about more than anything, was that although Sandrine had not been found, the coroner ‘checked’ the box to indicate that the police could now destroy all evidence relating to her case!  Such a bizarre decision, to give the go-ahead to the police to destroy the evidence collected in the search for Sandrine when nothing is actually known of her whereabouts!

I was informed the coroner’s findings were to be challenged by Sandrine’s family and I was asked by the family’s spokeswoman to supply a statement, which I did, as well as providing other evidence, documents and recordings.  It was agreed that these items were to be delivered to the coroner 18 months ago, but they were not, they’re no doubt still in a box somewhere collecting dust.

As I have involved myself in finding Sandrine from the moment I heard she was missing, and knowing her and the prime suspect personally, I don’t believe the bullshit statements from the police saying ‘we don’t have enough leads’ or ‘there are no persons of interest’, statements insinuating that there is nothing left to be done are simply not true!

My questions to the coroner would be; why wouldn’t it be considered criminal that Bradley Ainsworth tried to coax Sandrine to commit suicide when she was not suicidal?
Why would two people at odds with one another want to commit suicide together?  Wouldn’t coercing someone you were angry with to commit suicide be considered a crime?
Wouldn’t it be considered murder, or in the very least, manslaughter when that person has been declared dead?  Surely it must be!  And why was the box ‘checked’ to
‘destroy evidence relating to this case’?

Things to remember:

  • Sandrine did not have her car when she went missing. 
  • Bradley Ainsworth admitted on A Current Affair that he had plans to take Sandrine to a drum retreat on the day she disappeared.
  • Bradley eventually admitted on A Current Affair that he spoke to Sandrine on the day she disappeared but has not elaborated as to what they spoke about.
  • Bradley arrived at the retreat but Sandrine didn’t.
  • Bradley has no alibi for 6 hours and 25 minutes after Sandrine went missing.
  • Bradley Ainsworth tried to coax Sandrine into killing herself the day before she went missing.
  • Bradley still lives and breathes, but Sandrine has not been seen since 5-5:30 pm on the 13th of July 2012, Bradley’s 44th birthday.
  • Bradley claims that Sandrine was suicidal when she disappeared, but there is no record or report of him calling anyone to help her.

Is Bradley Ainsworth innocently insensitive or deliberately cruel?


The following is a list of alarming things Bradley Ainsworth has said since Sandrine disappeared:

“All this sandrine shit has destroyed my family ..”

When asked if he’d heard anything about Sandrine, Bradley answered:
I have heard nothing but if she turns up I’m gonna kick her ass! Worrying all these people..

When Bradley was kicked out of the drumming camp for behaving in a predatory fashion, he told his friend:
“I have a feeling it has a lot to do with Sandrine believe it or not”

Bradley’s comment here is referring to a woman at the drum camp who accused Bradley of rape:
“I’m not a violent person. If I was, she would be in danger. Would you go around badmouthing a murderer to all his friends? Her activity makes no sense. She’s crazy as fuck which is why I blocked her. I never had sex with Sandrine either.…”

“I have police reports about Sandrine that I am willing to show anyone who asks..”

When Bradley Ainsworth was removed from the drumming camp, 17 months after Sandrine went missing, one of his responses was:
“If Sandrine IS out there keeping track of events by a false FB account, there is no way
she is coming back now. All of this activity has stirred up her family again and I personally think they have been through enough.”
(The strangest thing about this comment is that he was NOT removed from the drumming camp because of allegations regarding Sandrine’s disappearance.)

The image below demonstrates Bradley’s lack of care toward Sandrine in the early days of our search for her.

This conversation took place on the 27th of July, 2012, two weeks after Sandrine had disappeared, it was between Bradley and a mutual friend who was seeking my whereabouts.
(At the time I was looking for Sandrine on Noosa North Shore beach as there had been a reported sighting of a woman that matched Sandrine’s description on that beach.)


“I don’t know anything except that if Sandrine is alive I am pretty pissed off with her”- Bradley Ainsworth 27th of July 2012

“I don’t know anything except that if Sandrine is alive I am pretty pissed off with her.”

Trigger warning!!

Image below may cause distress!!


The following image was posted by Bradley Ainsworth on his Majic Mirra FaceBook account on the 31st of July 2012. 

My heart literally stopped when I saw this picture posted by Bradley Ainsworth, especially after spending many hours scouring Noosa North Shore beach looking for Sandrine four days earlier.
I know this photo is not proof of anything in a legal sense, but I know Bradley well enough to know that it was a message, and it was nasty. 

Trigger warning!




Bradley Ainsworth posted this image on his Majic Mirra account on the 31st of July 2012, 19 days after Sandrine disappeared.

Could anyone truly be that insensitive?  If your good female friend of 10 years disappeared could you post something like that image on FaceBook not three weeks later?  The image still makes me shudder after nearly 6 years.


Bradley as a ‘ghost’ in Kenilworth, the same place he suggested that Sandrine go to kill herself with him. Another innocent faux pas or is this his cruel side?

Something changed


Suddenly, on the 1st of August 2012, three weeks after Sandrine disappeared, Bradley Ainsworth announced he wanted to explore Charlie Moreland overflow camping ground, at the Kenilworth state forest.

Why had Bradley Ainsworth suddenly decided to help look for Sandrine?
Was it the fact that the police had questioned him at least five times and his lack of care toward Sandrine was beginning to appear suspicious? I believe so. His lack of care toward Sandrine had certainly made me suspicious, which is why I had no plans to meet him in a state forest alone!




Some of my friends and I have now searched for Sandrine’s body in the Kenilworth state forest twice.

The reason I believed that Kenilworth was a sensible place to start looking for Sandrine was because Bradley Ainsworth had brought attention to the area. 

On the 1st of August 2012, nearly 3 weeks after Sandrine disappeared, Bradley Ainsworth turned up at my house unexpectedly to collect his large barrels that were stored at my house.

Bradley asked my friend and I to go with him to the Charlie Moreland camp ground in Kenilworth to search for Sandrine, saying that is where he would go if he was going to commit suicide.

(As I’ve said in my previous blogs, Sandrine was not suicidal.  But Bradley told people that she was.)

He’d previously messaged me on FaceBook to ask if I could meet him out there, but I declined:

8/1, 9:22am
Majic Mirra
I’m going out to Kennilworth today if ya wanna come?

8/1, 9:24am
Pieta Morgan
I might meet you there, have a friend with cancer I have to see.. Also it was **** birthday yesterday and I still haven’t caught up with her.. never enough time in the day.. What time will you be there, and if I can make it where do you think you’ll be?

8/1, 9:27am
Majic Mirra
The overflow, I have no idea if she will be out there but I just feel like I want to do something…still feeling bad that I didnt want to help her in that last phone call  with her but she melted me down.
Gonna camp out there too….leaving caboolture at 11
Caboolture library is kicking me off the internet in 6 mins

8/1, 9:31am
Pieta Morgan
Ok, will try to get out there. Glad you decided to help Best of luck

8/1, 9:32am
Majic Mirra
I’m on my mobile…will camp just outside the overflow gate….hope to see ya…will  be good to catch up!

8/1, 9:33am
Pieta Morgan
It will be good to catch up, we need to talk

I found Bradley Ainsworth outside my house approximately an hour and a half after receiving his messages.
He’d collected his three, large, plastic 44 gallon drum type barrels that he’d stored at the side my house for months.  Why he felt the need to collect his three barrels on that particular day however, remains a creepy mystery.

This sudden need of Bradley’s to finally help us find Sandrine was entirely out of the blue, and in my belief, suspicious.  He had, in fact, very deliberately not helped to find Sandrine until that point.

For example, when asked to provide photos for media releases of Sandrine, of which he had many, he simply did not reply. When asked for information about Sandrine’s disappearance Bradley continually denied he knew anything. When Bradley was asked directly as to when he’d last spoken to Sandrine his answers were vague and inconsistent.

Bradley Ainsworth’s attempt to encourage me to go to the camp ground that day indicated to me that either he wanted to get rid of me because he knew I was suspicious of his behaviour, (which could explain his need to collect the barrels that day), or he was well aware Sandrine’s body was at the camping ground and he felt the only way to look like a ‘friend’ (and not a murderer), was to appear as though he cared enough to do something.

I felt I had to confront him.

In that confrontation on the lawn with Bradley Ainsworth, one of my friends as a witness, Bradley Ainsworth made a few key statements that caught my attention:

“Well if I’ve done something to her it will come out, won’t it.”

Me: “Where were you on your birthday, Brad?
Bradley: “I was at Kilcoy.”
Me: “You didn’t get there until five minutes to midnight.”
Bradley: “It was still my birthday.”

“If you have to have me investigated to make yourself feel better, go ahead”

Bradley’s answers weren’t the hearty pleas of innocence I would have expected from someone that felt they had been falsely accused. 

I’ve thought about what a normal response of an innocent man would be, how one might react if someone had accused them of something so heinous as being involved in the disappearance of a friend of 10 years.  Not one of Bradley Ainsworth’s answers depicted innocence.   He was not forthcoming in any way, and could not provide one straight answer.

Bradley left my house that afternoon to park outside Charlie Moreland overflow camp ground in his van, and called a friend to tell them he was going to commit suicide because I accused him of being the prime suspect in Sandrine’s disappearance. 

One of the people he called that evening was Sandrine’s sister, Christine Day.

Christine and another woman called the police to let them know Bradley had threatened suicide and he was picked up that night. 

That night, the 1st of August 2012, I called the police to ask them to look through Bradley’s van because I believed he hurt Sandrine.  And they did. 

The police told me they found a replica pistol in Bradley’s van and of course they found the barrels he’d been storing at my house, although there is some question as to how many barrels Bradley had in his possession at that time. 
When Bradley left my house he had three barrels, but when the police took my statement in 2014 they indicated that there were only 2 barrels in his van the day they searched it. 

These are the reasons I felt the place we had to search was the Charlie Moreland overflow camping ground, the very same camp ground that Sandrine loved so much when she attended the seasonal drumming camps there.

On our first visit back to the camp ground in late 2014 it was clear that access would be an issue, it was heavily overgrown with native trees, lantana and prickly raspberry-like shrubs. However, as we walked through the parts of the grounds that were accessible we found two items of interest, a package in the fork of a tree and a pair of black canvas shoes among a cluster of Crepe Myrtle trees. The shoes matched the description of what Sandrine was wearing the day she disappeared; black canvas sneakers.   They also appeared to be the correct size.

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We left the package in the tree and the shoes there at that time because we believed that perhaps the police might be, or at least should have been interested in what we’d found. We didn’t want to mess up what should have been an investigation, so instead of touching them ourselves we contacted Steve Watts, so-called ‘officer in charge’ of Sandrine’s case, and informed him of what we found.  I emailed the images of the items, with the focus on the shoes. But Steve Watts did not investigate or collect the shoes. 

The items we found sat there for another two years exposed to the weather until we again visited the park in January of 2018, deciding we had no choice but to retrieve them ourselves before they disappeared.

The package in the tree we couldn’t find, which was very disappointing, but the sneakers were in the same place. We took footage of the surrounding area and all actions we took.

Under the sneakers we found small pieces of asbestos-like board, which would be a strange thing to find in the middle of a state forest at any time, but being directly underneath the shoes that matched the description of the ones Sandrine was wearing at the time of her disappearance, in the same place where Bradley had attempted to direct our attention seemed all the more so.
It appeared as though the pieces of asbestos had been very deliberately placed there, as there were no other pieces visible in the surrounding areas.

It may seem to be a long-shot, thinking that the shoes we found could be Sandrine’s shoes, but the fact that the camp ground had closed for regeneration meant that it hadn’t been open to the public since June 2012, a month before Sandrine went missing.
The drum retreaters were the last to use the Charlie Moreland camp ground in the winter of 2012, and there should not have been shoes there at all. The administrators of the drum retreat were very careful to ensure that no rubbish or personal items were left in the grounds when we vacated.

Sadly, the next time we go out to Charlie Moreland overflow camp ground we will be doing so in search of Sandrine’s body.

Some interesting facts that haven’t been released yet


  • In September 2012 Brad’s camping buddy, (I’ll refer to him as ‘S’),  told campers that he saw a news piece about Sandrine being safe and well and holidaying in some snowy place down south, he also said that there were new photos popping up on Facebook of Sandrine!

    The thing is ‘S’ didn’t have a FaceBook account, so I don’t know how he would be able to keep track of Sandrine on FaceBook.The police confirmed that there was no news to indicate Sandrine was alive and no such program had ever been aired.What is interesting about ‘S”s claim is that Sandrine did go on a holiday to the Snowy Mountains, Kosiosco national park, with Brad Ainsworth and his partner at the time,  in 2011.

    Brad Ainsworth had loads of photos on his FaceBook account of Sandrine on that holiday, among snow and ice, all of which he deleted a short time after Sandrine went missing.

    Bradley Ainsworth also makes short films.

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  • ‘S’ also told campers that Sandrine had been contacted by someone, and Sandrine told them that she wasn’t coming back due to family reasons.
    Keep in mind, ‘S’ was Bradley’s best camping buddy, he was also Bradley’s alibi in a rape allegation.  Could it be that ‘S’ is blindly repeating what Bradley Ainsworth has told him?  I believe so.


  • Bradley told my friend and I that he doesn’t care about suicidal people,and that once a suicidal person makes up their mind to kill themselves they’re already dead and anyone who tries to stop them are selfish.
    But not long after Sandrine went missing Bradley started a suicide support camp group on FaceBook.  (
    It is interesting to note that Ted Bundy volunteered at a suicide hotline.)



  • A quote from one of Sandrine’s family members:
    “Sandrine wrote about some serious stuff which Brad was involved in. Brad now trying to turn things around n say was her that was suicidale (sic) she was not at all.”



  • Bradley Ainsworth has a YouTube channel of the same name.
    In December 2010 he released part 14 of a ‘movie’ called ‘Kult- How Close We Came To Extinction’.
    Bradley Ainsworth acts the part of Bradley ‘Worth’.
    In the epilogue of the ‘Kult Movie’ there is reference to dates and charges that may be eerily similar to the reality of Sandrine’s disappearance.
    Here is a screenshot of the ‘epilogue’ from part 14 of Bradley Ainsworth’s ‘movie’.



Bradley Ainsworth’s youtube video can be seen at the link below

Kult- How Close We Came To Extinction Pt 14.wmv

  • Two people have reported that Bradley Ainsworth told them he lied to the police regarding his alibi on the day that Sandrine disappeared.
  • People have come forward alleging that Bradley Ainsworth actually described the condition that Sandrine’s body was in, in death.

  • Bradley Ainsworth has published a song called ‘Evil’ on YouTube. In the video the image is of Bradley dressed as death and he sings of being Satan’s concubine. Evil by B Rad
    *On that note, that is ‘satanism’, if you refer to the satanic calendar you will see the following at the bottom of the page that may relate to Sandrine’s murder:

*”The highest ritual holiday is the member’s birthday. It usually involves the member or a victim of the member’s choice and someone in authority, usually the coven’s leader.
*All Friday the 13th’s are high satanic days.”

Too many oddities to ignore.


The birthday cake


Sandrine had been missing for 94 weeks before the police asked me to give an official statement.  94 weeks!

Steve Watts, the ‘officer in charge’ of Sandrine’s case told me that day that Bradley Ainsworth’s entire alibi hangs on there allegedly being a photo of him at his mother’s house for an evening birthday party, with his parents.

But that can’t be right!  Bradley made a statement himself saying: “And i was at Mums all morning the day she wentmissing, At Dazs place all arvo and at Kilcoy all weekend after.”

Bradley had made no mention to me at all of his parents throwing a birthday party for him in July 2012 when I asked him where he was on that day. 

So here, below are images of Bradley’s contrived post, and the overly detailed reply from his ‘mother’ about his birthday cake. 


Bradley Ainsworth’s finest contrivance.  Anyone that knows Bradley knows the games he plays.  


Another public performance.  I believe Bradley used his mother’s account when the description of the cake was made, specifically for the purpose of an alibi.  Bradley told me he had access to his mother’s computer, and therefore it would be very likely he had access to her FaceBook password.

Why would Bradley go to a birthday party at his parent’s house when his friends were waiting for him to arrive to celebrate his birthday with them in Kilcoy?

Why did he not mention his parents throwing a birthday party for him to me when I asked where he was?

Why is the photo of Bradley’s birthday cake (that was taken on Bradley’s birthday, at five minutes to midnight on the 13th of July 2012 at Kilcoy camp kitchen) the same as the one Bradley’s ‘mother’ describes in the comment on Bradley’s post?

Why hasn’t Bradley showed the world that ‘alibi’ image of him at his parent’s house for this alleged birthday party? 

I believe that would be because the very photo Bradley Ainsworth used as an alibi would be recognised as his five-minutes-to-midnight, Friday the 13th, nearly-missed-my-own-birthday photo that was taken, not at his parent’s house, but at the Kilcoy retreat around midnight.
Anyone that has been to the Kilcoy camp kitchen will recognize the corrugated iron in the background.

The 2nd and 3rd images have had the brightness and contrast levels adjusted to show the corrugated iron in the background clearer for people with dark computer monitors







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Apparently Bradley looked as if he’d seen a ghost when he came in at five minutes to midnight on Friday the 13th.  And it is reported that he didn’t play his guitar once all weekend, which is very unusual for Bradley.  

I was surprised that Steve Watts didn’t investigate the circumstances of that photo, I did suggest to him that it should be further investigated, but I found that he was consistently reluctant to take action when it came to practical investigation into Sandrine’s disappearance.


Unanswered questions


I have thought often about Bradley Ainsworth’s story regarding Sandrine being suicidal; if he really thought she was going to kill herself and he couldn’t help her then why didn’t he call ‘000’ ?

I have thought about why Bradley didn’t suggest that Sandrine could be at her best friend’s house in NSW where she had spent time previously.  I wonder why he had no suggestions as to her whereabouts at all! 

I wonder how Bradley could have treated Sandrine so terribly. 

How far could Sandrine have walked out of that busy suburb unnoticed? Sandrine disappeared in peak hour traffic on a Friday afternoon.  The surrounding areas were searched and no trace of her was found.  She didn’t have a car therefore someone must have transported her!







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Bradley stopped using his van after Sandrine disappeared

How many times does Bradley Ainsworth have to lie about where he was the day that Sandrine disappeared, before he becomes the subject of an investigation?!  Seriously!

Bradley was kicked out of the drumming camp, 17 months after Sandrine disappeared.  18 months too late!  He was asked to never return after many serious allegations against him such as:

Using sex tapes to blackmail women
Abusing women
etc etc.

Today the sun was eclipsed, on the 6th year that Sandrine has been missing,  Bradley’s 50th birthday.  Perhaps change is around the corner.



For the past four years I have independently released information about the circumstances surrounding Sandrine’s disappearance (from my perspective), because I care about her and I believe the release of this information will encourage others to help us find out what happened to her.   She couldn’t have vanished into thin air.

I miss her, and I couldn’t cope with the thought of her being abandoned and forgotten.  Sandrine was my friend, and I am not going to give up on her.



Save the Planet! Smash the system!


Creepy brad videos


Kult Blooper and Outtakes Part 2 – 4:38 – Brad says “The truth of the matter is, it (evil) gives us a hard dick doing stuff like this (evil)” at 4m38s

MMIK21 Don’t keep footage of someone without permission – yet he secretly records his partners having sex with him


Show us your tits – mentions every part of the female anatomy and their yobbo terms

Majic Mirra – Someone leaving or dying experience – shows his psychopathy and total lack of empathy

I want me a van – He had a van but he’s no longer driving it…why?

How much time do we have before government approved crimes kill us all?


Terrorism is a crime, and most governments, including the Australian and US governments, regularly if not continuously take part in terrorism.  What is terrorism? The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.

No one can deny that this is occuring!

Attacking other nations is not the only form of terrorism that needs to be addressed.

We’re led to believe that ‘eco-terrorism’ is something that crazy vegans commit in the name of environmental causes.  But what if that definition is the biggest load of rubbish that governments have ever fed us?

In my mind true eco-terrorism is when governments around the world poison their own citizens and the land they live on via geoengineering.  Governments think they have the right to poison wildlife for whatever reason they might want to concoct, destroy eco-systems with genetically modified foods and continue to use products such as ‘ROUND-UP’, a deadly poison to humans and all life, a known carcinogen, when they could simply ban it.

You know your government is not only criminal, but well beyond stupid when they release herpes into the longest river in Australia, to kill carp.

Really!  Why would you trust these fools?

Why do people continue to pay their government heed when they are literally signing off on our destruction?  How long do you think we can last with the amount of poisons being pumped into our air, soil, water and foods?

Jeff Rense and Dane Wigington discuss these things in the link below and I highly recommend you take the time to listen.

Save the Planet!  Smash the system!